Use the time you have before they enter to grab a Brute Plasma Rifle as your backup weapon—the Honor Guards you just killed have left a couple behind. Watch out, because before you know it, you'll be getting hit from all directions. A Marine holding cell will have the usual assortment of Covenant. Pick off the sniper as soon as you can, and then avoid the battle until the ranks are thinned down a bit. At your end, a group of several Brutes is shooting at a group of Elites in the middle of the straightaway. Watch out for a Fuel-Rod-wielding Grunt across the way; snipe him if you can, and take note of where he drops the Fuel Rod Gun. Give Carbines to all of your marines. Kill the Needler Grunts, and then any Grunts with Plasma Pistols. Use your cunning and superior firepower to eliminate the two Kig-Yar and another Jiralhanae. Use your Carbine to kill them quickly. Go to the tip of the U and take out the usual mixed bag of Covenant troops—watch for grenade-throwing Brutes and Grunts during this battle. Enter the next sloping chamber. Don't rush into the second corridor too quickly or you will be attacked from behind by Jackals. Valley of Tears B contains another fight. Now it's time to load up on weapons before getting on the lift. With some luck, you'll be able to take down the entire swarm that way. If they are both firing at you, they can kill you very quickly. Don't take a lot of time lining up your shot, just fire as soon as you see the dot appear and the Brute should go down. Headshot any Grunts who engage you. If you don't waste time, you can take him down with one whack of the Brute Shot, and if you're lucky no other Covenant forces will wake up. A good tactic is to try and trip the door into the room, and then back up to deal with the Jackals. Take out your Brute Shot and fire a couple rounds, and then take out the rest by meleeing them. When you've cleaned the area out, reload and get ready for the next slide-walk. Reload the Brute Shot and get ready for some Drones that spew out of the door. The detention block: Rescue the marines. Sometimes, just one usage of this method will slay him; if not, the second try almost surely will. On Cortana's prompting, drop down the long Gravity Lift. When you open the door to the room, two Jackals will come in from the red door on your right and try to flank you. If the Marines are on the bottom level, go down one more level. Collect more ammo and go to the area of the U that contains some lifts—they're the round things with a purple glow coming up from them. In the battle that features Brutes chasing panicked Grunts, you can skip the whole thing with some careful running and jumping. One of them is holding a Fuel Rod Gun. On the other side of the wall, the room slopes upward to another similar wall, with a door behind it. There are some more noteworthy weapons to be stockpiled if you didn't get enough on the porch - some Needlers and a Carbine in a weapons locker. At this point, gather up a few weapons to leave outside that door. There is a very large battle coming up a couple of rooms ahead, plus another couple of major battles after that, and if you don't grab those weapons now and drop them, they'll disappear (even the ones in the weapons lockers) when you go further ahead. But first you have to get to it. Make him your priority target and be sure to dodge his grenades. A particularly effective method involves a combination of grenades and one of the two weapons you're carrying. If they get onto the center of the bridge, you can flank them by the beams on either side. A Marine holding cell will have the usual assortment of Covenant. They also move around a bit, so you may waste a few blasts—that's why you gathered extra ammo when you had a chance. As you exit the room, another swarm of Drones will buzz you. Use a Carbine to kill the Stealth Elites on the far side. Later, move to the back of the room as more enemies appear. Jump down into the chamber. The Elites have an advantage in these fights because of their shields and Energy Swords; they can wage a war of attrition against the Brutes and win if they can occasionally retreat to recharge the shields. Hang around the door and watch. These rangers are equipped with duel wield plasma rifles and thruster packs, making them a fairly dangerous foe. The blade on the Brute Shot is not just for show; the Brute Shot is also one of the best melee weapons in the game as only the Energy Sword out damages it. When they are dead, drop your Sword for the Fuel Rod Gun. When the Hunter raises his arm to strike, pivot around him and melee. When you go over the peak, you'll see that the rocks meld into a wall, and the top of the wall is accessible to you. Deal with them before doing anything else. Once you and your marines are ready, grab a Carbine and a Brute Shot: good weapons in the fight to come. Additionally, they'll furnish you with some more needles, which may be helpful in the next fight. If any survivors get through, you and your Marines will make short work of them. When you approach it, however, three Elites will come charging out. Then scavenge for weapons, go to the back of the room near one of the pedestals, and wait until Cortana finishes talking about Truth and opens the door for you. Take down the Brutes, before they turn around and take you out. They don't have … A Carbine can make short work of him—sniper Jackals have no shields. Whack him for his foolishness, and get ready for three or four silver Grunts that will come around the wall at the end of the room. As you go up the path, you'll be challenged by two stealth elites with energy swords and a small contingent of Grunts. Leave the room. Pick off the sniper as soon as you can, and then avoid the battle until the ranks are thinned down a bit. If a Brute is the last survivor, he'll probably go berserk and charge at you. There are many places in the level that require you to kill all the enemies present before a door will open for you. Don't get close, though—another set of cat-fighting Covenant are about to come through. Proceed along the wall until a few meters from the end. There are also two Minor Brutes up there who will peek out and fire Carbine rounds at you. The Drones are somewhat difficult; they're hard to shoot, and they tend to chip away at your shields until they're gone. Let the Brutes fight the Elites, then kill the survivors with your sword. Halo 2 Legendary Walkthrough: Mission 10 - Gravemind - YouTube If you can avoid them and get through the last door, the level still ends when you get outside. But if you do, some or all of them will follow you down the grav lift, making the fight in the next area that much harder. There's one group on each of the two levels below you. If you don't interfere, the Elites will usually win, though sometimes the Brutes eke out a victory by pushing the Elites over the edge. It's a tedious task, but if you keep it up, you'll take him out. When she starts talking, go back towards your door, and go to the adjoining part of the ledge with a clear view of the other door. If anyone mans the Shade, snipe the bit that sticks up just over the Shade's shield. To do so, walk alongside the corridors, next to them, until you trigger the doors. Stealth is the key to victory in the next rooms, so get ready. Just go flat out and try to jump any Brutes coming after you. The enemies in this room can kill you very quickly, but it's possible to enter some of the corridors from which they spawn, specifically the ones on the ends. However, there are better ways to kill him. If you do that, a Brute will come out of the door and you'll need to take him down before proceeding. Kill the Stealth Elite in the sloped room, then take out the Grunts. Take advantage of the cover along the sides, and take out the Jiralhanae with grenades. Head back and get your Fuel Rod Gun. After that, exchange the Needlers for a fresh Beam Rifle from the weapons locker on the right side of the arches. In the central section of Hanging Gardens A is another battle between Elites and Brutes.