I evaluate each of my animals’ traits (type, color, coat, temperament, etc.) 20-09-03-00232 M Guinea pig (m) (male) Small Mammal.

They are generally curious and friendly. Every penny we receive goes directly to the care and comfort of the animals! We are the premier pet store in the Indianapolis area, with locations on the east, northeast, and west sides of Indianapolis, as well as in Fishers, Greenwood, and Ft. Wayne. Your gerbil will instinctively roll in the sand all on their own. Get news about special offers, sales, contests, and more – sign up for our monthly newsletter! GOING ON VACATION? Wire mesh and rung wheels are dangerous to gerbils as their tails can become damaged in them while running. £5000+ Keywords. Her name is Peanut. They should be offered an exercise wheel and plenty to chew on as they are very active chewers. Young Gerbils for Sale, Gerbil Breeder in Putnam County. The application is closed due to low availability.

You must take care to introduce gerbils carefully as they will fight any gerbil that they do not recognize.

Breeders, usually more reliable than pet stores, can also tell you much more about your gerbil's background, and give you a helping hand if necessary. They can be kept outside, but do best indoors especially in colder climates or strong summer heat.
It doesn’t take long, though, before you and your gerbil are having fun adventures together! Designed to be the perfect desert animals, gerbils are expert diggers and have strong hind legs. A memorial gift was … . Join my subscription list for animal availability updates. Roborovskii Dwarf Hamsters are adorably fidgety, always moving around their enclosure and keeping quite busy when they aren't napping! Reputable small-scale pet rat & hamster breeder. But you'll end up with a loving pet, no matter which breed you choose. Also gerbils prefer to live in pairs or little groups and very important: they produce very little waste. a brother and sister who were supposed to be two girls.

They can be taught to use a litter box in their cage and love to explore! African Pygmy Hedgehogs are wonderful little pets!

They are related to otters & weasels, and stay smaller than a housecat. The American Gerbil Society also has an associated, more general message board: AGSgerbils. Distance.
Hamsters are rodents belonging to the subfamily Cricetinae. They usually live for 2-3 years and are very intelligent for their size.

Carmel NY They like to play with most cat toys and special ferret toys that they can carry around. Monrovia, MD 21770, https://www.aspca.org/sites/default/files/upload/images/gerbil_care_edu.pdf, https://www.aaha.org/pet_owner/pet_health_library/other/general_health/caring_for_your_gerbil.aspx. They can live for 3 or more years, and enjoy lots of tubes and tunnels in their habitats. https://www.wikihow.com/Care-for-Gerbils

We are located in Budd Lake, NJ. WISH LIST ), the best option is a breeder. Dwarf Rabbits generally stay under 5lbs and require both hay and pellets in their diet. Beddings like aspen shavings or CareFresh are perfect for these guys, and they love to eat SunSeed Critter Cubes! A […], Getting Started with Gerbils Bringing your first gerbils home requires some preparation. We are a "no kill" shelter that seeks to place these animals in loving homes, no matter how long it takes.

They are fun to watch, play with and very easy to keep. Share North Jersey Guinea Pig and Hamster Rescue, Inc. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=S6NGDMVQVNU5U&source=url.

Once a gerbil bites another gerbil and draws blood, they should no longer be kept together. Cumberland County, Millville, NJ ID: 20-10-07-00315. They barely drink and thus barely pee, making the cage a lot less stinky then a hamster cage. They should be offered wooden chews to help keep their teeth clean and trimmed. If you get a nice young gerbil that is used to be handled, it will not bite. Gerbils are very social creatures and love to live with other gerbils! Usually, gerbils need non-plastic housing and toys due to their need to burrow, chew, and dig. £0.

Please ask for a modest re-homing fee. Ferrets are VERY curious little critters! If you're interested in what's available, please e-mail me. With this kind of habitat, they should have at least six inches of bedding to burrow in, just be careful to not put as much bedding around the water bottle. Gerbils are easily housed in a simple habitat or larger with a fitted screen top with a generous layer bedding (SunSeed™, Carefresh™, Oxbow™, or Kaytee™) or other suitable material meant for small animal use, as well as a hide box to sleep in.

Hamster/Gerbil Food Cage Bedding (no cedar or corn cob) Fragrance Free laundry detergent White vinegar Newspaper MEMORIALS A donation was received in loving memory of Sapphire and Ruby, given by Joann. Just fill out an adoption application.

