Your success is our priority. Luiz your list is a time saver. This is the moment when we want you to think of a solution. Finally, you can start of by showing the reader why the study is worth reading in the first place. Thanks, I love seeing in written print the proper use of “different FROM”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine that this is your job and your paycheck depends on it. Much appreciated! TURNER HOUSE This has been an eye opener for me, that now I know what a great writer should cover on his article as opposed to just be a writer. When you know how professional dissertation writers approach it, you may get into the right mindset. These sentence starters and the rest of the writing tools are very used for all writers. We can get you inspired with our tips regarding the writing process, but you're responsible to beef up that outline. Your abstract is a preamble or preface that prepares the reader for the entire paper, not just its body paragraphs or research. [X] puts forward the view that ___.i. [X]’s argument in favor of / against [Y] runs as follows: ___. You have no idea how your observation has warmed my heart. Here you are required to take the findings extracted from your source data and try to make sense of them. Special thanks to you! Just about to embark upon my MA dissertation and feeling very insecure, nervous and low in confidence: the cosmic kick in the bottom, desperately needed! Bonjour, English is not my first language and the information contained on this page helps me to construct proper essay sentences. On logical grounds, there is no compelling reason to argue that ___.c. [X]’s views rest on the assumption that ___. Learn everything that you need to learn before you start writing. I’ve never seen something like this before–good prompts for writing. 5 0 obj . It’s a great source of good wordings))), Anastasia,check out “The Only Academic Phrasebook You’ll Ever Need”, which I’ve just published: [X] takes a middle-ground position on [Y] and argues that ___.d. I’ll definitely make use of it. Jen,check out “The Only Academic Phrasebook You’ll Ever Need”, which I’ve just published: Thank you. Fantastic expressions. [X]’s views are grounded on the assumption that ___. Don’t just repeat all the data you have already reported – aim for a clear statement of the overall result that directly answers your main research question. This is breakthrough for me. Things differ from each other they don’t differ than each other and subsequently, things are different from each other; they are not different than each other! Whether you are writing a PhD, Master’s or Undergraduate level dissertation, the discussion chapter (or section in a shorter dissertation) is going to be one of the most influential. 2 0 obj *8ė�l�L��݄�T�D�L�Wr�qG���d1V)-sVf�[�c�8By_��,(��J],��ߍ�����:.�#`���ց����� �x��p�f �l37ZZ7�#�f&\�O���Ӥ.�̀������������Q��!�~�/7I_eT0~.�����]��Thz �ȯ�bB�f���&��2�s����R4YvA����vv� 0-]����]�pMt ���S��� �|��4�".������ܤ#A�0��` ��*Z�yP� ��Е0���>�AcC4~��+F՗�����p �&��@��qmw xa��!v��R2_�=z^t K� ��Oz��7��� The dissertation discussion is an extremely important chapter in the thesis. Thanks. For example, you can use sentences such as 'Previous research indicates/ has shown that', or 'Literature on the specific area has focused on'. How to write a discussion section. The list is really wonderfully helpful for any teacher or student in writing a dissertation. This is so fantastically useful! In this section / chapter, the discussion will point to ___.b. 3. I’m so grateful for this. This should be no more than one paragraph. Thanks a zillion for sharing, Luiz! Muchas gracias hermanoThis is a precious crownjewel, Thanks very much!Be sure to check out my e-book, too, which contains 600 sentences, as well as grammar and vocabulary tips: Sentence Starters! This should be no more than one paragraph. Sentence Starters! [X] develops the claim that ___.c. Our professional writers are trained to implement the rules of various citation styles. Nice Work! In this study, the question under discussion is ___.e. In so doing, it is advisable to refer back to your research questions so as to connect your discussion to the original thesis idea. <>/PageLabels 943 0 R>> �Qx��׆�S�g4��ϰ;>c�}�~��P�Ř�]c���}Iz�ط(�x���k��y>~���6��?��=Y��s�3���a���LJ� ���ۙ�@ך��(Q��g����:�7�O��8�)�k���������a7�v�HW<� 0Ge+a��V���o�Q�W��bw5���~hj����A}�� 8�sC�+�����ŗ�� �z���-Q��\�5-�ٟ��W`�y|8S�ч�S�L�BlRð*��� d�DZ}��-*����|ꋫ�U}As|^>ߞ�N���5jO�1i���PQ٨��:�$��y��!ޗ�Hݐ^�:N����%ew�{���=Q����p�'��%�iP7Z��c? Thank you. I prepare for TOEFL but my writing is awful, I hope by using this list it improve. This is why the discussion chapter, more than most, benefits from a fresh pair of eyes. 4 0 obj Definitely I will use some ideas for my TEFL essay. Don't torture yourself. Copyright 1997- You might also discuss unexpected findings, that you have difficulty accounting for in your study. The form of your interpretations will depend on the type of research, but some typical approaches to interpreting the data include: You can organize your discussion around key themes, hypotheses or research questions, following the same structure as your results section. (Much of) the current debate revolves around ___. Thank you so, so much for your generosity in sharing. Stay tuned! These results build on existing evidence of…, The results do not fit with the theory that…, The experiment provides a new insight into the relationship between…, These results should be taken into account when considering how to…, The data contributes a clearer understanding of…, The generalizability of the results is limited by…, The methodological choices were constrained by…. Frequently asked questions about the discussion. Be that as it may , Come to think of it So, here, you are looking at the close results and explaining what they mean. The discussion chapter in a dissertation is where