Hi Jeanee where did you see the photo of the crew so I can have a look.Thank you. Google her - there is an enormous amount, including an ex-crew association. Salvo was going up to the bridge with a meal for the captain, when suddenly there was a thump followed by an explosion and a sheet of flame which rose higher than the bridge. now at The Kelly closed in on the submerged U-boat, and plastered the sea with depth charges. Recommended Internet Browsers: FIREFOX, SAFARI and GOOGLE CHROME. The survivors were deeply affected by the loss of their ship; Mountbatten shared their loss and tried to console the ship's company by reminding them all that "we didn't leave the Kelly, the Kelly left us!". I had my Gieve waistcoat on, but had not blown up the rubber ring which is fitted in the waistcoat. By now the sun was well up, the sea was calm and it was a lovely Mediterranean day. Salvo’s last postings were the destroyer HMS Solebay for five weeks and the submarine depot ships HMS Ranpura and Ausonia after which he was promoted to Chief Petty Officer. In April 1941 she joined HM ships  Abdiel, Dido, Jackal, Jersey, Kashmir, Kelvin and Kipling at Gibraltar to form Force S, an escort for reinforcements to the Mediterranean Fleet (Operation Salient). Thank you, Ellen Nora Thomas, My Grandfather was on the Kelly when it went down his name was Alan Andrews. [5] The survivors were deeply affected by the loss of their ship; Mountbatten shared their loss and tried to console the ship's company by reminding them all that "we didn't leave the Kelly, the Kelly left us!". Among the crowds who were there to greet the Queen were nine survivors from the HMS Kelly Reunion Association. Notable supporters of the association have included HRH Prince Charles and Sir John Mills. A probable ‘kill’ was registered though Admiralty Intelligence confirmed that there were no U-boats in the vicinity. After having completed our bombardment we withdrew at high speed and came across another caique carrying ammunition. Timeline. Anything I can do from here then do please expand on what more information you might like. In fact it was deployed for convoy escort in the Mediterranean, calling at Alexandria with other cruisers and travelling through the Aegean Sea. When entering your 'ships served on' do not use full stops, commas or anything else just start a new line after each ship. We recommend using On 8 May, following the loss of HMS Jersey to a mine and the subsequent clearance of her wreck, the flotilla left Malta and joined Ajax, Dido, Orion and Perth to escort supply convoys to Egypt and Greece (Operation Tiger). For the second time Salvo dashed for the railings with other seamen and took a two-storey leap over the side. Then my other Uncle Robert Draper flew for the Canadian Royal Airforce and was shot down over Holland in WW2 (He flew as a Gunner in the plane) and a lake (Draper Lake) near Urannium City in northern Saskatchewan, Canada. HMS Kipling developed steering problems and was detached. As the sun rose a German Dornier 215 appeared out of the east and was engaged before she dropped five bombs which missed Kelly astern; forty minutes later three more Do. She was repaired and returned to service. She was named after Admiral of the Fleet Sir John Kelly.[2]. HMS Kelly (pennant number F01) was a K-class destroyer of the British Royal Navy, and flotilla leader of her class. While on the depot ship HMS Forth in 1952 Salvo was chosen by Admiral Lord Louis Mountbatten, by then Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Fleet, to join Admiralty House in Valletta and act as his personal chief steward. On the afternoon of 14 December 1939, the tanker Atheltemplar struck a mine laid by German destroyers off the Tyne Estuary. HMS Rodney Association Founder Member 1986 Bell, H. Seaman 1940 to 1946: Bennett: PO PTI: Bennett, J. Opdenhoff was awarded the Knight's Cross). With my arms I clung round the gyro compass pedestal. During his 25-year career in the Royal Navy Salvo gained nine campaign Stars and Medals. Slowly and incredibly they hauled her across the sullen sea hampered once again by the Luftwaffe. He was 21.. My Uncle, Raymond Arthur Garratt died when HMS Kashmir was sunk off Crete. Kelly was at sea when it was ordered to start hostilities against Germany on September 3, 1939. 