Walt Disney’s 100 Years Of Magic Collection 172 Movies Set-Brand New GENRE: AnimatedREGION: 1 U.S. and CanadaLANGUAGE: English Walt Disney 172 List: 0 I saw these films on the big screen as well as on 16mm and the tube, and they never looked this good before. Collectors' CornerDisney historian Stacia Martin shows off some collectibles and marketing items from Perri and Secrets of Life. The addition of sound effects, as well as the marvelous musical scores that not only highlight the action, but comment on it (the famous otter slide sequence in Beaver Valley), were in no way considered by the Disney staff as compromises to some vague "truth." Chief among her complaints was the notion that these nature documentaries were "staged," and that the process of directing and editing the footage, along with added sound effects (many of them man-made for the animals) and "Micky Mousing" music cues, negated the series from serious critical evaluation.

unfortunately to my knowldege this film is not on video, and will thus largely remain unknown or forgotten. The story of a little pine squirrel named Perri and her life from childhood to maturity. And as always, there are critics who decry the "Disneyfication" of the animals portrayed in the films, lamenting the anthropomorphizing effects of the editing, sound effects and music cues.
  |  I remember in film school taking a course on documentaries, and my professor taking particular pleasure in attacking the Disney True-Life Adventures series. Nominated for an Academy Award. Perri Disney's first "True-Life Fantasy," this live-action film tells the story of a little Pine Squirrel named Perri and her life in the forest from childhood to maturity. The close-up photography of the insect battles are stunning. The notion that these True-Life Adventures are somehow "dishonest" doesn't make sense to me, in that, the producers were trying to show events and scenes for entertainment purposes -- period. 75 min I certainly remember being in awe of the views of nature on display in the True-Life Adventures; watching them today, there are still sequences that are astounding to behold (the wolverine/osprey battle in White Wilderness). However, with all of the films, treated right up front in the narration and in the depiction of the battle for survival, is an unsentimental view of nature that imparts great respect for the animals and the processes of nature presented. Winston Hibler, But instead of a similar metal tin cover, the True-Life Adventures tin has a thick, clear plastic cover so you can see the displayed can.
Searching for Nature's MysteriesThis 1956 episode of Disney's Wonderful World of Color features a look at the production of Secrets of Life, along with a look at the scientist-photographers that work on the True-Life Adventures series. Directed by N. Paul Kenworthy Jr. and Ralph Wright. The main focus, as the narration states, is on nature's forces of adaptation and self-preservation.

Animals are born, they fight for survival every day, and they die - usually at the hands of other predators. The tracks are strong and clear. Remember to sign in or join D23 today to enjoy endless Disney magic. Have you ever stared at 30 minutes of a beaver gnawing on a tree branch? Now alone with her brothers, she seeks a new nest of her own, and even falls in love with Porro, all the while dodging marten and wildcat. Winston Hibler is the host. Based on a story by Felix Salten, who had written Bambi, the film was shot in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the Uintah National Forest in Utah. If you buy these as gifts, they make quite an impression when first opened.