Another problem with being a rogue is that you will not be liked very well by many NPC's and a lot of them will refuse to deal with you. Druids and magicians are next in line when it comes to dishing out direct damage. Your offensive spells are damage over time which fits in well since you are primarily a melee class but unlike other hybrids you never receive the root spell which will make it hard to chase down runners. Last but not least is the necromancer. If you want to know “best pve solo class” simply look up best scores in vMA as that is the only pve solo content. An argument can definitely be made that their efficiency with special case monsters(see below) can make up for this somewhat. It's solely pet tanking and if you lose your pets you're toast if you can't gtfo. So any class can definitely solo just fine while leveling all the way up to level 95. This means that you will do very little fighting after level 30 and will basically become a first aid kit for the rest of the party to carry around. October 16, 2012 by Daneril @ MmorpgTips. There are many different types of armor in the game and not all classes can wear all types. Magicians can summon just about anything you would ever need including bandages, food/drink and weapons. The Selo Progression Server is coming to EverQuest on its 20th Anniversary on Saturday, March 16, 2019 at 12 PM PT! These being superior heal(which heals roughly 650 hit points) and complete heal(which will completely heal any player). The upside is that in a group they will always be fighting and a part of the action. Wizards like most mage types have low hit points and you will not have a pet to guard you. Paladins and shadowknights get most of the skills of a warrior they simply get them at later levels. Enchanters are the masters of illusion and confusion spells. If you love to group then a bard might be the right solution for you as they can do so many different things casting spells, using rogue skills and being a decent fighter who can use most items. Merc do not have the complete heal spell, so nope. That having been said prepare for a lot of downtime if you plan on soloing. The problem with shadowknights is that they can only heal themselves during a fight and only receive one heal spell and that isn't until level 22. That having been said each class has it's own strengths and weaknesses that will be addressed here and we will try to address what you can expect from all of the classes at higher levels. Generally, they can only increase a small number of stats, usually strength. Last but not least shadowknights are shunned by the majority of Norrath which will make life difficult. This is an incredibly useful skill as it allows you to not only track down monsters in outdoor zones but also to discover if monsters have spawned in indoor zones. EDIT: I forgot to mention. It's a little more complex than that as some classes borderline on one another such as druids and bards but in general every class falls into one of the four categories: What I am going to attempt to describe below is a comparison of all of the classes in the game by category of what they can do and what they can use. Warden : Wardens have decent survivability and DPS + some really good heals. Warriors also can bash though a shield is required for non-large races(large races can slam without a shield). Rangers are an excellent class for both soloing and grouping. They also are somewhat limited in what weapons they can duel wield because of the need of a piercing weapon for backstab. Bards do not get kick or bash. melee and hybrid classes get 5 skill points * (level+1) for their various melee skills. He will never be able to fight as well as a warrior and he will never be able to cast as well as a druid. Rangers can cast invisibility (outdoor at level 15 and indoor at level 49), spirit of the wolf (lvl 30), root (lvl 15) and water breathing (lvl 22) spells, and at level 49 they get wolf form which provides both movement speed and an attack buf but is self only. These spells will damage everything around you and have a decent ratio(though not enough to kill a blue at higher levels alone) but will turn all of the monsters targeted against you which may not be a good idea especially if you are a necromancer. These classes can make other classes stronger with their healing and buffing spells. So a Wizard will way out-dps a Necro in the same group/camp for hours on end. They don’t kill as fast as other solo classes but have more survivability and can usually can down harder bosses. The second is the holy armor line of spells which adds armor class. Other advantages are self buffs (haste), self heals and stuns /stifles. It will do (level*10)+1 damage when used. Wizards are the kings of direct damage though this will not become readily apparent until higher levels. Healing is one of the most important abilities in the game. Melee classes are the bread and butter of the game. Mage can molo with tank merc til it slows down, then swap to a cleric 65-75ish. On the flip side of that every class also has it's disadvantages which will make you wish it could do x like class y. Enchanter and bard solo surprisingly well with various charm methods, I keep cleric mercs for buffs/rezzes. It is your job to stand there and take the punishment and you will need to have faith that your healers will heal you before you die. Not only do paladins have the ability to lay hands(which heals nearly 1000 even at level 1) once per game day but they also gain all the way up to the greater heal spell(at level 49). Swashbuckler / Brigand : Good avoidance and decent mitigation + Very good DPS. They get dismiss at level 39 which is 10 levels earlier than the paladin or SK special DD spells. Thane look fun yea and valk too, but I play a warrior solo from time to time, and it's a great class to solo on. Warriors, monks and rogues are melee classes. It is the highest damage extra attack in the game(edging out the flying kick of the monks). These