Latest Video. Heat vs DRUGZ. Arsonal vs Cortez (8-26-2016) High-energy battle from Bar Bendas Regime out of Maryland. Tycoon Tax vs Cortez (8-24-2013) Drugz doesn’t deserve Arsonal. Jesus battle rap's community is so fucking backwards, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Discussion, Battles and Media for the international battlerap community, Press J to jump to the feed. Truth Watson. Cortez vs Uno Lavoz (12-12-2015) (Vaulted) Body Bag Battle League. Th3 Saga vs. Cortez (5-18-2020)# At this point I'm starting to feel like fuck it, why not give the upcoming guys the plates? battle. I came to see yall thoughts on this battle. Like DRUGZ and J2 seemed mostly mature about this stuff like DRUGZ second and first were better than J2 rounds but the third was a mess cause of the crowd. Some of these vets have 10 years experience putting on good battles on big stages. J2 didnt even get his 3rd off. vs Cortez (10-21-2017) Bilzar vs. Cortez (10-20-2018) At some point the vets are just going to be in a constant loop of battling themselves if we don't give new dudes a chance. Shotgun Suge vs Cortez (3-17-2012) Cortez vs Brayzak (2-20-2015) The battle was a mess, Goonies were clearly uncomfortable, a progressive move by GOTG but I feel Drugz shouldn't of taken this battle. Look at some of the battles from Rookies vs Vets or Ganik V Gully II. Wait, is this the battle that Drugz was talking about on Twitter beforehand where he said he was going to spend 3 rounds rapping about the “gay agenda” or whatever? This was revealed during a recent interview on the Youtube channel M Reck, a friend of Chinx Drugz. Cortez vs Swave Sevah (10-27-2010) (Vaulted) Ars vs Drugz from the APP. Drugz vs Ars would look like John John vs Jakkboy, and we don't need a ton of battles like that. Known for his polished delivery, his intense work ethic and constant underdog status. Aye Verb vs Cortez (2-24-2013) Body Bag Battle League. Something about fellating her father and spitting her siblings (the jizz) in her face. Bigg K vs Cortez (7-23-2016) Will have to see this battle and come back and give my opinions. It felt like a low key turning point in battle rap. Lionel Du Fon Pickens (December 4, 1983 – May 17, 2015), better known by his stage name Chinx (formerly Chinx Drugz), was an American rapper from Queens, New York.He was a member of the Rockaway Riot Squad alongside fellow slain rapper Stack Bundles. 40 B.A.R.R.S. Veteran battle rapper and MC from Brooklyn, New York. 12.7k Followers, 2,337 Following, 643 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from @rydababy X-Factor vs Cortez (10-31-2009) Sure Drugz kinda sucks but if it sets a precedent of making more interesting matchups than fuck it why not? Controversial one rounder that ends with the altercation between Drugz and Tay Roc. Wednesday September 21, 2016 at 12:48PM PST, Saturday September 17, 2016 at 03:17PM PST. Battle rap is hetero male dominated with the exclusion of QOTR obviously, plus I dont know about any other leagues with battlers being openly gay. It was a great battle. Cortez vs Head I.C.E. The Saurus vs Cortez (2-1-2011^) It was weird to watch. Can't wait for Don Marino vs. Lux, gonna be a classic, tough matchup for Lux tho. im sure on champion? URL wants to push Drugz. Franchise vs Cortez (7-30-2016) Just watched that mess of a battle, didn't realise from the get go J2 was gay. I think he meant the word "molestation" . The problem is, I don't want to watch a vicious murder. It was kind of gross but also sort of hilarious and awesome. Watch this rap battle and explore more from Gates of the Garden on VerseTracker. Drugz vs. This rapper has no upcoming battles scheduled. Below is a list of all of Cortez’s The dude is so mediocre to me. VerseTracker does not own any of the sampled art or music used on this site and is solely a venue to display and promote said art and music. I want a good competitive battle with a good back and forth. Below is a list of all of Cortez’s Cortez vs Nu Jerzey Twork (9-10-2017) Plus Pat Stay battled a Trans woman so it's not like this completey new. Cortez vs Patron (3-10-2018) 40 Cal vs. Cortez (4-9-2020)# Free speech both ways all ways gay str8 bi gender attack helicopter whatever. Thank you. Or Geechi. Hollohan vs Cortez (2-21-2012) Cortez vs Danja Zone (10-4-2014) There was a Trap NY battle with J2 where he had a fire line vs a female rapper. Bad Newz vs DRUGZ. It was weird to watch. Had both good bars, and was hilarious. QP battled him, and I'm pretty certain the venue was actually a gay club. Below is a list of all of Cortez’s battles in chronological order: DMV battlers Drugz and Quban face a tough challenge as they take on one of the top 2 on 2 teams in battling. Cortez vs Metta (8-26-2012) Cortez vs K-Kendle (9-14-2013) Arsonal's experience, would murder Drugz. We need battles that are a little more equal. Ars is kinda known for giving shots, Illmac hasnt battled on URL, and Charron is kind of in a weird spot I could see him battling anyone from Drugz to Roc.