CAGE SIZE Name: Rebecca City: Virginia Beach Email: rebecca@rebeccaward.org Price: Contact me for prices. Short Tailed Opposums are very cute and very social with people they are used to! Guinea Pigs are very sweet and are well known for their pig-like squeal! I encourage you to join these groups, especially if you are considering breeding. Other products, especially those meant for chinchillas, are called bathing dust and can cause respiratory issues in gerbils. They enjoy spending a little time out of their enclosure, and some will even seek attention in order. We ask $35 for a single guinea pig, $55 for a pair and $65 for a trio. It is the genetic aspect of breeding that I enjoy the most. Hello and welcome to Gerbils on the Quay. Join the critter newsletter for updates. Feel free to browse around my page and look at photos and information. Tell us the story of how you met your furry best friend and help other pet lovers discover the joys of pet adoption! They can live up to 3 - 6 years with proper care. 65 For a syrian hamster, we ask $15, for a pair of gerbils or dwarf hamsters $20. They should be offered wooden chews to help keep their teeth trimmed and clean. They can be litter trained and come in many different colors and types, such as Rex, Lionhead, or Lop-eared! If there is an adult that you like, please contact me and I will let you know its availability.

Food can be placed in a ceramic bowl, but your gerbil is likely to dig it out of the bowl. An exercise wheel with a solid running surface should also be provided and cleaned as necessary. Results Per Page Update Search. Long Island New York Rat & Hamster Breeder. Sale | Rodents | Gerbil | South Molton . Ideally, you should obtain the largest cage you have room for. They are high quality, timothy based products. They have much the same care as other types of hamsters; they will enjoy an exercise wheel & ball, and sugary treats should be kept to a minimum. I am a hamster and gerbil breeder located in the Tremont neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio. Though they do not like to be disturbed while trying to sleep, they love to play and run around when they are awake. The cage should be placed in a well-ventilated area, but out of the direction of drafts or direct sunlight. They are burrowing animals and a layer of bedding that is too thin may leave them feeling exposed and nervous.

Once your gerbil starts using the sand bowl as a toilet, it is time to remove the bath. The rescue can always use: THE RESCUE ACCEPTS PAYPAL VETERINARIANS We will provide you with a list […]. The cage should be emptied and washed out with hot soapy water then rinsed and dried once a week or so, and refilled with fresh bedding.

Thank you to the Warm Hearts Warm Lives 4-H club and Team Redeem for their fundraising that resulted in the donation of cash and supplies to the rescue animals!! 4 talking about this. Gerbils are easily housed in a simple habitat or larger with a fitted screen top with a generous layer bedding (SunSeed™, Carefresh™, Oxbow™, or Kaytee™) or other suitable material meant for small animal use, as well as a hide box to sleep in. P.O. For the hamsters, I use the standards set by the California Hamster Association; for the gerbils, the standards set by the American Gerbil Society. An exercise ball is perfect for these guys, since you can let them roam to their hearts content in safety! Welcome to my website:) I am a registered breeder with the American Gerbil Society.I am located in Ontario Canada and began breeding in 2007.I offer a wide variety of colours and ages of gerbil available for pets or breeders depending on what you are looking for! Chews should be offered to help keep their teeth in good condition, and sugary treats should be kept to a minimum. ARE YOU AN AMAZON CUSTOMER? Most of these small animals aren't too opposed to occasional or regular handling, as long as it is done with great care.

Commercially available units that connect together with tubular sections for tunneling are also available, although they will require a bit more effort to keep clean and maintain as gerbils have a history of highly destructive chewing with these types of units.

Fragrance Free laundry detergent Housing requirements are usually fairly uncomplicated and temperature/humidity ranges are easily reproducible. I breed for show quality animals with excellent temperament and health. We currently do not […], 0 How many gerbils we sold This is going to be our “Gerbil litter going homes page” gallery. Licensed Breeders. This requires that we stop taking animals for short periods when there is no additional cage space here. Gerbils are very active and a joy to watch. Specialty: Schimmels, Foxes, Silver Nutmeg, DEH, NM. online ordering for curbside pickup! Gerbil bodies are efficient at processing water and are ready for the heat, even though as pets they live comfy and air conditioned lives.