215s made a high-level bombing attack on Kelly and Kashmir in the face of good 4.7-inch controlled fire. That made it easier to stay afloat. There was no distinction among us at all, no matter what one’s job was whether steward, stoker or signalman. The Brown Ranger again was next and finally the Tideflow. Tim draper, My grandfather Ron hall one of the last survivors of Hms Kelly has passed away this week Details of DCrew; Reference: DCrew Title: CREW LISTS AND SHIPS' AGREEMENTS Description: These records consist of the Crew Lists and Ships' Agreements, with some Official (Crew) Log Books, which were required by law to be sent to the Registrar of Shipping and … Met a Gentleman to whom I had the pleasure in taking him back to his house in Marham whilst his car was being repaired. I left the RN in 2000 and took up work at ATS in Swaffham Norfolk, I know its a long shot but I would be very grateful if anyone has any information. On June 1, 1941, during a passage with HMS Coventry, while providing anti-aircraft protection during the British evacuation from Greece, Kelly was attacked by two Junkers 88s and was hit by two bombs. He remained on board with five officers and 12 men. She was released on 27 April, in time to assist with the evacuation of allied forces from Namsos. His name was Joseph Demanuele a Maltese national, he stayed with the Lord for many years after completing his service as C.P.O. I saw the navigator, Lieutenant Maurice Butler-Bowden, with his back to the ship. my father Mr David Stacey was a survivor of the Kashmir, Hi folks I’m looking for any information on survivors from Hms Kelly still with us, as my grandfather ( Ron Hall ) who is one of the last survivors has sadly passed away this week any information much appreciated Orders came to abandon ship. My father Tug Wilson was on HMS Kelly when she sunk and one of the leading members of the Kelly reunion assoc which was disbanded the after his death by the countess as there was less than 10 survivors. An alternative account of the action above Crete with the pictures and videos of Stuka pilot Heinz Migeod, used to be available at http://www.heinzmigeod.com/crete-1941.php. A faint glimmer of daylight appeared on the other side of the bridge screens, but the water was churning round and I could distinguish nothing. Steaming at 35 knots, he made for Kelly. I could see the bombs dropping round her and all her guns were firing. His name was Joseph Harrison . Then the German S-boat slid off the destroyer’s stern and melted into the mist. Somehow I managed to flounder and work my way across the upside-down bridge until I got to the bullet-proof bridge screens. Just about 8 a.m. we suddenly saw 24 ominous black objects. I realised the bomb must have torn a gaping hole down near X magazine, as we had lost our stability and were rolling right over. All rights reserved. Later the ship sailed to the Atlantic in pursuit of the oiler Altmark, used to replenish the German battleship Graf Spee. You might find the folowing site which has a contact point of some help, Living in Berkshire from Northampton & Milton Keynes. I gasped for breath, but the next moment I saw the stern of the ship approaching us with both our great propellers still revolving in the air. She was laid down on 26 August 1937, launched on 25 October 1938 and commissioned on 23 August 1939, just 11 days before commencement of hostilities. This was an old World War I vessel but modernised for specialised anti-aircraft work. For the full account see Naval Historical Society of Australia. It hit square on X gun-deck and killed the crew of the twin 4.7-inch gun mounting, including that nice young boy Michael Sturdee, who was in command. Severely damaged, she was taken under tow by the tug Great Emperor and for four days she was attacked by E-boats and bombers as she struggled back to port at three knots. Does anyone have any records or dates or know anyone who does? This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Kelly research. 1st Class Stoker William Mitchell, C/KX 85689 (H.M.S. On September 9, 1960, he joined the Star of Malta, plying between Malta and Sicily. During this period her captain, Louis Mountbatten, as Captain (D), was forced to lead his flotilla from temporary placement in other ships of the flotilla; for a time he led from HMS Javelin, until she too succumbed to damage. His Memorial is at Chatham in Kent as that is where they put sailed from… my nan and grandad never got over their loss as Sydney as he was their youngest…, My friend William mills deceased served on the Kelly at Crete he told me all about the the sinking and of how lord louis Mountbatten was captain he was a lucky survivor he also told me he met lord mountbatten in Glasgow at the opening of the nautical college in th 1970 s I think he spoke to lord Louis and he remembered him willie was a good man any info on would be helpful, My Mother’s (nee Nora Draper) born in Regina, Saskatchewan,Canada (her Dad was from England and immigrated to Canada along with his English Bride (Ada nee Adlam), Mom’s Brother Ray Draper trained under MountBatten (flew I believe in the Royal Airforce in England, but we are all born in Canada).