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, Australian outback wrangler Matt Wright is thought to have caught the country's second-largest crocodile in the Northern Territory in late 2015. Photo / Supplied. On the continent of Africa, in the muddy current of the Ruzizi River to the blue water of Lake Tanganyika lies a man-eating monster. Gustave was last seen in 2015. "We caught that one up near Airlie Beach," he said. An incredible feat, given his illusiveness. In a note to the BBC, Faye alleges that Gustave is very smart and his survival instinct leaves nothing to be desired. Researchers and herpetologists researching the Gustav phenomenon, argue that its length and weight make it difficult for him to hunt agile prey such as fish, antelopes or zebras. 49 Disliked 0 1. Locals told Faye and his team at length about Gustave’s magical powers, such as the ability to shrug off most injuries, turn invisible, and even teleport, but these claims were dismissed as mere superstition and spooky folklore in the making. Residents of Burundi (because that’s where Gustave attacks) say that he can hunt an adult male hippopotamus. This would change when it was found that he had a full mouth of teeth, and the age was downgraded to perhaps 60 years old and still growing, although no one really knows for sure. My name is .... James ...."*, © Copyright DinoAnimals 2012 - 2020, All Rights Reserved. He was estimated to be around 100 years old in order to achieve such outstanding size; however, further more careful observation of Gustave revealed a complete set of teeth when he opened his mouth. He weighs around 2,000-pounds and local authorities claim he has devoured as many as 300 people. ( Log Out /  An in-depth look at the planet’s most dangerous animals. The next morning, the cage was found partially submerged and the goat had disappeared. How old is Gustave? An alleged photo of Gustave. Change ). In: Animals, Humor, Nope. However, it was known to be true that he did kill humans and was a man-eater, and indeed there were many attacks as Faye was there for his investigation. Three months later reports of 17 victims more arrived, including a 15-year old boy who was eaten in the river while the police fired in vain against the crocodile. In parts of Asia and Australia saltwater crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus) of 6 metres (20 ft) long are occasionally reported. Though he is a seasoned hunter, Gustave has had close calls. When the beast was a no show they switched through several different types of bait, but nothing seemed to work, Gustave remaining as elusive as ever. His right shoulder was also deeply wounded. Crocodiles, like orcs and goldfish, don't ever stop growing; as long as they get a steady supply of food, they'll get bigger and bigger. The team then located Gustave and installed and baited the trap, placing a hidden infrared camera inside as well. Age is also not known, but has been said he was born in 1955, which would make him 65. Killing hundreds of people a year, some of these massive predators have managed to crawl up from our nightmares and dark fears to come bursting out into reality, and one of these is a monstrous crocodile that has rampaged across the country of Burundi for decades, creating legends and lore in its wake while leaving a trail of bloody bodies. It is estimated that by 2010, Gustav killed over 300 people on the banks of the Ruzizi River and in the northern part of Lake Tanganyika. Meet Gustave: The serial murdering Nile Crocodile (8 Photos) By: Ben. The trauma was not enough to get him away from the water, not for him, nor for the general population. Curious Police and state environmental officers are investigating after the 5.2m male reptile was found with a bullet in its head. Three bullet holes cover the right side of his body, while a scar remains on his right shoulder from the head of a spear. In case Steve Irwin taught you nothing, this is a Nile Crocodile. The first thing they tried was to fashion an immense cage measuring 30 feet long and rigged with infrared cameras, which was then baited and placed in an area that Gustave was known to haunt. Though unsuccessful, Faye’s team was able to capture Gustave on film. He lives in the waters of Burundi, and has reportedly killed over 300 people in the last 50 years. The Gustaw crocodile resides in Lake Tanganyika and in the Ruzizi River. Circumstances surrounding the four scars are unknown. He co-founded Animaltia in order to make a humble tribute to the animals of the world, and writes the sections on Movies and Famous Animals. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Cassius was hunted down after several reports of crocodile attacks were mad… Copyright © Mysterious Universe. Gustave has three bullet scars on his body. He's estimated to be 6 metres long and rumoured to have killed more than 100 humans. It was thought that he had died or moved off to new hunting grounds, but he would appear again to be sighted regularly up until his last known sighting in 2015, when he was witnessed dragging a full grown bull buffalo into the water. As people started to be increasingly attacked and killed on a regular basis efforts were made to try and hunt down the monster, but it proved to be extremely elusive and able to avoid hunters and traps, which only fueled its legend in the years to come. First, a trap cage weighing a tonne and nearly 9 meters (30 feet) in length was developed. He is forced to attack larger animals such as hippopotamuses, large wildebeests and, to some extent, people who are easy victims to him. Gustave is a large male Nile crocodile from Burundi. He is notorious for being a man-eater, and is rumoured to have killed as many as 300 people from the banks of the Ruzizi River and the northern shores of Lake Tanganyika. Dominator has never been officially measured but it's estimated he measures up to 6.1m. Found across a vast area of the continent, these creatures can reach sizes of over 20 feet long, weigh in excess of 2,000 pounds, making them the largest freshwater predator in Africa and easily able to take down pretty much any large wildlife that comes near the water, including humans. This would explain his intelligence and experience. Locals claimed that he had killed 300 people, but as to how many Gustave had actually killed or whether he really killed just for pleasure could not be reliably confirmed. Nile crocodile, as a species, is also the largest African crocodile and the second largest reptile of the world after the saltwater crocodile. Although Gustave’s true length and weight is unknown, it has been estimated he is over 19.7 feet and over 2,000 pounds. Territory What is the name of agent 007? How He Killed: As incredible as it may seem, Hatunginama still goes there to bathe and have fun. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Annually, these beasts eat hundreds of people in Africa and other places of the world, but there´s one whose fame has gone beyond borders to become a legend: it´s Gustave, he´s 65 100 years old (no one knows for sure), weighs a tonne, has more than 18 feet of length, and has eaten 300 people in the African country of Burundi, between the Ruzizi River and Lake Tanganyi… Crocodiles, like orcs and goldfish, don't ever stop growing; as long as they get a steady supply of food, they'll get bigger and bigger. Obviously, his size inspires respect. The crocodile even bypasses the underwater traps – never swam to the cage, just swam around it, irritating hunters with its impudence. Balto, the dog that saved a town from an epidemic, Horse psychology – Senses, instinct and learning abilities, Remembering Schoep, the dog who moved the world, Cat and dolphin like each other – an unlikely friendship. It is a Nile crocodile, measuring about 6 m (19ft 8in) in length and weighing about 1 ton (2200 lb). Besides its sheer size, the crocodile was said to have some distinguishing features, such as a scar on the top of its head and other scars on its body, and it was said to have the unsettling tendency to seemingly actively target human beings. Although it is essential for life, it places them within striking distance of Nile crocodiles, particularly Gustave. "There may have been some others shot in the wild that we don't know about, but from my recollection, over the past three decades this would be the largest," he told AAP on Friday. Faye would make his 2-year investigation into the 2004 PBS documentary entitled Capturing the Killer Croc, and the herpetologist has remained obsessed with the mysterious giant crocodile ever since. Contact According to the film, Patrice performed two years of investigations before the attempt. Among the few who have survived his attack is Hatunginama Audifax, who at age 13 was swimming with friends in the river when he suddenly felt something grabbed him by the leg.