In the first part of this story your task was to locate Cayde-6 and deactivate the Vex teleporter, but this mission suddenly descends into two heated fights in areas that are positively swarming with enemies. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. This Strike begins with players having to drive through an open environment on Nessus that is littered with exploding Vex enemies. RELATED: Destiny 2: 5 Things We Want To See In Season Of The Worthy (& 5 We Don't). The enemy starts in ranks 3-4 and his Pyre is in 1-2. The harder Strikes typically have the cooler items to get, but they require technical mastery of the game to beat. The enemy moves three times each round, which is why using Stuns and marks is ineffective - the stun won't change much and the mark will go away before you can even use it. Uldren Sov found him, and indirectly wished to Riven, an Ahamkara, to save him. These are the 10 most difficult, ranked. Run toward the back of the room, where you will. Fikrul appears as a target in the story mission Nothing Left to Say, as well as in the Hollowed Lair Strike. It has an Ether Smash attack, forcing any Guardians within melee range to be thrown back. Graduating from Pikes Peak Community College in 2018 with an Associate of Science, Charles has spent his time dissecting popular video games, movies, and technology. Ignore the hero on the Pyre and focus all your attention on the Fanatic. Walkthrough . 1 year ago. This enemy pops out of the shadows from time to time, giving you 5 seconds to damage him before he vanishes for half a minute. ". Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike unless otherwise noted. Riven healed Fikrul, giving him the power to resurrect dead Fallen into Scorn. Players have mastered this Strike since the Destiny 2 beta where it was first shown. You can, however, "force" the encounter on your own. He calls Uldren Sov father, likely believing him to be the source of his power. Destiny 2 Defeat the Scorn of the Fanatic Scorned, Fikrul Due to his resurrection ability, Fikrul can seemingly never truly be killed, and has retorted that he will continue to return to seek vengeance upon the Guardian.[1]. There's no point in destroying the Pyre - as soon as you do that, the enemy will use the ability again and throw someone else on it. The result is an incredibly difficult Strike that requires Raid-like coordination to succeed when modifiers are present. Bosses with excessive invulnerability phases are frustrating in any video game, but the "Exodus Crash" strike in Destiny 2 takes it to a whole new level. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You also shouldn't rely on Blight, as the enemy has quite a resistance to it. With an understanding of games for as long as he can remember, Charles has a large interest in understanding what makes things fun. There are a lot of Scorn around the room, which should be dealt with if they are causing a lot of trouble for the Guardian. RELATED: Destiny 2: Top 10 Sniper Rifles, Ranked. Note - the enemy can appear both in corridors and rooms. However, you might not stumble upon him - the enemy might be hiding in the last room and you won't even encounter him before completing the run. During this downtime, Explosive Shanks that shock the floor and Servitors make this fight unpleasant on lower difficulties and a downright pain with Nightfall modifiers. This page was last modified on 11 September 2018, at 11:12. Fikrul, the Fanatic is the Archon of the Scorn, a rebel Fallen faction introduced in Destiny 2: Forsaken, and the leader of its Barons. You can literally kill him before he even goes up the elevator... and it does nothing. No other Strike in Destiny 2 throws so many enemies at you at once. If the loading screen changes to the angry face of the Fanatic it means that he will be lurking in the dungeon, waiting for your party. Destiny Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. The final boss requires mastery of this mechanic to take down, making this one of the few Strikes that requires team coordination to do well on. Keep your fire focused on the Scorn of the Fanatic. The team that will do well against this boss consists of: You should, on the other hand, avoid using heroes that: As for the trinkets that should be used, focus on the one increasing the chances to apply Bleed (for Flagellant and Hellion) and those that increase DODGE - the higher the latter, the lesser the chance that the enemy will throw one of your heroes onto the Pyre.