Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is the sixth installment created by Midway Games in the Gauntlet series. Elements from Dark Legacy were integrated into the Dreamcast port of Gauntlet Legends. Considering the narrow pathways players will deal with in this stage, a full load of potions may come in handy (although be sure to save two for any Death). Again nice for the stages, but what about the Bosses? Nine. There may be land under the water. Starting the trend for future installments, monsters come in three levels of strength and are spawned by monster generators. Search for secret walls in the immediate area where you find that hint scroll. Only one ability can be applied, so choose wisely. 0. He is Skorne's guardian of the Mountain Kingdom. The Sorceress is a playable character in Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. Valkyrie 3. The bridge formed by the rising/falling logs will mark a one-way point, so clear out every thing back there before heading onwards. The minigame to unlock Sumner (this secret character) is extremely tough since a majority of the screen is covered in darkness. Helpful initially with all the stages, but what you going to do about the Bosses? PEEKIN - Permanent x-ray glasses. Nine. Every character (save the secret ones) can be changed into one of four colors: red, blue, green, and yellow. You have to actually uncover the door again in order to access it. Dwarf(Mirrors the Warrior in Strength) 2. INVULN - Permanent God Mode. Nine. Each character's combo attacks deal elemental damage. The hint scroll: "Inspect carefully, the pit below" refers to the series of switches that will raise several platforms that hold money and items to help fight the Dragon guarding the secret maze. Consumables are items that are either used immediately or have a singular passive purpose. The beast-form of each character is bestowed with a bonus of +50 more points in each statistic than their comparable humanoid counter-part. A direct port to the PlayStation 2 was released in 2001, followed by versions for the Game Boy Advance, GameCube, and Xbox released in 2002. KAO292 - Race Queen (also given as 'waitress in orange skirt'). Return to Gauntlet Dark Legacy Index Page. If players do not open every chest they come to, they will have enough keys to finish this stage. In Gauntlet Dark Legacy, there are 8 normal heroes and 9 secret ones. These are put in the form of the character name at the beginning, thus requiring a new game. Nine. Final word on this boss -- kill it when it is near the center of the stage or some of the treasure will drop off the stage where players cannot go. Dungeon of Torment Secret Character Door (Falconess) This one is quite easy to find, it's near the start of the level through two gates and being guarded by a Gargoyle. That's passable territory. ©Copyright 2008-2020 Almar's Guides. Nine. He stole 12 of the 13 runestones while Sumner was away, and summoned Skorne, who crushed and imprisoned him. DELTA1 - Permanent Giant Growth and Shrink Enemies. Ghost Town Secret Character Door (Medusa). Quick Attacks are subject to gravity, and will fall after a certain distance. The Secret Character door in the Fortified Tower is at the very end of the level - within range of the exit portal! Branches (Legendary Weapon, Scimitar of Decapitation - Chimera). Dappet Peak Secret Character Door (Minotaur) This secret location can be found just down and to the right of the level's exit. Some abilities are not as useful later as they are earlier. It also adds a large number of secret characters, some of which can be unlocked in the game, while others are only accessible by entering specific cheat codes. Medieval Europe themed blue clothing that often has scale mail elements. She is Skorne's guardian of the Forest Realm, and she holds the fifth shard needed to access the Desecrated Temple. To access the Legendary Weapon, you will need to proceed further and raise a series of switches guarded by a Golem. The thing is, you cover it when you hit the level which you need to do to progress through the level! For Gauntlet: Dark Legacy on the GameCube, GameFAQs has 52 cheat codes and secrets. "In an ancient time the evil mage Garm, using the power of the runestones, released a great evil upon the land. SSHOTS - Permanent super shots. MUA and X-Men Legends are both fairly different/more like Dark Alliance than Gauntlet Dark Legacy. (I.E. AYA555 - Girl in Japaheeno school uniform. Death in this context represents inevitable human mortality. Gauntlet: Dark Legacy - Remastered is an upcoming fan remake of the 2001 installment Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. Generals and Golems will try to block this attack. Every char… Gauntlet Dark Legacy is a video game originally released to arcades in 2000. send you an email once approved. It is the sixth title in the Gauntlet series, and is an expansion of the previous title in the series, Gauntlet Legends. The Dwarf is a playable character in Gauntlet: Legends and Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. Skorne then released his minions upon the lands, and scattered the runestones across the Eight Realms so that they might never be assembled and used against him. Lesson in Turbo attack applications: Players begin near the exit that will have the way broken immediately as they near it (similar to the Swamp stage). 10000K - Character instantly accrues $10,000 per level of experience each time they start a stage (including Sumner's Tower). The total secret maze coins needed to unlock a character-class is 25 times the number of players. This is the one cheat code that will allow players to buy their stats to 999 immediately after they begin. This Secret Character Door is fairly easy for you to find if you're paying attention as you go through the level. Destroying these generators is a primary goal of the game and is essential for stopping the flood of monsters. These characters are earned by collecting Coins in Treasure Rooms. Toxic Spire Secret Character Door (Unicorn) GARM99; GARM00; GAM666 - Garm in various forms.