Esto todo inverosímil y al mismo tiempo tiene momentos de un nivel de dramatismo que no encaja con el tono de la película. Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman sequel is now scheduled to open in the UK on Boxing Day and in the US on Christmas Day, and Greenland has an an yet-unannounced fourth-quarter release planned. We've seen this film 2012 times and the day after tomorrow it's not impossible that there will be yet another geostorm in a teacup. Sia io che il film. Relic: it’s coming from inside the house! Film data from TMDb. Den Fokus auf die Familie und ihre schwere Reise zu einem vermeintlich sicheren Ort zu legen funktioniert…. Das bedeutet dann wohl Hirn-aus-Action pur, oder etwa nicht? A detached married couple must get their son and themselves to safety after being randomly selected to enter an underground bunker, as a massive object from space threatens to destroy the world in less than 48 hours. Kometeneinschläge gibt's meist nur im Off zu bewundern. Da erkennt man dann die schlechten CGI Effekte nicht so deutlich. Greenland: Posljednje utočište 2020 English Full Movie, Greenland: Posljednje utočište 2020 Full Movie Eng Sub. Die einzige Schwäche, die ich erkannt habe, war stellenweise das Kind, doch das ist meckern auf hohem Niveu, denn sogar die Handlung ist größtenteils glaubhaft und nachvollziehbar. IMDb I was shocked how bad people can be. Das Untergangsszenario fast ausschließlich aus der Sicht der fliehenden Familie rundum Gerard Butlers Figur zu sehen, ist darüber hinaus ein recht netter Einfall, da man so immer…. If this movie ended like this, I would be very happy, but I think the rest of the world would be mad. Non corri a supportarlo? With Gerard Butler, Morena Baccarin, Roger Dale Floyd, Scott Glenn. Sinceramente me l'aspettavo, con un cast così il giudizio del film già varia tra visionario e capolavoro.Gerard Butler si afferma come miglior attore degli ultimi 25 anni. Vermutlich auch der letzte Kinofilm 2020. Report this film, Maybe I shouldn’t watch end-of-the-world films in 2020 because the reality is much worse… Greenland is about a detached couple, their son, and their chaotic journey in making it to the underground bunker in Greenland, as the world once again gets a factory reset by a dinosaur-killing asteroid. It is about a comet named Clarke (that exact spelling) that is headed for earth and could possibly cause an “extinction-level event”. Shaky camera throughout any scene featuring action elements to make sure you can barely recognize what's going on (and also won't notice the clumsy directing), bad CGI that is thankfully relegated to the background whenever required, and clichéd and embarassingly contrived flashback sequences in the…. The combination of Gerard Butler and apocalyptic disaster films is probably one of my most despised cinematic fusions at this point, but for some reason I still went to the cinema on its opening day in Germany. Już nie wiem, kim bez ciebie jestem” i jest sequelem oraz kontynuacją filmu z serii Greenland . Ni la presencia de Gerard Butler es suficiente para compensar todas las incongruencias y sin sentidos que tiene la película. New finale theory: Clarke transcends, becomes a comet, goes back in time, and wipes out the earth. Ins Kino gehen an sich macht ja eigentlich auch immer Spaß. Comunque mo che ci penso, la frase che ho messo all'inizio è anche una citazione del film. From agonizingly cliche characters to a “terribly tragic story” that takes itself oh so very seriously, this film somehow manages to feel about as grounded…. I also didn't find the cast as a whole that suitable, although everyone played quite well. Su intención de presentarnos a personajes creíbles y situaciones bastante verosímiles con lo que podria ser un apocalipsis real, hacen que sea una cinta que destaca en el género de las catástrofes y una verdadera sorpresa en cuanto a planteamiento y desarrollo. I think I am so tired of the current events and seen so many apocalyptic films that the ‘end of the world due to an asteroid’ concept didn’t work for me as much as I’d hope it to be; like how did no one notice the asteroids months in advance is beyond me, and knowing United States, they would’ve nuked that space object to pieces. This review may contain spoilers. Sehr starker Katastrophenthriller der sich stark auf das menschliche Drama konzentriert. Warum müssen Katastrophenfilme meist so schlecht sein? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. FLY DOWN BABY, FLY DOWN.Forse il miglior film della storia del cinema. P.S. È un sabato abbastanza normale, come tutti quelli post-lockdown. A comet sets course for earth. 8/10. the comet parts come from slightly different directions (physical nonsense), that the danger really becomes tangible. “Normale” perché da ormai un paio di settimane si riesce a organizzare, volendo, una serata cinema con due spettacoli uno dietro l’altro, come facevamo spesso quando ci si poteva ancora sedere tutti vicini.“Abbastanza” perché le notizie sono quello che sono e forse è il caso di vedere più roba possibile, se ci si riesce, ché poi sabato prossimo o quello dopo chissà.