E in 1453, the ottoman turks led an invasion of constaninople. . Justinian was a great builder and his chief work was [Hagia] Sophia, "the fairest church in all the world," to quote a western medieval writer. As it incorporated_____and_____culture, it transformed into a unique Byzantine culture. How did epic poems reflect the culture of medieval Europe? Which best explains how ancient Greek culture influenced Emperor Justinian I? These lands were largely settled by Slavs, a tribal agrarian people who migrated into the region from the East during the Middle Ages. Hagia Sophia. As the chart shows, many people began practicing in the Eastern Orthodox Church throughout Europe. Russia and many other parts of Eastern Europe were converted to Christianity during that same period, but rather than embracing the Catholic Church of th… It contained practical rules for the artists and designs for representations of Biblical and sacred scenes. Why did the Byzantine Empire have so much influence on religion, culture, and trade in Russia and Eastern Europe? byzantine culture was heavily influenced by greek culture - greek was the official language of the empire - byzantine scholars preserved the writings and ideas of ancient greece - the empire's education system followed the greek model [Others say] it is "the most perfect and beautiful church ever yet erected by any Christian people." high byzantine empire eastern european Flashcards. Unlike conflicts in Egypt and Syria, the conflict in the Byzantine territory of Anatolia, Leaders of the Eastern and Western churches both. They reflected themes of loyalty and heroism that were prized in Europe. Emperor who moved the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome, Ancient city, site of Constantinople, that gave the empire its…, An annual direct tax on land or property as a source of income…, Belief that only a council of the church could reform the chur…, A movement that rejected worship of religious art called "icon…, emperor who moved the capital of the Roman Empire from Rome, ancient city site of Constantinople that gave the empire its n…, Byzantine Empire, Eastern Europe, and Russia, Skilled diplomats, used spies, fought many invaders, stable cu…. What were the reasons for the fall of the Byzantine Empire? What contributed to the rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire? What was the cause of the Great Schism of 1054 between the Byzantine and Roman Catholic churches? This is the term for the pilgrimage to Mecca. . constantinople was an important trading center, byzantine culture was heavily influenced by greek culture, The churches in Rome and Constantinople began to diverge, in 1054, the church experienced a schism, or split. The Byzantine Economy Constantinople was an important trading center connected Europe with trading routes to the east it traded in luxury items, such as wine, silk, gold, and ivory. Gothic cathedrals were the major architectural advancement. . Eastern Orthodox is widely practiced in Eastern Europe. 18 terms. Study sets. Constantinople. Every community governed by laws and customs uses partly its own law, partly laws common to all mankind. Classes. What were the contributions of Byzantine art and architecture? And if one did succeed in meeting a man going out, he was carrying one of the dead. Which of these statements is supported by information presented in the chart? Additionally, the Byzantine Empire was influenced by Latin, Coptic, Armenian, and Persian cultures. Byzantine Empire and Eastern Europe. ASolecky. ". 14) How did Byzantine culture influence Kiev, Russia, and Novgorod? During that time it seemed no easy thing to see any man in the streets of Byzantium, but all who had the good fortune to be in health were sitting in their houses, either attending the sick or mourning the dead. What was Justinian's influence on the expansion of the Byzantine Empire and its economy? Later on, it was influenced by_____cultures as well. . Trade routes between Black Sea and Baltic Sea Adoption of Orthodox Christianity by Russia and much of Eastern Europe Adoption of Greek alphabet for the Slavic languages by St… Collection of laws organized by Justinian modeled on Roman law. Select all that apply. WORLD HISTORY byzantine empire/russia/eastern europe, the civilization that developed from the eastern Roman Empire…, who said to put byzantium "opposite the blind", where did the oracle say to put byzantium, 1) Created Eastern Orthodox Christianity;... 2) Save Greek and Ro…, First Christian emperor; moved the capital of Rome to Byzantium, Today it is called Istanbul; it was the capital of the Byzanti…, When Christianity split into Orthodox and Catholic because the…, surrounded by water on 3 sides wall on fourth; modelled after…, persuading him to fight against the revolt, An ancient trade route between China and the Mediterranean Sea…, the cultural and political atmosphere that came into existence…, a monotheistic system of beliefs and practices based on the Ol…, Roman ruler (312-37); reunited E and W Roman empires and made…. Rome was officially divided into two halves in: a Germanic people who invaded Italy in the 6th century, Flammable liquid used as a weapon by the Byzantine navy, CHAPTER 9: The Byzantine Empire, Russia, and Eastern Europe, The Byzantine Empire was named after the city of Byzantium whi…, The Byzantines