spells will absorb a certain amount of damage rendering the caster invulnerable. The problem is that they get their heal spells later than druids and shamans and also have much less mana and fizzle considerably more. They are loved for their utility spells and they can use up to chainmail type armor and some high level magical platemail. Calming spells allows you to avoid conflicts with otherwise aggressive monsters. I just started playing Tuesday after a 14 year hiatus! Bards can dish direct damage though they really never will. I have a 22/23 Necro, 10 Bard, 5 Shaman. They are also in much demand by parties looking to take on powerful challenges. Tracking will give them a leg up on finding the rare npc's who carry some of the most powerful magic items in the game and will also make it easy to find targets in outdoor zones. Teleportation spells can drastically reduce a players travel time. Magicians are another interesting class. While necromancers can also summon pets of equal strength magicians have a choice of several different types of pets(water, earth, fire and air) which each has it's own unique advantages and disadvantages. You do receive riposte at level 25 and disarm at level 35 and they are nice additions, but they aren't much to strive after. Necromancers are the masters of DoT spells. These include rangers, paladins, shadowknights and bards. Bards also get area effect damage spells though you will rarely use them beyond the early levels. Not only are their healing spells efficient than the same spell when cast by another class type but they also have the two most powerful healing spells in the game exclusively. Until level 15 your spells will be not be very useful(though siphon strength is a nice touch) and harm touch is no lay hands in terms of usefulness. Rangers never can cast beyond the heal spell(which they gain at level 39) and generally are not all that useful healing wise during the middle of a fight. The weakness of druids doesn't really begin to show until around level 30. The next class would have to be a paladin. This means that you will not be able to stand toe to toe at higher levels and take advantage of your damage spells or limited melee ability. Rangers have spells verus summoned but they only have two ward and then dismiss. They can use cloth, leather and chainmail types which will be readily apparent from the beginning. What it means is that at higher levels mage types might actually have a higher armor class than druids. Area effect damage spells can be useful when fighting several foes at a time. Rogues can use any one handed weapon but excel in the use of piercing weapons. The problem is that there aren't many level 30+ animals to be charmed with the exception of griffons and there are not many animals in indoor zones (save wolves in permafrost). Enchanters also receive DoT spells beginning at level 1 with the choke spell. However these classes can cast spirit of the wolf and when combining SoTW and DoT you can take down monsters with little effort or danger(though it may be quite boring and is considered cheesy). Your extra hit points and armor may keep you alive longer if a monster turns on you but it will not allow you to melee a monster after level 15 or so. On the issue of melee we can split things up right off the bat by the category your class falls under. They also only have two different lines of buffing spells rather than the three(or four) that a cleric possesses. Bards can use most weapons in the game and can train in all of the different melee weapon skills. This ability can only be used once per game day(about every hour and a half) but will heal close to 1000 hit points even at level 1. Rangers are the master trackers: it works for them at much greater distances than for druids or bards, and they get more detailed tracking information. Druids can use 1h/2h blunt and also can wield scimitars which no other priest class can. Druids can charm animals and force them to serve as pets. Charm spells allow you to charm another being and use them as a pet. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. What many players do not realize is that they can also use high level platemail types of armor such as rubicite and green splinted platemail. Shadowknights have the harm touch skill which is the exact opposite of lay hands though not near as effective. I haven't read about Bard. It is a very wide topic and I will attempt to explain what most classes can do in this respect. This means it will do 11 damage at level 1 and 501 damage at level 50. Warriors, paladins, shadowknights, clerics and bards can wear the widest variety of armor. However wizards don't begin to peak until level 20 when they receive Force Shock the first of their high powered direct damage spells. Druids have to rank second because of their ability to cast spells versus summoned foes. Next in line would have to be druids and shamans who gain all the way up to the greater heal spell(at level 29). Pick locks can be useful if you are stuck in a dangerous place behind a locked door. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Feb 11th 2019 #1; Hi i'm a new player of tera, gonna play on the classic server, wanna know which is gonna be the best solo class for PVE and untl wich level is possible to solo contents ? Generally the monster will hit you for quite a bit more than the damage shield will hit back but it adds up. Necro can root rot and pet tank(with warrior pet and cleric merc); though kiting is probably a more optimal choice(with no merc, but rogue pet. Druids second line of spells is an armor class and thorn spell which can only be cast on themselves. At low levels wizards are probably the weakest of all classes and you may find yourself shunned at early levels. Druids and shamans have perhaps the widest range of utility spells. Paladins generally get them one circle earlier however. The druid class could also be considered hybrids in a sense. However being a wizard is a long hard road.