When you are first deciding whether or not to get a GVM upgrade done it is important to make sure that the brakes and axles are in good condition. We look forward to assisting you soon! With these types of modifications you will be looking at an increase in cost as you will be paying for the new suspensions, parts and the price of the engineer’s time. If excellent work is on the top of your wish list then call us to ensure you have the utmost peace of mind when you head off to the never-never,  better still drop in and see for yourself. If you need your vehicle to tow, you also should be aware of the maximum allowable trailer weight and ball weight for the vehicle. Not sure where to start or have a plan ready to go? We have had a lot of enquiry previous to this release so we are sure it is going to be very popular. Make an appointment today. Make an appointment today. Maybe you need a GVM Upgrade, maybe you don’t. We can weight front and rear axles and whole vehicle, tow ball weights and vans. As for new vehicles, GVM upgrades are only granted by the Federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport. Understanding GVM Upgrades is an important aspect to help keep you safe on the road and ensure that you are following all regulations with your 4WD vehicle. Click here for more information on our maintenance services. It is your holiday or retirement after all. GVM Upgrades. For more information you can contact Fleet Crew as our specialized staff can help you with any questions and are qualified to carry out your GMV upgrades. GVM Upgrades in Adelaide and across South Australia. The advantage for you is […], 43 Bowman Street Richmond NSW 2753 P 02 8859 6768 E info@greentreessolutions.com.au. Contact us for solid advice and let us get you on the road safely and legally with peace of mind. An approved engineer will need to check the compliance plate and individual axle weights on your vehicle before any modifications can be done. COVID-19 UPDATE. GVM upgrade kits are well established in the Australian market, however through considerable customer feedback and research garnered over years of fitting suspension upgrades, we’ve learnt that many of the current GVM products are a compromise at best. While they may be able to carry the required load, their ride, handling, height and other important factors all suffer as a result. Join the SMART revolution today and you too can enjoy all the benefits which the Durashock SMART GVM upgrades can offer. GVM/GCM Upgrades. Choose from all the big brands like ARB, TJM, Brown Davis, Black Duck, OEMs and more plus the bonus that we can recommend and supply from the smaller suppliers who have excellent products that we have tried and tested. We are pleased to announce the release of the the Lovells GVM Upgrade for the 2017 79 Series Single Cab Toyota Landcruiser has just been released. Sure, you choose the brands! To be sure that you are covered by your insurance while operating or owning your vehicle it is therefore important to make sure you are aware of your legal load limit so that you can upgrade it when necessary. For those who are new to 4W driving or vehicle maintenance, GVM is also known as the maximum weight allowed for a vehicle when it is fully loaded (Gross Vehicle Mass). Call us and experience for yourself the passion and know-how first hand. The GVM of your vehicle is specified by the original equipment manufacturer. Following two years of exhaustive research, design and testing, we're proud to announce that the federally approved Durashock SMART GVM upgrade for Toyota HiLux GUN 4x4 and Kun 26 4x4 , LandCruiser 200 series and LandCruiser VDJ 78/79 series are now available.