Operating for over 100 years before halting operation in 1995, West Virginia Penitentiary was home to some of the most dangerous convicts in the country. His first name was later changed to Edward, but in Greenbrier County he was known as Trout. Shadowy figures, leaves that move without a breeze, and footsteps also have been reported. The haunt at this bar is rumored to be a former bartender who was killed in a car accident. Reports range from ghostly voices and screams from empty rooms to curtains opening and ... Laurel Grove Cemetery, often referred to as Ramsey Cemetery or the Ramsey Family Cemetery, is said to be haunted by something that makes the temperature inside very cold after midnight. Witnesses say the strange anomalies happen here along with an odd feeling that there is something unseen around. Contact (304) 725-8019 for more information. It was cold in the winter and sweltering in the summer.  Call (304) 845-6200 for more details. The Battle of Droop Mountain was a battle in Pocahontas County, West Virginia, that occurred November 6, 1863, during the American Civil War. This Ramada Inn is said to have a ghost of a woman who walks in high heels through the atrium as well as unexplained voices, levitating objects, and a man's apparition. The most well known is a Lady in White who haunts Room 208.

The lights are known to flicker here as well.

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It's said that he found his wife together with another man in a hotel room, and shot and killed them both.

Contact (304) 725-8019 for more information. Throughout the year, visitors can take daily tours, special ‘3-Hour Investigation’ tours, and overnight investigations. Read more » Is is said to be the a hot spot for the spirit set, including a ghost nicknamed "The Tavern Tart," reported to be a prostitute who was murdered a client. Witnesses say the house is haunted, especially in the "dark room" or storage room. Between, there were riots and murders (at least 36) and epidemics. Like the Battle of Droop Mountain, tons of ghost stories came out of that battle. Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park in Pocahontas County commemorates the site of West Virginia’s last significant Civil War battle. I got a picture of him while on a tour.

This newer tunnel, circa 1963, is along the West Virginia Rail-Trail. The historic theater opened in 1930, and at least some the weird occurrences here, some say, may stem from a workman who was killed during its construction. Regardless, if the area is listed as private or not, please respect the landowner and do not disturb their privacy. Greenbrier Ghost; Droop Mountain Battlefield; Like the Stories?

Contact the Apollo Civic Theatre at (304) 263-6766 for more information. This hotel lies on the site of a former plantation called Jacob's Lantern. (Terry Lowry, Last Sleep: The Battle of Droop Mountain November 6, 1863) I think several of the people Lowry quotes have a reaction similar to mine.

Playing an important role in the Civil War, Harpers Ferry has its fair share of hauntings and ghost sightings. Not much is known about them. It is nearly parallel to the original tunnel called The Lost Tunnel (1853-1963) that began its existence when one-hundred and three miles of railway were chartered in 1851 by the Northwestern Virginia Railroad from the B & O in Grafton to Parkersburg. The 1939 building was a hospital until 1969 when it turned into a county office building. She loves spoons, and has been known to snatch them from The Green Room, the hotel's restaurant, ... A woman and a small child in out of style clothes have been seen, before vanishing. Built 1931-32, the theater is believed to lie near a Civil War-era cemetery, although this fact doesn't seem to have to do with the hauntings here. At Appalachian State University's East Hall dorm, students will tell of strange footsteps, whispers, lights that suddenly turn off, and a feeling of something unseen brushing against you. Potential Ghost Hunters should always respect the areas to search out the paranormal and also respect those who are still living who might be related to the dead. The West Virginia Penitentiary carries the history of a spine-tingling attraction. Droop Mountain was the site of the last major conflict of the American Civil War in West Virginia, and some say that the ghosts of those fallen soldiers never left. Visitors to the building nowadays have reported hearing disembodied footsteps on the staircase and the unexplained sound of whistling near the decommissioned prison cells. The Mountain State is no stranger to ghostly encounters and frightful stories. The Blennerhassett Hotel is a popular ghost hunter destination that includes apparition sightings of a former mayor, spooky occurrences on the hotel’s 2nd floor, sounds of children playing in the guest rooms, and books flying off the shelves of the hotel’s library.

The 1859 Cafe was believed to be haunted by the friendly ghost of a blonde woman in a long white dress.

The Tavern restaurant was originally built in 1779. From 10 pm to 3 am, you and a group of other investigators will attempt to discover ghosts that haunt the historic theater. 800-436-6254, Copyright © Harman's Luxury Log Cabins 2020. The Droop Mountain Battlefield was the site of an 1863 battle. over and over again. It is said to be haunted by the spirits of "ladies of the night" who may have worked here in the past. Copyright: West Virginia Ghost Stories, Legends, and Haunts- 2018. The local folklore of Parkersburg includes the Ghost of Silver Run, Civil War hauntings, and stories of the origins of the Mothman creature. Witnesses have seen his apparition and heard the sound of his boots walking in the building.

