By early February, with nothing to lose, Bush was the one Republican to take Trump on directly, though he didn’t have the “campaign skills” (in the words of one senior adviser) that Rubio or Cruz possessed. Brand is the be-all-end-all of Donald Trump. ROE: I've got--my pop time was, you know, somewhere around nine and a half minutes. No, I'm sorry. “He took one of the hors d’oeuvres and shoved it in my mouth in front of everyone.”, Publicly reported We sold--I graduated. Being a complete outsider was more important than performing even in a way that Cruz did, right? March 19, 2018. ROE: Yeah, no, we did.

He'll get--maybe it's 55 percent of the vote. Do you think, going forward, he needs to establish something akin to this or, at least, something more formal than he's got to succeed? How it protected him while he abused me & protects him now.”, Publicly reported April 17, 2018. "Thank God for social media," she wrote. October 21, 2017. He has been fired. ROE: All of them. So Megyn Kelly, in the Milwaukee media market, if you take Republican eyeballs, what do you think she ranks, from 1 to 2,432, where do you think she ranks--number one, cable, in that market, for Republican eyeballs? ROE: But no, I--no.

So we started the campaign.

I didn't know who it was. THRUSH: Well, I don't want to spend the entire time talking about all this stuff, but the other thing is you've got to tell me about this howitzer crew stuff. He did not take me to 19th Street. The biggest blood feud, heading into the debates, was between Bush and Rubio. Indeed, when he asked longtime adviser Mike Murphy what his chances were, Murphy replied, “40 percent”—and a prophetically self-aware Bush shot back, “Oh, I think it’s a lot lower than that,” according to a Bush family friend. I mean, that's like a, you know, standard issue for a Republican, so that's--not from the Trump standpoint. [Laughs].

| Bridget Mulcahy/POLITICO. It's not just--I mean, he dumped our ass, right? “My vulnerability was exploited. ROE: --to keep that story alive for a while. More than 100 women and girls have reported that he sexually assaulted or abused them. There were times when he was outstripping our campaign so far in his personal ability--. THRUSH: [Laughs] And it's going to be your last. He was placed on unpaid leave at the Los Angeles Times, and then resigned. Gone is the number one predictor of--and I did this on you just today, in case you were going to bust me up. That had to be a little bit sobering. I did the direct mail. Trump, of course, went through with it, on his own terms. ROE: He doesn't get to call in like he used to--. A woman has accused him of a months-long pattern of sexual harassment. ROE: That's how little leaguers were taught, to catch with two hands. As would soon become clear, this wasn’t just a matter of Republicans despising dynasties. THRUSH: And you will not concede at all that one of the reasons why it was narrow is because Cruz is not as popular, innately, as other politicians? Let me ask you: Have you even read the United States Constitution?” said Khizr Khan, whose son, a Muslim-American Army captain, had died protecting his fellow soldiers from a suicide bombing in Iraq in 2004. He has been fired by the New Yorker. He resigned and received an exit package worth millions of dollars, they said. “Donovan McNabb, a former analyst, also texted her explicit comments, according to the complaint.”. THRUSH: Do you see him getting 10 percent, or anything close? THRUSH: Is it a possible outcome that he does not endorse?

But--and I do believe we had a narrative at the very beginning, that we were forced to live within, but we also--you could ride--everybody in our campaign knew exactly what it would take for us to win, and I can say it--I've said it so many times I probably even say it in my sleep. THRUSH: Is Ted going to keep walking across the Rotunda and having an impact on the House side with Ryan, as he did with Boehner, or does he have more confidence in Ryan's relationship with the conservative wing? "This kind of abuse is inexcusable and absolutely upsetting," she said. And so I threw out very few people because it was just not my nature. ROE: It's not--it will never be seen again. The partisan divide was simply that stark, the animosity toward Clinton that real. ROE: And in that campaign--just take, in the most, you know, exclusive part of the campaign for us at the end, when Donald had, by any measurement, roughly a billion, but I think the raw number is 888 million in the last two months and we had 424, and Kasich had 71. Cruz would have too, if he had gotten more airtime. This is in '14. We raised $55 million online. Now, Bill O'Reilly has a larger percentage--. I mean, we announced right before Easter, did the Easter ad, and every time we were in a holiday setting the other candidates would go dormant.

