Is there any scientific evidence it works? Then in the body, you can either talk just about the social problems, just about the economic problems, or you can do both (but you may have to do a lot of extra research for that. Development prospects and features of information society we live in, Great geographical discoveries and development of applied knowledge in history, navigation and cartography, The scientific picture of the world and new ideological guidelines of civilizational development, Links between science, culture, and civilization. Why do African nations have so many civil wars? Does Colonialism still affect the nations that were colonized? What is the simplest way to connect to the global network; Importance of defending personal networks; Why plagiarism detectors and checkers are so effective; Why Mac computers are safer than Windows ones? Is the sky the limit? Is it worth it for a city to invest in building a bigger and better stadium for its professional sports team? Answer: You have an interesting and very important research area, but you are trying to cover a lot of ground in asking three separate questions. By clicking "Log In", you agree to our terms Sometimes people are hurt because of their religious beliefs, their race, or just because they happened to get in the way of someone who was angry and hateful. Is a strong presence in home countries obligatory for multinational corporations? Does the link of pay to performance really make employees loyal? Do children and teenagers become smarter than their parents because of the Internet? I didn't include it in the article because it is less interesting at the beginning, and I thought it would not capture a person's attention as well, but it you are interested, you might want to check it out. How has Twitter changed Entertainment news? Keep up the good work. How has social media helped positively influence the world? Oppression of women in different religions; Do religious patterns influence our health and mind? While a descriptive or a narrative essay doesn’t require much attention to details or accuracy, your research paper should consist of strict facts, statistics and examples. Here are the problems you can discuss with the audience. 3. Should popular athletes choose tattoos wisely in order to transmit a proper message to fans? Just choose the one you like and start working on your research paper at once. And what’s the best place to find interesting research paper topics for college students? Table 1. However, there are still some ways out. What is the damage being done? How has life changed in Syria during the continued civil war? In such a way you will add fresh ideas to the subject, which was discussed a hundred times before you. How is the Trump presidency changing international relationships? Influence of global warming on different types of businesses; Outdated traditions, which big companies still use; Do some doctors turn patients into addicts? An Intervention Addressing Dropout, Influence of School-based feeding Program on Class Performance, Using Teacher-Pupil: A Reading Intervention, Ka-TITSER: SLAC Program in Improving Teacher Quality of SHS Teachers, Mathematics Problem Solving Interventions for Grade 2 and Grade 3 Pupils, OPLAN Search for Children With Special Needs: Basis for Opening SPED Classes, Repetition Rate: Factors and Possible Interventions, Project BETRead: A Remedial Reading Program, Reducing the Number of Repeaters Through Homeschooling, Influence of Parental Support on Students’ Dropout Rate: The Mediating Effect of Students’ Motivation.