Later, after the Shinsengumi make camp in Aizu, the enemy decides to attack the headquarters when all of the troops are out for training. Hijikata, Heisuke, and Sannan fight the Rasetsu, and Koudou is killed protecting Chizuru. Disguised as a man, Chizuru Yukimura has come to Kyoto searching for her missing father, a doctor who developed a magical elixir that increases the drinker's speed, strength and healing abilities. Based on Idea Factory's romance adventure game: Yukimura Chizuru has come to Kyoto looking for her father, a doctor who has gone missing. The first was released in August 2013 and on DVD in February 2014. Hijikata has another vampiric impulse, and drinks Chizuru's blood. After his wounds are healed, Ryunosuke tries to leave before Serizawa forcefully explains to the youth that in debt in to him will stay as his personal attendant/ "dog" to pay him back. Legal and free through industry partnerships. Hijikata wakes up to first snow, and sees Kondou inviting his comrades to leave their first foot imprint in the snow. Voiced by: Ryū Yamaguchi (Japanese); Steven Fenley (English), Voiced by: Hiroaki Yoshida (Japanese); Houston Hayes (English), "Sentai Filmworks Adds Cluster Edge, Hakuoki, Upotte!! If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Heisuke and Sannan crumble to dust after they have used all of their lifespan. Kazama reveals to Osen his intentions for pursuing Chizuru -- to sustain a pure devil bloodline. The Shinsengumi join up with the old Bakufu army and head for Aizu. Saito forces Hijikata to stay behind and rest while he takes the front line. Shinpachi quickly moves to another table while Heisuke makes things worse by rattling non-stop and ultimately blaming Hijikata for it. Season 1. 3 April 2010 3 Apr 2010. However, they lose their battleship, The. Hijikata is shown unconscious or dead in the last few minutes of the episode. The anime television series and films have been licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America.[1][2][3]. Episode List. While talking to Kosuzu, Ryunosuke calls her crazy for standing up to a samurai because she's a maiko and she gets offended. Hijikata hears rumor of a white-haired man fighting dozens of men, and he and Chizuru run to the place where Okita is fighting. The Shinsengumi makes plans to move to Ezo, and Hijikata orders that Chizuru stays behind in Sendai while he goes to fight. Sent to buy Serizawa some sake, Ryunosuke runs into a left handed-samurai hanging around who asks for Kondo and Hijikata. The letter is brought back and satisfies the gruntled inspectors, who lodge a complaint to Hijikata. As the Shinsengumi proceed to make extermination of the remaining Rasetsu their top priority, Ryunosuke leaves to make a new life for himself in the countryside while passing by Chizuru Yukimura as she travels in the opposite direction to Kyoto and the Shisengumi. Dr. Matsumoto also fills Chizuru in on some more details about the ochimizu ("that medicine") and Rasetsu (the demons). Again, I must assume that they want the heroine of the following seasons to unlock their backstories and watch them grow (because of course they can't grow without a love interest present! Episode Ep. In order to avenge Kondo, Souji drinks the Ochimizu that Kaoru gave him, also becoming a Rasetsu. Meanwhile, Ryunosuke goes into the city to buy Serizawa more sake and runs into some ronin making a scene. Demon of the Fleeting Blossom: The Record of the Jade Blood) is the second season of Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan, opening with a recap episode of season one that is labeled "episode 00.". However, now being a fury, the Vice Commander must also fight the monster within. The characters were fairly diverse, though they did fit into some tiring tropes that I have seen before in other animes. The Shinsengumi team up with the Bakafu army and lay siege to Utunomiya Castle. Itou Kashitarou allies with the corps as an advisor, but not all the soldiers are happy with his presence. Later, Masaki acknowledges Saito's status as a warrior. In return for helping him kill the Rasetsu, Amagiri tells him a shocking secret about the Rasetsu. 01. ... anime season charts ... Watch Hakuoki ~Demon of the Fleeting Blossom~ Record of the Jade Blood full episodes online English dub kisscartoon. Next morning, Kondou brings dangos to Hijikata’s room, and everyone suddenly appears to share them. Kondou peacefully surrenders to the enemy, and Hijikata angrily laments his choice to leave Kondou behind. Two films were released in 2013 and 2014. On New Years Day, Kazama runs into Chizuru at a crowded marketplace. Episode List. However, with the bystanders thinking it was a dispute between ronin, Sanosuke and Shinpachi report this to Kondou as he Hijikata are resolve to start making a name for themselves by patrolling the city.