Some may find it unsettling. If the rules and policies are broken, then it will have a strong negative impact on the organization. Labeled praise lets your child know exactly what she has done that you liked. So, if you also wish to be one, then it is important to follow rules and regulations as per laid by the company itself. They do not cross the limits which mean no breaking of the rules and this kind of attitude is always appreciates the company as it reflects the positive and the good working environment within the organization. A company without rules would be in constant chaos and the level of productivity would be quite low. The rules help set a common objective to be achieved by the employees working within the company. Some of the important signs that the organization needs to look regarding their policies and procedures are: Companies nowadays are not just a mere entity but they are more than that. Some rules are information such as the ones obtainable in schools. For instance, if no rule addresses issues like murder and robbery, there is every chance that the crime rate would increase. We will discuss this and a few other points in this article. So, above are some of the points which clearly explain why the rules and the procedures need to be followed by the employees as well as the company. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) cannot attest to the accuracy of a non-federal website. This is true for parents, grandparents, or any other caregivers in your child’s life. Following are some safety rules you should teach your child to follow at school: Memorise contact details: Ensure your child remembers his full name and address, parents’ name and the emergency phone numbers to reach out to, should the need arise. Provides an edge to compete with the other companies in the market: 19. Whatever rule is not liked, is not carried forward further and whichever is liked is taken forward. It is used to list things. If there would be no rules, there would have been a mess all around and no one would know what has to be done and what not. In a case where there are no, there would be a case of anarchy as everyone would only be guessing what should get done per time. The culture and employees of an organization go a long way in telling the nature of an organization these rules by organizations are set up by the management for the employees so that there won’t be a state of anarchy. So, following the rules is good for the employees as it automatically helps the company to grow by adhering to the regular rules and procedures. Ultimately, your organization wants you to be successful. Also, they explain who it covers and show the way it should get implemented. Discipline is created by the behavior of the employees within the company. But by following these rules, it means that you won’t lose your job out of carelessness. The companies use their rules and procedures to test the real nature of the employees. The rules and the procedures of the company help in setting the limits which further gives the warning and the caution to the employees as well as the external ones . When family rules are always enforced, your child’s behavior and your relationship will be better. So, it is important for all to follow rules and regulations as it will help you to know your limits for working and non-working. For example, if the rule is “no hurting others,” you may need to describe what “hurting” means. So far, we have been able to establish that policies and procedures are vital for the smooth operation of any organization. Whatever activity is taking place within the company, is all covered or one can say the check is maintained on it with the help of the set procedures by the company. Rules work best when there is consistency, predictability, and follow-through. There are some terms that you must be mindful of when it comes to company rules. Like if a company demands formal dressing within, the employees ought to follow that. Employees are the engine room of any organization and rules must exist to guide them to certain goals and objectives. CDC is not responsible for Section 508 compliance (accessibility) on other federal or private website. The company is run by the employees and if the employees themselves will not work as per the company norms then how will there be a common goal for all. A lot of people do not like rules because to them it represents some sort o restriction. Elements and Characteristics, How to Wake Up On Time for Work Every Morning Easily, What Can You Bring to The Company? As children grow, they will be in places where they have to follow rules. When the rules get broken, it leaves a negative footprint on the organization because the ethics and culture of the organization may diminish. Praise should be used a lot when you create a new rule to help your child get used to this new expected behavior. It is also the guidelines that dictate how employees and employers have to behave when they are in their workplace. Rules are a set of guidelines that got created in communities and countries and get used all as a standard. Every company needs to have the amiable environment and at the same time, it needs to be stern. Family rules should also be realistic and fit your child’s age. You receive a write-up when you are unable to adhere to the rules, this may not get you fired immediately, but it sure does reflect on your records. Those who break these rules are often subjected to consequences such as paying a fine or even jail term. Linking to a non-federal website does not constitute an endorsement by CDC or any of its employees of the sponsors or the information and products presented on the website. When a society gets governed by rules that are not friendly to the people, there is always going to be a situation where people will revolt against the rules. It is important to follow the rules because due to the set rules, the work is done in a well-organized manner and the organized work always leads to the growth of the company as well as the employees. Family rules help create structure. But there are other codified rules which every member of the society should abide by. Good locations to place rule charts include the refrigerator door or on another door that everyone uses. So, in order to make a company run in a smooth manner, the values need to be an important part of both the employees and the company itself. So, for improving the performance, the values need to form an integral part of the company. By doing this, children don’t get mixed messages about what is okay or not okay. Improves the performance of both the employees as well as the company: 17. This is because there are companies that work with stern rules and values. The procedures cover the activities within the company: 16. Remember, young kids sometimes break rules because they simply forget. Some of the must-have and important policies which you cannot miss are. What Makes a Great Workplace? How to Improve Concentration and Memory Easily? Top 13 Reasons, “What Can you Contribute to the Company?” How to Answer, Can be explained with the help of simple sentences and paragraphs, Inconsistent performance by the employees, No clear plan of action among employees (chaotic situation), Key points are very well included in the policies and procedures, Help the team to clearly understand their responsibilities, Employers can just manage the employees rather than micro-managing, It provides all the required legal protection.