However, rather than refer to the number of "Jehovah's Witnesses" it uses the term "Ministers who teach the Bible," egotistically indicating only Jehovah's Witnesses teach the Bible; that is, the Ministers of all other Christian religions do not. An example of misused statistics is an Awake! By 2003, growth had fallen to 2.2% (little more than population growth rates), and 1 in every 3 people baptized stopped publishing. In fact, blood sustains life when meat is eaten. See the original static graphic of logical fallacies, Read about the method & thinking behind this post, rhetological matrix applied to his speech, A Concise Introduction to Logic (Patrick J Hurley), Beginners Guide to the Scientific Method (Stephen S Carey). By their own definition of what constitutes moral behaviour, Jehovah's Witnesses are generally a moral group. The expression "wait on Jehovah" is a special plead that is used when the Watchtower Society has not provided a logical answer to a question.
Here is a famous example of anadiplosis as the character Yoda uses it in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back: "Fear leads to anger. It is not the justice of Jehovah being questioned but an unrealistic doctrine. Argument from authority – Because I said so! Claiming that there has been a significant increase in earthquakes since 1914 is one of the areas that span several methods of rhetorical fallacy. This method of interpretation allows Scriptural parallels to be found to support any doctrine the imagination can derive. A slippery slope argument takes to the extreme the concept that one course of action will result in a worse course of action. The reason people do not believe Watchtower teachings is attributed to Satan blinding the minds of unbelievers. These devices work by invoking a sense of comparison between two like subjects. Latin for "It doesn't follow" e.g., Our nation will prevail because God is great. Groups most worthy of claiming to be no part of the world are those that live in isolated communes and are generally considered cults. This problem has been solved! Match. This is evident when promoting Witnesses as the happiest, most loving and moral group on earth, as well as claims that only Witnesses preach. The divorce rate amongst Jehovah's Witnesses coincides with that of the general population, as only about 5% of the population are divorced. For instance, some of these The repetitive use of 'perfect' in the example highlights the importance of finding the right home and place to live. In order to have it both ways, claiming miracles but ignoring tragedies, the official line is Jehovah protects the group as a whole, not allowing Satan to totally annihilate all followers; not a particularly comforting concept. "The Light Gets Brighter" is justification for Watchtower errors. (ws pp.98-99) It is impossible for the earth to remain forever, as the sun Anger leads to fear. A courteous salutation should not be prevented on the basis of the slippery slope argument that a friendship may develop. What is active listening, why is it important and how can you improve this critical skill? Though pagan similarities may be found, it does not follow that these teachings were adopted in order to emulate the pagans. It is wrong to think Witnesses grieve less due to their "accurate" understanding of the resurrection. ", identifying the following methods: The Awake! Unlike a rhetorical question, a hypophora wastes no time in providing a direct answer to a posed question. About JWfacts It then proceeds to attack this strawman by proving this Scripture is falsely translated in some Bibles. Argument from final Consequences and/or Denying the antecedent, Begging the Question – Circular reasoning, Confusing association with causation - correlation does not imply causation, Confusing currently unexplained with unexplainable, False Dichotomy or False Dilemma – Black and White thinking. This is discussed in detail at Preach. Read more: How to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills (With Examples). This device is commonly used to add emphasis on the ideas or topics being expressed in a conversation. of an irreplaceable family. a religion claiming to be the only purveyors of truth should not require the suppression of evidence.
However, the Watchtower Society is deeply embroiled in the world, using the school, hospital, commercial and legal systems to the full. and that they only correctly came to understand the "superior authorities" in 1962. This reasoning is obviously flawed since 95% of males masturbate, yet only 10% are said to be gay. interesting topics > Somehow, this Witness inconsistently ignored that her prayers for a healthy child had gone similarly unanswered. Rhetorical strategies can benefit communication by enhancing comparisons, making bold points and offering a way for people to connect with what you are talking about. Watchtower uses circular reasoning when attempting to prove they are God's chosen organization. (No surprise, he was later exiled from the church over sexual misconduct, homosexual misconduct).» See the data, » Check out our beautiful books» Be the first to know: join our VIP Newsletter» Learn to be a dataviz ninja: Workshops are Beautiful, Sources: Wikipedia,, Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Skeptic Dictionary,,, Dosters,,,, Philosophical Society, Sjsu.ed,,, A Concise Introduction to Logic (Patrick J Hurley), Beginners Guide to the Scientific Method (Stephen S Carey), Original Concept: The Internet  Writing, Research & Design: David McCandless. Equally valuable is to learn to identify Rhetorical Fallacies. The Watchtower has given the following wise but contradictory advice when allowing the pagan pinata. Here, the speaker is not overtly blaming the listener for breaking the vase but is saying that the listener caused it in some way. For example, a common question Witnesses struggle with is "Why would a loving God destroy billions of people at Armageddon for not being Jehovah's Witnesses?"