Find A, C, r and d of a circle. The units are in place to give an indication of the order of the results such as ft, ft2 or ft3. If you want to contact me, probably have some question write me using the contact form or email me on C = circumference Enter one known value of a circle and calculate the area, circumference, radius or diameter. Free Mathematics Tutorials. Please tell me how can I make this better. Any other base unit can be substituted. Enter one value and choose the number of decimal places. Given any 1 known variable of a circle, calculate the other 3 unknowns. A = area Find the area of the circle with a diameter of $6cm$. Formulas for common areas, volumes and surface areas. You will get solution with step-by-step explanation. Calculate the area, circumference, raius or diameter of a circle with step-by-step explanation. They do not affect the calculations. Use this circle calculator to find the area, circumference, radius or diameter of a circle. Let's assume it's equal to 14 cm. Welcome to MathPortal. © 2006 -2020CalculatorSoup® Units: Note that units of length are shown for convenience. Given the area of a circle calculate the radius, circumference and diameter. r = radius You can also use it to find the area of a circle: A = π * R² = π * 14² = 615.752 cm². A circle is the set of all points on a plane with the same distance (the radius) to a certain point, which is called center. Using the formulas above and additional formulas you can calculate properties of a given circle for any given variable. Calculations at a circle. Find circumference of a circle when the area is 20. Geometric shapes and trigonometric functions. to remember just three formulas. Calculate A, r and d | Given C Tweet: Home; Math and Precalculus. d = diameter Determine the radius of a circle. Putting A, C and d in terms of r the equations are: Calculate r, C and d | Given A How to find the circumference of a circle. I designed this web site and wrote all the lessons, formulas and calculators. Circle formulas and geometric shape of a circle. The diagram at the right shows when to use each of these formulas. Given the circumference of a circle calculate the radius, area and diameter. But if you don't know radius and angle you still can caluclate the segment parameters by chord length and segment height: Putting A, C and r in terms of d the equations are: \[A = \pi r^2 = \pi \left(\frac{d}{2}\right)^2 = \frac{\pi d^2}{4} \], \[C = 2 \pi r = 2 \pi \frac{d}{2} = \pi d \]. - Online Calculators. All rights reserved. An online calculator to calculate the area and perimeter of a Circle. Find the area of the circle with a circumference of $C = 6 \pi$. Input value you know and select what to compute. Calculators for plane geometry, solid geometry and trigonometry. √ = square root. Math Problems ; ... Area and Perimeter of a Circle - Geometry Calculator. This web site owner is mathematician Miloš Petrović. Calculate A, C and d | Given r r = d/2 Calculate the area, circumference, radius and diameter of circles. To solve this problem we first need to find radius $r$, by using formula $ \color{blue}{A = r^2 \pi} $ (see the diagram). in Physics and Engineering, Exercises de Mathematiques Utilisant les Applets, Trigonometry Tutorials and Problems for Self Tests, Elementary Statistics and Probability Tutorials and Problems, Free Practice for SAT, ACT and Compass Math tests, Grade 8 Problems and Questions on Circles with Answers. Putting r, C and d in terms of A the equations are: \[C = 2 \pi r = 2 \pi \sqrt{\frac{A}{\pi}} \]. π = pi = 3.1415926535898 Cite this content, page or calculator as: Furey, Edward "Circle Calculator"; CalculatorSoup, Given the diameter of a circle calculate the radius, area and circumference. Substitute this value to the formula for circumference: C = 2 * π * R = 2 * π * 14 = 87.9646 cm. An online calculator to calculate the area A and perimeter P of a circle given its radius r. The formulas for the perimeter P and area A of a circle are given by: Graphs of Functions, Equations, and Algebra, The Applications of Mathematics Now we will find circumference using the formula $\color{blue}{C = 2r\pi} $. Find the diameter of the circle with area $A = \frac{9}{4} \pi$. d = 2r. To calculate missing value in circle, based on one known value, you need Calculate A, C and r | Given d Given the radius of a circle calculate the area, circumference and diameter. Putting A, r and d in terms of C the equations are: \[A = \pi r^2 = \pi \left(\frac{C}{2 \pi}\right)^2 = \frac{\pi C^2}{4 \pi^2} = \frac{C^2}{4 \pi} \], \[d = 2r = \frac{2C}{2 \pi} = \frac{C}{\pi} \]. Given any one variable A, C, r or d of a circle you can calculate the other three unknowns.