Because Seulgi is the second tallest so she can’t be that close to Wendy and Irenes heights, Aren’t profiles by age?, like he order of members? Job: (Silk-Screen Etcher). He was the main focus in the whole movie, and the spotlight remained on him. It’s only my thought how it could be since Joy sings really much and she is never a Lead Rapper anymore.., Hope wendy get best ost award for what if love , Can you change their profile pictures? irene and seulgi are a lot better than her. A month or two ago though, they were different. She once drew Taeyeon and it looked real. Height 1st -Leader, Main Rapper, Lead Dancer, Vocalist, Visual, Center the FOTG is the member that is most popular and promoted on tv in S.Korea, not internationally. Is Wendy weight the current weight or before going on diet? I hope she writes more songs. I think it’s safe to say that Yeri is lead rapper while Joy is lead vocalist, rapper. Muscle mass takes up less space than fat so don’t worry about the weight. The holy trinity body rolls of Bad Boy always stands out for me and Wendy owns the Power Up stages for me personally! Red Velvet will be attending The Fact Music Awards on April 24th. Joy #20 So here’s what I think: If you call yourself a fan/stan… ACT LIKE ONE! Yeri ~ Lead Rapper, Dancer, Sub-Vocal. ehmm..I thought Joy was 43kg,I saw on a Red velvet book i bought,But idk.. Woah!!! Irene is ranked as #41 and Seulgi as #20 but not just SM does that. Happy Birthday YR!!! Let’s see if this time the photo can be seen. I think some crazy fan is botting Joy votes? Those visuals have taken me aback more than a few times from them all. Today’s Birthday; Birthday Calender; Buildings; Mountains; Trees; Tags; Add Celebrity; Boosie Badazz Age. Wendy has caught her sleeping with her legs fully split and her upper-body laid against the floor while covering herself with a blanket and another time in the same position but with her legs squished under her, making it look like her legs disappeared. I understand she is your bias, but we have to be fair here. Irene (28%) theres no sub in rapper, but you could call it sub-rapper bc it is the same thing. She sounded amazing! When any updates regarding the positions will appear, we’ll update the profile again. I Really liked the song basically. , Wendy’s skin is so pale she can look like a porcelain doll, especially when she has black hair!! It seems that the only official positions released for the dance line are that Seulgi is the main dancer and Irene is the lead dancer. She’s the most famous and popular member, she was the MC for the most recent year end shows, she was the MC for Music Bank for a while, and for any Radio/Talk/Variety shows, it’s always her that gets invited and she usually goes alone, sometimes accompanied by Wendy, ohh okay okay if thats what others want… thanks :))), irene ranks 55 and seulgi ranks 23 at 100 most beautiful faces of 2017 Joy is lead rapper & lead vocal (that’s he way it SHOULD be). At the end of last year Joy publicly listed her weight as 49kg on her show “Pajama Friends”. In April 20 2015 Irene was chosen to be the new female MC together with Park Bogum in KBS2TV’s Music Bank. She’s sorely underrated. Height: 160 cm (5’3″) (Official) / 159 cm (5’2’’) (Approx. Thanks for explaining. Lol, yeri is dance line along with seulgi and irene, lol from where can the article be like that, just look at a time yeri could be better.