You will likely find her boring because she shuns your high energy adventures. It is likely that your Dog mate will be jealous of your many admirers and your constant temptation. ... whatever kind of strong-bonded connection this cat and dog had, it was always fun to watch. It can be said the relationship between these two natives is one of love and hate as their personalities are pretty much opposing one another. The similarities in case of the Dragon and Dog seem to be expressed in ways which only accentuate their basically contrary natures and priorities.High points of a Dragon-Dog love matchOne of the basic ways that a Dragon and Dog could come together is on strength of a shared value system. Furthermore, they’re both completely dedicated and open to work hard for causes they believe in. A clash in value system has been known to wreck many a romantic equation where the partners otherwise seemed quite compatible in terms of personal appeal and sociability. In fact the idealistic nature of the Dog may lead him/her to have moral issues with the ruthless tactics that the Dragon often employs in the pursuit of their goals.Also a Dragon loves travel and excitement in life, whereas the Dog mate will usually wish to stay close to home and stick to a routine. Avoid:Ox, Dog, Sheep, Rabbit, Dragon Among all the 12 animal signs, the Monkeys have the most tacit understanding with the Dragon people and they are all creative. The fact that the Dragon likes to flirt may have the Dog hurting and even straying. This trait couple with the Dragon’s loyalty and generosity ensures that once the two partners meet each other halfway in understanding and trust, there is every chance of romantic success. The Dragon and the Dog are not the same because they simply think as one when it comes to values and morals. Both these Chinese astrology signs can be aggressive and willful, but in different ways. The Dragon because of its vivacious and demanding nature finds it difficult to settle down with a single person in early adult life, even though their straying tendencies are largely curbed later on. While they can make each other feel secure, these natives are not in any way compatible when it comes to other aspects of life. The Dog though hard-working and honest does not understand this drive for power and much less the attraction to material success. Famous Short Quotes about Dog Love “I wish all men were like dogs.”—Halle Berry Disney knows how to tell a great love story that can be appreciated by all ages. While both signs are trustworthy and loyal, they get caught up in all the negative possibilities and can’t see the truth. Neither will want to step back and let the other have their way. They both need to understand what ambitions the other has. When it comes to sex, the Dragon is only lusty, which is not at all to the liking of the Dog, who wants steadiness and to trust his or her partner. She is the Editor in Chief at The Horoscope. But for some people, that part of their brain is apparently broken. Get 3 Free Min + 50% Off to consult a psychic. As neither of them is to open to compromise, they may never end up getting along. She will require more than a pretty face in order to reassure her of the Dragon’s permanent intentions, and he may be hard put to provide this. While incredible sensual partners, the Dragon and the Dog have real issues when it comes to other aspects of their relationship. The female Dog is circumspect enough not to allow the fortress of her reason to be swiftly overwhelmed by the male Dragon’s raw animal magnetism. I have read and agree to the terms & conditions. Neither of them will think of the other as capable to lead, either at home or when out with friends. Furthermore, the Dog needs cuddles and the Dragon can offer only passion. It’s been put there by evolution to force us to leave the cave to find a suitable partner for having babies with. If these two focus on what makes them strong as a couple, they can manage to succeed at being together because neither of them minds working hard for their relationship to succeed. Here is the Greatest Collection of Most Famous Dog Quotes, Sayings with Images, Pictures, Wallpapers HD, Photos and more for you to share it on Tumblr, Instagram, Facebook with friends and family and show how much you love your dog. The Dragon is optimistic and can truly help the Dog become more positive, while the Dog can bring a lot of balance into a Dragon’s life. Dragon is known for wanting freedom and the Dog for demanding loyalty. The anger they have will all the time be expressed, while their stubbornness will never have them getting along too well. Both of them have tremendous force and a certain level of aggressiveness, they’re just expressing these differently. The Dog’s heart is well guarded, and her caustic wit will puncture any front or pretense. The Dog wants fairness to prevail, so you can find natives of the sign fighting for justice next to activists or in different human rights campaigns. Dog wants a relationship with someone they can trust implicitly. Dragons are known as wanting to be surrounded by people, the Dog simply wants to be alone, not to mention the first loves fashion, whereas the other is only practical and that’s about it. And I've compiled a list of ten of the most famous dragons in history. The two Chinese zodiac signs of the dragon and the dog will need to put a lot of effort into seeing where each is coming from. You are likely to resent her attempts to protect you, as you are used to being in control of every aspect of your life, and prefer to hold all the power in your own hands. In order for the Dragon and the Dog to be happy as a couple, they need to understand each other because they’re opposite signs and they may argue more than others, even if the Dog is known as tolerant and friendly with anyone. When the Dragon will try to somehow be abusive with the Dog, the latter will become defensive and even hurt. Because the Dog can’t tolerate to be cheated on, the flirtatious Dragon may have serious problems in the relationship with him or her. What lifts the energy, creativity and assertiveness of the Dragon beyond mere egoism is a strong ethical nature. There are many couples out there who haven’t resisted because the partners weren’t believing in the same values, even if they were compatible as far as their personalities and social life went. TIP: Get 3 Free Min + 50% Off to consult a psychic! The male Dragon might be better off finding someone as flighty as himself with which to roll in the hay. A Dog will not understand you love of money and luxuries, as Dogs have simple tastes and don’t care for money beyond providing necessities to their families.