Learn the Eviction Process in your State! Horry County, SC Eviction Services provide services to landlords, mobile home park owners, commercial real estate managers, REO managers, and more. It is just myself and my 24 year old daughter. Well no. Contact us on Social Media, Copyright NationalEvictions.com  © 2020  Developed By NationalEvictionsNetwork, AndersonCountyProcessServer 864-617-9929 Professional Service, Courteous and Prompt. We pay $750.00 a month rent. When that time comes, you’ll need to be well-versed in the South Carolina eviction laws. Stay professional, be kind, and let’s all get through this together! We have always paid our rent here in full and on time If we aren't out in 30 days what happens? The tenant may present any defenses or counterclaims. We do have a lease. The eviction is in retaliation for the tenant having filed a complaint regarding the condition of the property or for joining a tenant’s rights organization. A residential landlord in South Carolina may legally evict a tenant for any of these reasons: The landlord must also follow the steps of the South Carolina eviction process, which provides that the appropriate written notice be served and that a court order be obtained. For further research on Eviction in South Carolina, check out the state’s property code on ejectment of tenants. Copyright Uptown Web Media, Inc. 2012-2020, South Carolina eviction notice is 14-days, What Landlords Need to Know about Emotional Support Animals, List Your Rental Property in 3 Easy Steps – with Checklists, How Landlords Should Prepare for Coronavirus/COVID-19 – Steps Landlords Should Take, Top 5 Things Experienced Landlords Wish They’d Done Differently, The tenant violates a material provision in the lease. If the date is reasonable of course. Landlord Forms: Notice to Quit, Eviction and Other Legal Forms ... NationalEvictions.com > South Carolina > Horry County SC. You have paid your rent on time (I assume) and you have only asked that you not be continually bothered by unnecessary "inspections" that are not allowed in the lease. The majority of evictions concern the nonpayment of rent. The lease provision allegedly violated is unreasonable. If we just move out within the 30 days, do we lose our security because he terminated my lease? The majority of evictions concern the nonpayment of rent. The action in removing the tenant is called a “Set-Out.”. Self-eviction is illegal. Do I need proof of service of the 3 day notice to vacate? Legal Rights for Tenants with Evictions; Legal Directories. NationalEvictions.com His reasons for the 30 day notice are that a mini blind has a piece that is broken off on one end. Tell the landlord exactly what Scott said. Our landlord has been a problem since we moved in. This guy is retired and has way too much time on his hands. Without being confrontational I would ask him what it is that he is looking for - ? In writing, in emails. We feel like he is harassing us on a pretty regular basis.It's a long story but the point is he showed up today with a 30 day notice to move out. Every other month is excessive and not necessary. A landlord must make arrangements with the sheriff or constable’s office regarding the set-out and must provide his or her own personnel to remove the tenant’s belongings or pay the sheriff’s department to do so. Call us: 561-756-3540 Grid View List View. If nonpayment of rent is the reason for the eviction, the tenant will be liable for any rent accruing while the case is pending. For other lease violations such as damaging the property or failing to keep it clean, the South Carolina eviction notice is 14-days to comply or face eviction. Landlords: Document Preparation, Filing the Evictions, Landlords Help: Serving the Notices to Quit, Landlords Legal Forms: Notice to Quit, Eviction and Other Legal Forms, Tenant Forms for Answering and Defending an Eviction, If you want a family member to leave your home, Broward County Florida - Clerk of Court (Central Court House).