Forth: Thank you for having faith in me. 19. Happy birthday. Maybe if you have the time, you can watch over us between the games too. This is the first year in which I am not waiting for midnight to strike, so I can wake you up and bring you your favorite cake. Happy birthday, daddy. Happy birthday to my dearest dad in heaven. We love you so very much! 8. Happy birthday godfather, you are the person I value most in my life, thank you for caring and for always being there for me. Here I am, trying to survive your first birthday without you. 43. It hurts me to think that you are no longer with us, daddy. But I can’t All I can do is wish you a happy B-day through prayer and know that even though you can’t say anything back, you are listening. 7. Here I am trying to accept the fact that for the first time ever, I can’t tell you how much I love you in person; trying to live with the fact that I can’t wish you a happy birthday the way I would like to. You really couldn’t have chosen a better day to go, huh? The first year in which you won’t act surprised, even though I was doing the same thing I did every year. 10 months, 7 days and 12 hours since you left me for good and since you went to heaven. © 2018 - 2020: The perfect birthday message for the best celebration. I hope you grow older than all the hills in the land. On your birthday mom and I visit your grave. Happy Birthday, Daddy. Today I am wishing a happy birthday to my dear dad. Dad, thank you for teaching me how to be strong. I am sorry for letting you down while you were here. I might be some other man’s queen one day, but I will forever stay your princess. You blessed me with every day we have spent together and now you are my guardian angel. You are missed, and you will always be loved. No matter how old I get, I will always miss being daddy’s little girl . Heaven got a new angel that can look after me better. Happy birthday to my dad in heaven. We’re honoring you on this day and every day after for being such an amazing person that has shaped us to be who we are. For everything that is yet to come, I miss you more than words can say. I wish you the best birthday ever dad! Today, way up there in the heavens above, my dear father is celebrating another birthday. Sending the sweetest birthday wishes up to you in heaven today. It’s not the same but it’s best we have. 16. You showered us with love and care and made sure that we would never be lost when you’re no longer around. Enjoy heaven dad. You made sure that we would grow up to be good and well, and for that, we can only thank you. I wish I could send you a birthday card like I used to do when I was away. 13. Thank you so much for making me feel confident and know my worth. Every new day challenges me to try and transform the pain of losing you into love and cherishing the memories we shared. Try not to annoy Him with your terrible jokes, would you? Thanks always, dad. You never know that better than when your father is gone. 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Happy birthday godfather. You’re finally resting now, and we hope that you’re making full use of all this free time for yourself. I love you, dad. I think that would be the best gift for the angel he is now. We wish you a happy birthday from earth, to you, in heaven. That’s why there won’t be tears of sadness, only tears of joy because we’re celebrating your life. I don’t know how to be strong without you. Trying to remember everything you gave to me and everything you taught me. Happy birthday to our beloved dad in heaven. When he leaves, a lot of emptiness and sadness is left behind. You know, I miss you so much dad that it feels like it’s been decades since you’ve been gone. We’d never have become who we are without you. You were strong and determined till the end, dad. 40. Heaven has no clue how lucky it is to have you as its angel. Every time I think of you dad, tears come down my cheeks the same way rain falls on the Earth. Cheers Dad! I will always search for you in every ray of sunshine. All I can do now is shout Happy Birthday to you my dad in heaven. Best birthday wishes to my angel! Someone who could hold me when I want to fall, and someone who will always have my back. I love you. Happy birthday to my dad in heaven quotes. But today is special. Happy birthday dad in heaven quotes are there to help us do just that. That I am dying for you to hold me and tell me that things will be alright. The wonderful moments which we spent together when you were here made me smile with eyes full of tears. You’re no longer here with us now, but memories of you still linger around our house. We wish you’re still here with us. You’ve taught us everything we needed to know when we were younger. I love you, dad. Love you dad. I miss you. 38. This year, I can only light a candle on your gravestone. I miss you, dad. I hope each day in heaven is like a party for you, dad. November Birthday Wishes for your Godfather’s 50th Birthday Every wonderful memory is something to reminisce about and share with my children someday in the future.