Anybody have a manual or schematic of the tube arrangements ? It was a quick installation and did a very professional work, its obvious that his been doing this a long time and come as an expert on this business. Bad news is that it is very costly to maintain, especially when they charge you almost $200 just to come out and inspect even if nothing is done. 5 years worth of soap. It was founded by engineers Bill Prior and Jim Kewley in 1970’s Newbury, Ohio. Still no joy? Our water softener system is the first we have ever had and so far so good. Small issue with latest filter change but. No affiliation to softeners or other filtration system. Don't do it. Alternatively, the resources below might be able to help: > Kinetico Water Softener Manual (.pdf download). Have a great day!”. This is one of Kinetico’s main selling points. This development revolutionised the water softening industry. Clearly DuPure EcoPur’s System ain’t as good as they say while Im seeing calcium build up after 10 yrs with this worthless EcoPur system. This concern is understandable because the device recommended by the representative might be more than you actually need. An electronic water softener is the best option to consider when you want a modern way of removing minerals from the water. Very bad product - all lies in their marketing - I have DUPURE GENERATION SERIES - GENESIS in my newly constructed home and this product was sold by the builder - & 3 years now and water pressure of whole house is impacted because of this product and bypassing it makes water pressure gets normal - thinking it to be normal maintenance issue, called customer service, who instead of standing behind their product and agreement, gives me a solution for 1250 USD (almost the cost of the unit itself) !!! Thank you Dupure!!! I highly recommend Dupure. The 2020c is one of Kinetico’s best-selling water softeners because there is nothing to plug in. It has been a continuous rip-off that degraded with unprofessional workers and extremely rude customer service. Access the headquarters listing for Dupure here. It's protected my home from hard water damage (that is common the Pflugerville area), and I have enjoyed drinking clean water daily. what a SCAM!!!! Really deserves 0, but unfortunately Yelp won't let that happen. I paid to have one put in my home during building. All Kinetico water softeners are sold directly from the company itself. It's saved me thousands of dollars on buying bottled water (and eliminating plastic bottles out of the environment). You won’t get anywhere unless your friends with someone hire up. He actually helped me install it and was such a gentleman about it. You were able to work on water license and plumbing license. Minimal supervision and managers never present when they are needed. Please reach me at or 281-890-7900 x117. I was quoted at $4,000 to replace the unit as I would then have their newest, best system with another lifetime warranty on the resin. I have been calling and scheduling appointments for them to fix the problem each time they come out I am told a part needs replacing so they replace it the a day or two later the system continues the same problem. They even gave me 3 bags of salt. Very appreciative of him and the service he provided. The Best Kinetico Water Softener Alternatives, One Reason Kinetico Might NOT Be Worth The Cost, Do NOT Buy Until You Read My Top 2 Scale Blaster Reviews, Do NOT Buy Until You Read This Water Boss Review, Their units are full of useful practical features like, Kinetico provides very impressive long warranty periods. Working at Dupure has shown me valuable lessons for later work advancement. Expense reports, year end, account payable. The final price of your machine will also depend on a number of factors like the capacity, size, the number of features it comes with and how advanced its water treatment technologies are. Bought a water softenening system and reverse osmosis system 3 years ago. I have had the Dupree water softener system since 2010-2011. For instance, I read an online review from a verified customer in the state of Arizona. RUN RUN RUN from this company! Apparently the only real service which they offer is below installation. I would NEVER buy another system from them. Company paid gas card and expense reimbursement. I want to say you have many good points and wanted to share some technical information regarding a few thing. Overall, I would say that around 70% of verified customers are happy with their decision to purchase Kinetico. I want to say you have many good points and wanted to share some technical information regarding a few thing. I would run away from this company if I were you. Kinetico products are pricey because their products are proprietary. We appreciate your patience as we and everyone in our communities focus on addressing this crisis. We purchased the best and most expensive system they had 14 years ago. It is one of those things that you do not realize is great until you don't have it (i.e. Great person!!! Filing, faxing and placing office supply inquiries and orders.