I have experienced it. I press any button I can, trembling inside XD I'm not sure who's that person actually. how do we talk to them ? This game originated from Korea and performing it supposedly takes you to a different world via an elevator. I think I can astral project because I remember my dreams literally ever night! I don't know if that's all Hollywood/TV but i'm sure you need some sort of priest to handle the job... but one of the reasons why i wanted to be a Christian because i also wanted to think more outside of the box rather then believe theres no such thing as higher power and not only that Christianity was most reasonably understandable. This happens to me all the time, but I never thought that the people that I see could be people from another dimension! Through this door is exactly what I see, I see you have not posted elevator game blog in a year. -Referring above, any injuries or sicknesses will stay with you too, i.e. How to Go to Another World by Using the Elevator What you need: a building with ten storeys or more, with an elevator. Step 3: Keep visualizing and stand in front of the door to your room(with you inside if your room), put your hand on the door knob, and say the words; Away I go and out of sight, I've summoned real and fake people into my dreams. But it was so fast. It just copies what you do when you look at the mirror or something. Instead of a long section of text, speak or think the words "Open portal to Astral/Spiritual Realm" until the doorway makes itself known. While Im gone in a new world as my presence lacks, I had this dream with giant mushrooms a pyramid and a forest. Sedona Vortexes – Arizona, USA. A great theory related to it was given. Allah does not need to know inter dimensional travel! But I am 100% sure there are definitely other parallel dimensions in the universe for sure. I really have weird dreams and sometimes I feel like they are connected to what's going to happen. Synonyms for real world include everyday, everyday life, here and now, hurly-burly, life, reality, real life, the world, actuality and natural world. its real. This is a cloud services platform that we used to host our service. Many of them are said to have entrances in the real world, meaning that it’s possible to at least stand on the doorstep of some pretty amazing places. Forgotten from memories until I’m back, It was a holiday after all. Thanks friend. Both. Time I command and Place I command! That's the real dream that send you to another world. You have terrible grammar and writing. Lately I've been into these kind of things. Hahaha. Javascript software libraries such as jQuery are loaded at endpoints on the googleapis.com or gstatic.com domains, for performance and efficiency reasons. Synonyms for real life include actuality, here and now, reality, the real world, everyday life, the world, life, everyday, hurly-burly and the big bad world. It was dark and I turned around and that being was following us. You deserve a prize!I noticed too that you've got another pretty picture for your profile! Time is just an illusion of god. @Armyjet2cp: You should be able to do it at any time of the day. What do you assume would occur if you brought along a weapon? @CRRobbins: OH MY! if you are still confused its like saying if i said yes to any question you ask me and choose a motor scooter to dive to work everyday but in another dimension i say no and drive a truck to work everyday so in every dimension you are living a different life you could be total nerd in one and in another be a rock-star. This is a cloud CDN service that we use to efficiently deliver files required for our service to operate such as javascript, cascading style sheets, images, and videos. So then i looked at my mum to tell her I was fine, and then turned back to the thing, and it was so close to my face and just moved its head and open its mouth as if it wanted to talk, and that is when I turned so cold and got really scared, and ran down to where my mum was and my siblings and family friend and told them to run!! (When I come to think of it now, it must have appeared weird too for a person to come down in the elevator and go up again without getting out. The real world isn’t a place where you can travel full-time at 26. but its not too hard to believe in different dimensions because of science but its just not physically proven as a lot of other things are. For good reason obviously. and my mum told her " stop crying and screaming, you are scaring the kids" so then she said there was something there. figure u all been playing with the same group of ghosts long enuff online, so its time u meet some of the more intelligent of us. I had a dream that if I see a playing card (4 of diamonds), I will be in danger. @CRRobbins: Thank you for the video, but when I follow the link, it says "the video is private"! I wonder if you did the ritual the reverse way, you could go back home. What if in another dimension, there's another person who looks exactly like me. If you have a question, please refer to the FAQ chapter. If you have an answer for me. Cool. I need to know bc i look everywhere and i can't find a reasonable answer refering to seers and 3rd eye In the internet.