}; Mom, wake up, I cant talk on the phone but txt me. Then the video director came up with the "it's too late, mom is dead" interpretation, but if you watch the video, the last scene she's actually alive and they're drinking iced tea together, so a little hint of hope at the end. Find more of Ellie Goulding lyrics. In the end she loves him and she will never hate him because the love she has for her son Justin is very strong. /* TFP - lyricinterpretations */ Justin wrote Calling You for his girlfriend as a birthday present--while he was cheating on her the whole time. Hate me in ways She wasnt breathing nor had a beating heart when they found her. The person still loves the other and they with they were yours, but I just want you to be happy with someone who won't hurt you like I did.. because all you ever did was give me the best, and you deserve the best. I can hardly listen to it. this song is about how a son has caused his mother to have alot of pain. In my interpretation and from previous experiences, I think this song is about someone thanking another person for everything but basically saying hate me and forget it all, because you deserve way better... even though you helped me with so much, I just want you to have the best. i think so yea. Yeah ways hard to swallow He is telling her "move on, forget me and hate me so you can live" in my oppinion. Originally, I thought this song was about a girlfriend/spouse, but now, after looking more closely at the video, I think that it's about his mother. Aren't all artists somewhat bipolar ... You'Re right tho, it's the exact meaning of the song. It is such a beautiful song, and I love it. Love really does hurt. Published December 11, 2019. After her passing I posted on her facebook and one of her friends posted directly afterwards making reference how my daughter loved this song. Wow, thanks so much for this post and for the replies. Lelandros, I do believe you are correct. I think you have the message backwards entirley. var opts = { Song meanings ©2003-2020 lyricinterpretations.com, http://www.ink19.com/issues/june2006/interviews/blueOctoberReality.html. Hate Me by Blue October song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. I know my baby did not want to die, her actions were accidental. ... Their lyrics hit me right in the heart it’s like I know Justin and I just want to hug him and tell n him in proud of him. Very deep and powerful stuff if you know anything about addictions. This is the message I get from the song. She called a few days before she died with concerns she had. when we come to this song for meaning we do not come to hear about new albums that came way after the song so it really displeases me to see people throwing in 2 cents that are not about this song. I called her the next couple days & left her voice mails that I loved her. He finally ended it because we would go through cycles of being at the top of the world, and then come crashing down after a fight about something. Every single word of this song in some way is related to our relationship...for example, the words hate me: he asked me "how can i leave you like this?' I think the son is basically saying that he has made his mother worry about him and his problems so much that she hasnt lived her own life to the fullest. She said she was just like me and didnt want to be. He was a heroine addict, Also one hint to that is the line "there's a burning in my pride". Hate Me Lyrics: Hate me, hate me, still tryna replace me / Chase me, chase me, tell me how you hate me / Erase me, 'rase me, wish you never dated me / Lies, tell me lies, baby, tell me how you How could any parent possibly hate their child? (look it up). In my interpretation and from previous experiences, I think this song is about someone thanking another person for everything but basically saying hate me and forget it all, because you deserve way better... even though you helped me with so much, I just want you to have the best. When I first heard this song, I thought of a best friend I had that I belive had Borderline Personality Disorder. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more. That's stupid. Instead at 530am I receive a txt from my youngest daughter. Original lyrics of Hate Me song by Ellie Goulding. artist: "Blue October", And the whole "Hate me, today....Hate me tomorrow..." and the rest of the chorus is him telling his mother to hate him, and if she does hate him then she won't care and she wouldn't bother with him so she can be happy with her life and not in disappointment in him which Justin fears might happen. All lyrics provided for educational purposes only. and i said 'hate me, find some reasong to hate me, hate me b/c i wont move with you...its good for you, this is wut you want, this is wut you need...' i thot it was so cool that we actualy lived a song before we herd it good times enough from me.. Not about Alcohol at all. in the song the son doent want to think about the things that he's done and his mother. I recently made another post, speaking of a memory of a book I found and how I used to read it to her and that same friend posted a link to the youtube version of Hate Me. I looked it up and listened to it but didnt catch the meaning. This song reminds be of what any kind of relationship or friendship with a borderline is like. It is first an apology to his ex, second an apology to others he hurt by his behavior, and third as story about losing his mother. song: "Hate Me", Hate me today, he hates himself and tomorrow because he can't stop. While he was working on the song he got the voice-mail from his mom that you hear at the beginning, and realized that he had a lot more people to apologize to than just his ex, so he re-interpreted it as an apology to everyone that he'd put through hard times, including both his ex and his mom especially. now any man in America is about his divorce and how fathers get so screwed over because the now ex wife does stuff like that. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. All Rights Reserved. This song is clearly about an addiction and it's negative affect on a relationship. Meh My oppinion... tired from final exams so this was botched/. She has been positive, but ineffective...he is still a depressed guy. (function() { Toggle navigation. to tell us what you think this song means. div_id: "cf_async_" + Math.floor((Math.random() * 999999999)) And the lines: "And like a baby boy I never was a man, until I saw your blue eyes cry...And then she whispered 'how could you do this to me.'" Wants to know if shes ok. I do know that with all my heart. The song IS about how he was addicted to drugs and his mother helped him off his addiction, ("I'm sober now, for three whole months, that's one accomplishment that you helped me with"). Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme, “Safety Net” by Ariana Grande (ft. Ty Dolla $ign), “Bandit” by Juice WRLD & YoungBoy Never Broke Again. I lived 2 hours away. he also thanks his mother for sticking with him when he was having a "war" with himself. I am so glad my mother is not in her grave with an answer machine on top of her and that she can see that I have turned out okay. Watch official video, print or download text in PDF. And if anyone is interested, although she found him passed out on the floor, the grave was his mom's as the sign over it says in loving memory Ro-Anne Furstenfeld. I'm a mom with 2 young boys, so I never watch music videos anymore. I know this is true because I went to a concert and he told me this. Kate OD they think it was on heroin she's on a breathing machine.