It was originally built for 480 prisoners, but in the early 1930s, 2400 men were housed in the prison. 6. Full of travel tips, instruction, and amazing deals for your next visit. 39.916785, -80.742687, West Virginia Ghost Stories, Legends, and Haunts. Businessman Z.D. You might be able to see him too if you've got the guts to visit the prison . Droop Mountain Battlefield has become a memorial commemorating West Virginia’s final significant battle during the Civil War. It is reported that in 2010 a summer intern here witnessed a ghost. Her identity is unknown, a portrait of her hangs in the room. 818 Jefferson Avenue Employees have described footsteps on stairways, phantom muttering, cold breezes, and a woman shrieking, sometimes saying over and over "Let me out!". Folks have reported soldiers' apparitions, some headless, in the fog that comes rolling over the mountain. Working alone on the first floor, the intern heard a phone ring on the floor above, and then heard footsteps walking across the floor toward the sound, presumably to answer it. Is Eaton Tunnel #21 Haunted? The asylum holds daytime paranormal tours from spring to fall, Tuesdays through Sundays. The Lost Tunnel was completed in 1857 and was used until a cave-in during construction of raising the roof in 1963 forced the railroad to build a newer, safer tunnel nearby. People died here. Witnesses have heard their voices on the second ... At this historic inn originally built in 1797 an used as a boardinghouse and sequester house for jurors, witnesses have reported seeing shadowy ghost figures and hearing unexplained footsteps and voices. Find out what makes this old mining road one of West Virginia's scariest streets to travel. For more details, call (304) 799-4087. The 1930s Capitol building is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman as well as the spirit of a maintenance man who perished of a heart attack on the job. Or how about a tour around one of West Virginia’s oldest and most haunted towns? The University of Virginia's College at Wise is believed to be home to a ghost. So the legend says, she is Ross's daughter Rowena, and she is looking for her love who was drowned in nearby Holston River. Folks have reported soldiers' apparitions, some headless, in the fog that comes rolling over the mountain. Other phenomena reported here includes apparitions rushing past the bay windows at the front of the building and paintings being moved around by unseen hands. » Find museums in Tazewell, VA, The University of Virginia's College at Wise - Bowers-Sturgill. This 1889 house-turned-inn may be home to a few ghosts, which manifest in odd ways. A woman is heard laughing in Room 216.

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The 1910 historic inn was in a dilapidated condition for many years prior to being refurbished, and now encapsulates its colourful past through delightful guest rooms, fine dining and a whole trove of ghost stories. Either can be yours when you stay at WV Log Cabins. Abandoned in 1994, reports of paranormal activity have occurred within the property. According to reports, 12-year-old Emily Draughn died of tuberculosis in the 1930s inside Tate Dorm, which was then Grace Memorial Hospital. All rights reserved. Some say the pair were Native Americans, others say they were pioneers. The 1839 inn is thought to be haunted by a ghost of a Confederate soldier with a long beard, nicknamed The Colonel. Paranormalists have collected electric voice phenomna and seen apparitions.
Admission is free. This is the ghost of Zona Hester Shue, a lady who was murdered by her husband and who helped to convict him when appearing as a ghost!

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Deaths that have occurred here include two electricians electrocuted in the basement, a maintenance man who died in the projection room, and a homeless man who froze to death below the stage area.


The historic mansion is believed to be haunted by the spirits of folks from its past. Paranormal investigators have heard unexplained shouts and the elevator dinging, even though there was no electricity in the building. The Abijah Thomas House, aka the Octagon House, is a historic octagon house and private residence originally built in 1856. He was as at least eleven years older than Zona.

Sign up today! Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours provides ghost tours between September and November. Built in 1933, the historic courthouse was constructed to replace the original edifice which was destroyed by the 'Big Fire of 1932'. The sight of ghosts and the sounds of voices and galloping horses in the park have been reported over the years. The Mexican eatery partially burned down, and a little girl perished in the blaze. I, I do believe. An aggressive entity has ... Glidewells was once a Tijuana Flat's. Think you’re brave enough to walk the halls of one of the spookiest asylums in the nation? Apolloween also includes a screening of The Addams Family on October 12th at 8 pm and a live rendition of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on October 19th and 26th.

Witnesses say they've seen an apparition of a man in his 60s wearing 1930s clothes. Or an adventure packed outdoor recreational experience! The Droop Mountain Battlefield was the site of an 1863 battle. But probably not more than it happens in the West Virginia State Penitentiary in Moundsville to visitors who take the tour and rub elbows with its ghostly past.