inherited Line of Authority, R__________, commu…, The Byzantines were an economic power house and once they lear…, made Christianity the official religion of Rome... Split western…, A political-religious system in which the secular ruler is als…, A blending of classic Roman and Greek culture, The christian church in 1054 Rome, that developed because of t…, The Eastern half of the Roman Empire that continued to exist b…, A branch of the Christian church that was created in 1054 beca…, -served as emperor of the Byzantine Empire from 527 to 565... -be…, arena used for chariot racing throughout the Byzantine period, empress of the Eastern Roman Empire by marriage to Emperor Jus…, -Byzantine historian... -wrote Secret History about Justinian, Th…, Chapter 9 - The Byzantine Empire, Russia, and Eastern Europe, formerly Byzantium - important trading city on the strait of B…, ruled the Byzantine empire from 527 to 565 - determined to rev…, Corpus Juris Civilis or "Body of Civil Laws" - a collection, r…, Jeopardy 11: The Byzantine and Eastern Empires, Unit 6-Byzantine empire and eastern empire, "Divide" in chrishianity(Roman cathloc/great orthodox), Written to allow Russians to read & understand the bible(Greek…, "Divide" in Christianity (Roman Catholic/Greek Orthodox), Written to allow Russians to read and understand the Bible (Gr…, Byzantine Empire, Early Russia, & Eastern Europe, Byzantine Emperor from 527 to 565 whose goal was to revive anc…. Users Options. Equally marked is the importance of Byzantine painting. Inspiration provided by Christian religion and imperial power. 15) What was the reason for revolts by free peasants in the Byzantine Empire? Trade routes between Black Sea and Baltic Sea. It connected Byzantines with the Russians by fur trade, influencing their culture and beliefs, as well as the materials they were able to utilize, since the Byzantines traded them valuable silk and iron. The law which a people makes for its own government belongs exclusively to that state. Islamic. In addition, Constantinople was home to the Orthodox Church. Codification of Roman law (impact on European legal codes). Browse 500 sets of high byzantine empire eastern european flashcards. diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-religious. Construction, bridge and/ or waterway that allowed water to re…, The society that developed in the eastern Roman Empire after t…, The capital of the Eastern Roman Empire and later of the Byzan…, U shaped arena designed after the Ancient Greeks; used for hor…. . The Byzantine empire is a successor to what empire? Byzantine culture influence Europe due to fact that preserved whole classical culture and during tiems of peace evven before Carolignian rebirth gave that bakc to Europe and ofcourse roman law was codfied in Byzantium under Justinian and that codifcied law influnced whole european legal system that is … [I]n architecture and painting the debt to Byzantium is enormous. What was the influence of Justinian's codification of Roman law on the Byzantine Empire and later legal codes? - Justinian I What was the effect of the spread of Muslim Armies on the Byzantine Empire? How did the Justinian Code make the Byzantine Empire more powerful? Authority of the Pope eventually accepted in the West. . The most important achievement of the Byzantine revival lay . a wide spread disease that killed many people, justinian extended the empire to its greatest size and strength, over time, the churches in Rome and Constantinople began to diverge, The Rise and fall of the Byzantine Empire, The empire began to weaken following Justinian death, the taking of Constantinople was just the beginning of many successful conquests by the ottomans. What is an example of Byzantine diplomacy? In the first half of the last century a painter's hand-book, which dates from the eleventh century or earlier, was discovered in a Byzantine monastery. Constantinople was an extremely_____city. • Expansion of tradeHe was called the "Last of the Romans" Because he was the last emperor to have control of the city of Rome. From the point of view of western culture, it may even be said that this act of salvage constitutes our greatest debt to Byzantium. The study of ancient Greek language and education helped Justinian create a "New Rome. Why was Constantinople established as the capital of the Eastern Roman Empire?(6). . We know that religion was central to the art and architecture of the Middle Ages because. . Log in Sign up. Diagrams. [Byzantine] influence might be traced along very many lines, but possibly it was the most striking in the various fields of art. Continued flourishing of Greco-Roman traditions. . Eastern Europe is considered by many to consist of those European lands east of Germany, including Russia and the Balkan peninsula. Mediterranean. And work of every description ceased, and all the trades were abandoned by the artisans, and all other work as well, such as each had in hand. in the preservation of a sizable portion of the ancient Greek classics, and, incidentally, of early Christian writings. Select all that apply. . What was Justinians achievement in the field of law? The Hagia Sophia was the great Christian church constructed by Justinian, and it inspired church construction across Europe. Choose from 500 different sets of high byzantine empire eastern european flashcards on Quizlet.