However, extension letters are normal for people in difficult or unexpected situations, and, if they are written according to proper business letter format and are polite and clear, there is no reason to feel embarrassed. Establishing that you have put in the effort to complete the assignment in your letter may encourage your supervisor or professor to be more sympathetic to your circumstances. How do I write a letter for an extension on a house loan payment if I have been in the hospital? I have just lost my job and cannot make payments at this time. HUD's Housing Choice Voucher forms and guidebook, HUD's Family Reunification Voucher website. An employer may need to hire someone as soon as possible, so asking for a small extension may be all right, but asking for several weeks may not be acceptable. Type your mail address, phone and email on the upper left side In that sense, it is better to ask for a longer amount of time so that you can compromise and meet in the middle. A Deadline Extension Letter comes in handy in such situations as they eliminate all chances of such an issue. Depending on the situation, you might need to consider your letter as part of an ongoing negotiation. If you are going to mail off a hard copy of your letter, make sure to print it out using a high quality printer with a good ink cartridge. please try again. Otherwise, it can appear like a form letter. Filed Under: Miscellaneous Letter Tagged With: New Letters, The following is a sample of a Deadline Extension Appeal Letter. 2. CDA's Administrative Plan, in Section 3-4 (page 77). Your signatureYour name printedList of enclosures. I have been released from the hospital, but still need to walk with crutches for the next month. He holds a BA in Psychology from Florida International University and an MA in Education from Georgia Southern University. I have always been responsible as far as my duties are concerned in the past. I was working as a personal trainer for the Name of Company, when they let go seven trainers including me. I would be happy to answer any questions, and have enclosed a letter from my doctor explaining my current physical condition. I understand that this delay causes excellent inconvenience and am ready to help in any way possible to rectify the situation. Since extension letters are asking for a favor, many people feel embarrassed, and find it difficult to express themselves. A student should not include statements that complain about the time limit given for a paper, and a prospective employee should not include statements complaining ab… The first draft should consist of three parts: the introduction, body, and conclusion. It's hard no matter where you live. To ask question our request for badly needed to our office or section? I hope to receive a favorable reply from you soon. If the extension is granted, a follow up letter of appreciation should be sent immediately. How can i request issue my gift voucher ( purchase voucher ) to khaleej times news paper? Maintaining a standardised extension of time template helps you keep strong records of all of your EOT's so that you always have the proof you need to stop unfair claims in their tracks and save money in the long run.. It is also important to consider the time limits of the recipient. It is a courteous and tactful way to appeal to the interested party for the deadline extension. How do you skip to the next line when you`re verbally texting? The sender should not take for granted that the request will have a favorable outcome. If you are a tenant, embarking on the process of becoming a voucher holder, congratulations! How do I write a letter requesting a job extension? Need to have written request for extension of seeyou 8 voucher in Maine, Hello you need more information on that and you can see it here you, see how and learn how you can get you own. i have lebara and can`t top up by voucher number. ​The requester should have a realistic idea of how much time they need for an extension. I have applied to three local gyms. You can call me at 555-123-4567 or email me at Can you donate a few dollars a month? The below sample of an extension of time looks similar to many of your other documents and forms. Type your mail address, phone and email on the upper left side. But we have a few suggestions. Please ask your local housing authority for clarification - I get the feeling that not everyone does this the same way. No he can not because your on the lease,so he cant put you out,he would hae to get his own place. For example, sending a work email from “” is appropriate.