The strap holds the stroller together for easy transport. We’ve done all the hard work & research for YOU: Get the finest stroller & seat product recommendations, great baby travel safety resources, curated product list reviews and so much more. is dedicated to getting you the utmost best baby seat & stroller products and posts from across the web! CERTAIN CONTENT THAT APPEARS ON THIS SITE, COMES FROM AMAZON. How do you OPEN a Graco Click Connect stroller? Copyright text 2019 by Best Stroller Review. The strap holds the stroller together for easy transport. The button is oval-shaped. Are you looking for some easy to understand and follow instructions that can help you easily open and close the Graco stroller? This particular stroller has a huge amount of storage space not just in the area that is under the seat but also in the tray that can be attached in front of the baby. At the first time you use it, the double stroller may be stiff. Remove the strap and press the button to open the stroller. How do you OPEN a Graco Click Connect stroller? To open the stroller, release the side latches on the both sides. By looking at the center of the stroller, locate the latches. Graco creates a famous line of baby stroller made to go from sidewalk from the trunk of a car or the back of the SUV within seconds. 1-16 of 51 results for "graco snugride stroller frame" Amazon's Choice for graco snugride stroller frame. Step 3: Press the oval-shaped button on the handlebar to open the stroller. Locate the storage latch found at the top of the stroller between the handlebars. The button is oval-shaped. Yet another feature that you will find in this particular stroller is that it has a click feature, which means that you do not have to latch and unlatch too many things to close or open the stroller or any of its attachments. Both types of strollers are convenient for parents. Place the stroller on a flat surface with the wheels pointed down and the handle facing up. These are plastic latches that hook from one frame bar to another frame bar. Step 2: Remove the safety strap from the storage latch. On some stroller models, the front wheels may also have a locking mechanism to prevent them from swiveling. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. Besides, the button of the stroller is oval shaped. 99 $199.99 $199.99. What are the pros & cons of choosing this stroller. Set the stroller on a flat surface on the wheels of it on the ground and handle facing upward. So if this seems like all the information you have been searching for, then look no further, but just read on. Here is a look at one of the ways in which this particular stroller is a little different from other strollers of this or other brands: Before you decide whether or not you want to go ahead and buy the , here is a look at three of its pros and cons from real users who have used the product: Last update on 2020-10-17 at 18:59 Graco Relay Click Connect Performance Jogger Review. Please enjoy your visit to! It makes a lot of baby productions especially alien of strollers made to fold up by one hand, though some models need some more efforts, a mechanism set up at different points on the stroller should be added to the certain order. Here is a detailed step by step look at how you can easily open the Graco Click Connect stroller when it is in a folded or closed position: Here is a detailed step by step look at how you can easily close the Graco Click Connect stroller when it is in an open position: The Graco Click Connect stroller comes from the Graco brand, which has been around for more than 60 years and is a major part in manufacturing various baby products that help you take care of your little one right from infancy till toddlerhood and more. How do you CLOSE a Graco Click Connect stroller? The closure button may breaks within a few months or year, and makes it impossible to close. This is one of the features that also make it a little different from some of the other strollers that are created by the Graco brand, as well as by some other brands, as not all strollers can also convert into a car seat. Remove the safety strap from the latch prior to pressing the button. Now the stroller is open for you to use. The latches keep the stroller together, making it possible to carry the stroller with one hand without worrying about the stroller opening. Do you want to know if it is easy or difficult to operate, before you actually buy it? Then, look for a small lever between the front wheels. By pointing down the wheel, keep the stroller to a flat surface and handle the facing up. Place the stroller on a flat surface with the wheels pointed down and the handle facing up. This is one of the best features of the stroller, because it lets you fold the stroller using just one hand. Place the stroller on a flat surface with the wheels on the ground and the handle facing upward. Snap the handle in the place by pressing the buttons set on the outer side of the handle bar and draw the handlebar upward as soon as you hear a click sound. Both of the strollers are very convenient and simple for the parents. Tabitha Harwell has been writing since 2008, with articles appearing in local publications and various websites. Locate the latches by looking at the center of the side of the stroller. The wheels do not function too well for a very long time and can end up interrupting the ride. Our website is maintained by readers. Opening a Graco brand baby stroller can be tricky, especially if you don't know which buttons to push or latches to release before attempting to pull the stroller upright 2. Graco is one name that is quite popular amongst parents and caregivers due to the safety and features it brings into its baby and toddler care products, and the same is true for its strollers as well. By using the one-handed method, you can unfold the stroller. Her background includes a career in the fashion and beauty industry. Before pressing the button, take out the safety strap from the latch. Place one hand on the handlebars and one hand on the baby tray and push outward in opposite directions until you hear a “snap.” The stroller is now open for use. This latch will be at the top of your stroller between the handlebars. First, push the stroller a few paces forward to put the wheels in the forward position. Over time, you will be able to unfold the stroller using the one-handed method. THIS CONTENT IS PROVIDED ‘AS IS’ AND IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE OR REMOVAL AT ANY TIME.