you begin to interpret, pull together and synthesise the findings of your study. In this article, you will learn the …, Winter Animals! You should never let this dream go. I’ll start putting these into use immediately in my DipTESOL assignments. [   ] means “insert a suitable word here”, while (   ) means “this word is optional.”3. Hey this source is great! Thank you so much are very goods to my tesis. Your email address will not be published. In this article, we will learn 8 …, List of Nouns! How To Use Sentence Starter Lists. Thanks. I have cited relevant literature to show how my results fit in. Sharon,check out “The Only Academic Phrasebook You’ll Ever Need”, which I’ve just published:, Kostas, check out “The Only Academic Phrasebook You’ll Ever Need”, which I’ve just published: endobj The data appears to suggest that ___.c. This is where the core substance is. That is, you are seeking to  establish the contribution your thesis makes to the field your topic focuses on; stating that, as a consequence, these are the claims I now may make – this is how my research contributes to existing knowledge. Limitations: what can’t the results tell us? Would love your thoughts, please comment. […], […] abstract waarschijnlijk goed kunnen inkorten. This is very helpful. The literature shows no consensus on [X], which means that ___.d. English is my third language and was I having difficulty writing my dissertation. Thank you! <> Ask yourself these questions: Your overall aim is to show the reader exactly what your research has contributed and why they should care. There are [three] main arguments that can be advanced to support ___.e. endobj Seems like a great book. The discussion chapter discusses and evaluates conflicting results. This was really helpful, thx sweetheart . At some point in the dissertation discussion you want to and find closure on your research questions. At such times, a useful strategy is to borrow the phrases of others, known as ‘syntactic borrowing’ (Kamler & Thomson, 2006; Swales & Feak, 2004). c. The issue of whether ___ is clouded by the fact that ___. . Required fields are marked *. If you feel that your audience would profit from any of the stuff on this blog (aimed at teachers of English as a foreign language), please just say where the sentences were taken from, ok? Learn these sentence starters to improve your English speaking and writing skills. If you do this right, you are about to write the best dissertation there is! The data generated by [X] are reported in [table 1].f. You might then expand further the implications of your findings, looking at how they improve, add to or otherwise change the field of inquiry. . But if history is anything to go by, I think very soon “datum” will be as rare as, for example, “agendum.”. There's nothing wrong in the collaboration with an expert writer, who will help you get back on the track. May you be rewarded. […] And this link for great sentence starters: […]. STARTER PHRASES Sometimes we find it difficult to find the right phrase to start sentences. You can also begin by highlighting the most significant or unexpected results. You invested too much effort and time in your education. Taking the spot in the beginning of the research, the abstract is basically the first description of your work read by the target audience. Thanks for good sentence starters list. If you need help with a dissertation or thesis, contact us today to see how we can help you. The (current) literature on [X] abounds with examples of ___. . In this article, you will learn a list of …, WH Questions Words! Patricia, I’m glad you found the list helpful! Please click the checkbox on the left to verify that you are a not a bot. Sentence Starters: Useful Words and Phrases You Can Use As Sentence Starters, Transition Words Used as Sentence Starters, WH Questions Words: Learn 8 WH Question …, Non Starchy Vegetables: List of Non-starchy Vegetables …, Winter Animals: List of 20+ Best Winter …. Luizo, it was really generous of you to have shared such a useful collection. Because this is my major struggle in writing academic papers.Remain blessed for sharing. So here are 70 sentences extracted and adapted for from the original compilation, which ran for almost 10 pages. stream Instead, it is treated as a mass noun, similar to a word like information, which cannot normally have a plural and which takes a singular verb. Maak eventueel gebruik van één of meer van deze ‘useful sentences for academic writing’ als je een abstract in het Engels […]. You need to think about how … Assessors worldwide will be amazed at how much the quality of candidates’ writing has improved! . He has really helpfully categorised them into themes. This article is very informative and helpful. hehehe. Granted that ,wonder of wonders etc. . If you encountered problems when gathering or analyzing data, explain how these influenced the results. As far as I could tell, They Say, I Say includes a number of more neutral “templates” that students can use, say, in high school essays. This should be no more than one paragraph. Research on / into ___ does not support the view that ___.f. Seems to be of great help. They approach the process with all seriousness. I will now summarize the ground covered in this [chapter] by ___.b. Akshita,check out “The Only Academic Phrasebook You’ll Ever Need”, which I’ve just published: Can I send my writing to you? [X] propounds the view that ___.c. I was having trouble writing a report but this website really helped me write my methodology and a discussion. We're glad to hear that Hannah! Thank you for your contribution. On the basis of the evidence currently available, it seems fair to suggest that ___.c. Even the best research has some limitations, and acknowledging these is important to demonstrate your credibility. [X] is premised on the assumption that ___.d. Thanks for the compliment :-).