[…] People made jokes about it all the time.”. “It was just actually sort of common knowledge in the comedy world. He has been removed from the House Ethics Committee and will not seek reelection. Referring to Weinstein as a "brutish thug," Curtis shared that she had been subject to harassment throughout her own career despite never having asked for it. Trumps going to win Nevada. Khan spoke, in a quavering monotone, about the injustice of Trump’s proposed Muslim immigration ban. A woman says that he raped her, and that Fox retaliated against her when she reported the experience. He has been fired from two films. Multiple women have reported that he sexually harassed them. My grandmother would take me to baseball practice every day. What else is there? “One night he broke into my house and crawled into bed with me, saying that we ‘really needed to talk’”, Publicly reported ROE: --if you're two to one--and this is on‑air. Now, most people hung with us, the cables, essentially.

I mean, do you think that's sort of the traditional notion that he's going to pull from ours is true? He is under investigation in connection with allegations that he sexually harassed an employee and created an environment in which women were hired as possible sex partners for male employees. ROE: I think that's probably a--that could be a takeaway but that's not the thesis. “He’d been very supportive of me, and I thought he’d only been like that because he wanted to sleep with me.”, Publicly reported Gonzalo Curiel, the Mexican-American jurist from Indiana who had issued rulings that Trump didn’t like, is “very strongly pro-Mexican. He is under investigation. December 3, 2017. ROE: So I would've actually thought that that would have--at that time, that would have been it. I should have totally remembered that. February 19, 2018. Mack was one of the top members of a highly organized scheme which was designed to provide sex to [Nxivm co-founder Keith Raniere]", Publicly reported And so I spent a little bit of time over there, and I came back and I was in the middle of a semester, so I'd work and I'd go to school, and so I went to Northwest and then joined a fraternity, and met girls and drank beer--. Trump told Lewandowski to book as many of them as he could. Multiple women have said he sexually assaulted or harassed them. If there was any doubt about what was motivating news execs, CBS chief Les Moonves dispelled it during a candid exchange with a reporter following Trump’s big win in New Hampshire in February. Multiple women say he made inappropriate sexual comments in front of and about them. October 13, 2015. Two former students have reported that Jacoby sexually harassed them. We're on the back of a cruise ship. He is on leave, and an independent investigation has been launched. “You can do anything.

THRUSH: Same thing. ROE: That's a good lesson in life, right? pursuing . salvation in terms of gaining a win moving into a more Let's just take Iowa and, for sure, our campaign performed at a high level on most subjects most of the time. 2 “His taunts, degrading comments about my body, brain, and general inadequacies never ended.”, Publicly reported As a day progresses on a baseball field the players get older, so I'd go early and then umpire younger than me and then play, and then sometimes I'd even umpire kids older than me. I mean, we're still in our autopsy phase on our own campaign.

ROE: Pork chops today do not taste like they tasted in the '80s.

Ironically, it was (as Conway told associates at the time) a 21st-century version of Bill Clinton’s post-scandal counterattack in 1992: Powerful forces, both men argued to disaffected white working-class voters 24 years apart, are trying to destroy me, and our movement. ROE: --it's a different, actually, kind of meat. December 8, 2017.

Trump was souring, and fast, on the low-key Manafort, who was trying to do what Lewandowski never could—tame the candidate, tether him to a teleprompter and get him to stop it with the dumb over-the-top comments that were alienating Hispanics, women, African Americans and educated whites in record numbers. When did you realize Cruz was your guy?

"I think no one was aware that he had settled with eight different women and as we know, cases keep coming forward so this, to me, is completely egregious and shocking."

"I'm not that girl. “Every time something ridiculous happened, every time a sexist email was sent, I’d sent a short report to HR just to keep a record going.”, Publicly reported