Easy to set up and use. The Maitexi is not FCC part 15 compliant. This may be overwhelming, and so, we have made it easier for you to shop for one that suits your needs. Top pick: The Broadcastvision FM Transmitter, Notable mention #1: The BaseWish FM Broadcast Transmitter, Notable mention #2: Signstek ST-05B FM Transmitter. That is approximately the size of a football field or about one acre (200 foot radius). So some pastors find the solution: using the FM transmitter to broadcast, and people can sit in the car to listen to the car radio. Regulations and policies: The FM band is used to transmit radio signals. Hello Mary, I am sorry for your inconvenience. Many of the transmitters are a little 15 watt transmitters will transmit an FM frequency into a parking lot or an area around your church. You can plug a transmitter directly you’re your sound-board or from some audio source. A couple of things to keep in mind, FM is line of sight, if you have walls or obstructions, it will limit the reception. FM Transmitters are commonly used in live events such as church gatherings, rallies, drive-in concerts, and other places such as parking lots, etc. The contents of this webpage are Copyright © 2020 Progressive Concepts. In our research, we considered the following main attributes. The user interface of the CZE-7C is intuitive. Get it as soon as Wed, Oct 28. What is the Difference Between TR501 and TR507 FM Broadcast Transmitter. It uses an advanced modulation system with many other sophisticated analog components to provide enhanced audio quality. LED display for ease of operation and reading of set parameters such as modulation level, transmission frequency, etc. On Amazon it says the TR508 wouldn't arrive not until July 16-26. If you are beaten by the price of our best pick, then consider our runner-up as it also offers good performances at a much lower cost. It is designed with many input systems that allow you to input your audio signal either through optical, digital coax, or analog. Your customers only need to tune to the FM station you selected. I have been using a USB receiver + antenna, along with the "Radio Receiver" Chrome App as input to OBS (along with some noise filtering in OBS to take out as much static as possible). Hi, friend. We do reply to every customer, if you do not get the reply, could you pls check it in the SPAM? Users find it to be the perfect tool with the pricing being a significant plus. FCC ID # MBMACC100 / NO LICENSE REQUIRED / Made in the USA! The TR502 is the most popular type, that used in church service in the COVID-19 period. Due to COVID-19, many people must be staying at home. This is a great deal, based on customer feedback. If you’re on a tight budget then we recommend the Maitexi FM Transmitter. The BaseWish is easy to setup and ideal for most functions that require wireless communications. Includes 1/4″ to 3.5mm adapter, power supply and 6′- … But it is also because it is so popular, all the transmitters are out of stock now. FM transmitters are often used to transmit audio from source devices like MP3 players, satellite radio receivers, etc. Instructions with accompanying pictures are in the user manual that comes with it. Many users find it ideal for any outdoor event. to car stereos, home theaters, or portable radios. Picking an FM transmitter in the market may be challenging with many options available and with different feature sets and at different price points. The CZE-7C is a long-range frequency transmitter that offers you flexibility in setting your broadcast frequency between 76 MHz and 108 MHz. FCC compliance ensures that your equipment operates in harmony with other licensed transmissions. The TR508 will be in stock on 15th, May, then it takes about 4-9 working days for delivery by DHL. But if you want the lower power with the FCC , you can check the TR508, If you want to know more information, pls feel free to contact me at support@retekess.com, If you still have no idea which type to choose, pls check the other article, I sent an email but haven't heard from you. If you are looking for a portable FM Transmitter with a sleek design, then the Broadcastvision is the one. 4.1 out of 5 stars 25. Even without the current pandemic and social distancing, there is an increasing shift toward wireless in organizations and institutions. OneSDR is reader-supported. We’ve had some questions around our FM Transmitter and how exactly it works, especially for use for church services, a parking lot concert, or other events. This kit includes an FM antenna so you’re good to go within 15 minutes of opening the box. What is the difference between TR501 and TR502 FM Broadcast Transmitter? 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Complete plug and play solution. We have hundreds of pieces in stock after you pay it, we will send the parcel within 2 business days. Complete plug and play solution. Happy to get your message. Hope the information helpful to you. It comes with a telescopic antenna, power supply adapter, fiber-optic cable, and RCA audio input cable. You will still be able to enjoy the many functions of an FM Transmitter using this one. Even churches and houses of worship can benefit from these devices, this is the best transmitter for church service drive in parking lot service! Complete plug and play solution. Poor quality electronics will result in poor signal quality. FM Transmitters are commonly used in live events such as church gatherings, rallies, drive-in concerts, and other places such as parking lots, etc. The BaseWish FM Broadcast Transmitter is another very good product on a low budget. An FM Transmitter is a device that is designed to accept an audio signal from the source device such as MP3 players or microphones and then broadcasts the same as an FM signal. All the people need to be in a parking lot or beach. Perfect for use in Health Clubs or Correctional Institutions as a television sound transmitter where listening to multiple TV sets at the same time with privacy is required. With buttons and LCD screen on the control, you can easily set the transmission frequency and power. Our model ACC100 & ACC100S FCC Part 15 Certified FM transmitters come with a 2-Year Warranty which covers any problems in materials or workmanship at no charge to you. Below we’re going to give you some ideas on how it might work for you. You can be sure of your safety while using it for broadcasting your signals for any use, both indoors and outdoors. If for any reason during the first 7 days of ownership you are not satisfied with the unit you can return it to us for a full refund (less shipping costs). Other very important considerations we factored into our recommendations are Price, Portability and Ease of use. All the parts are easy to assemble together. FM transmitters still make it possible to communicate with many people without contact. Retekess TR501, TR502m and TR505 are popular due to the quality and best price. Have your members park in the parking lot and stay in their cars; The pastor can stay in their car and power the FM Transmitter using the included car adapter; Using the microphone, which we also include for free, the FM Transmitter will broadcast the sermon to each members’ car radio; Your members only need to tune into the FM station you selected tour guide system, paging system, calling system,Retekess TR507 FM transmitter is the new type FM transmitter broadcast. Which FM Transmitter is Available for the Drive-in Church Now? It is Plug & Play ready! The ACC100 FM transmitters for church drive-in parking lot service include a fixed wire antenna with an enclosure, power supply, audio cables and complete operating instructions. FCC Part 15 Certified. Currently people are purchasing them to broadcast church services to their parking lot, hold mini drive in movies with their neighbors and hosting concerts in parking lots. Also perfect for ADA Compliance for ALS Assistive Listening System requirements in public spaces. Long-range transmission of up to 300 feet in an open space. The Maitexi is highly recommended for its affordability while still keeping all the basic functions. Have your customers park in the parking lot and remain in their vehicles. So we get the new type to meet the needs, Work in long-range and with the good quality of the sound, Support Bluetooth, TF card,1/4 MIC interface, AUX output and input, Flash driver.