Signup for a Free Account. New to Shacknews? Oct 2018 | Bungie RewardsObtaining the Ace of Spades Hand Cannon and redeeming the Reward Code. Thanks for taking part! Speak with Eris Morn to hear a speech about what awaits. Raising your power level is a grind in 'Destiny 2', and 'Shadowkeep' doesn't quite keep you leveled if you only do the campaign. As well as the seasonal Battle Pass giving out cosmetic rewards, there's a change to how you receive Bright Dust, the Eververse shop currency (not to be confused with Silver, the paid-for currency that will be used for bundles and Battle Pass purchases). December 2019 | Bungie RewardsWhen a legend is saved and redeeming the Reward Code. Beyond that waits the Garden of Salvation raid, and the end-game chase for better gear. The first mission in Shadowkeep is called A Mysterious Disturbance, and has players heading to the Moon for the first time in years. Als Anerkennung für den Abschluss des Prophezeiung-Dungeons können drei exklusive Musikstücke erhalten werden. There’s a lot going on in this mission, but the few main points are: Fight through the mission until you get to the section with the Eye of the Swarm and the Hive sigils. December 2019 | Bungie RewardsCompleting all Season of Dawn Triumphs and redeeming the Reward Code. Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is finally here and there’s a whole campaign to experience. October 2019 | Bungie RewardsCompleting the Shadowkeep Campaign and redeeming the Reward Code. This week is one of the biggest yet for Destiny. Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Powerful Rewards Levelling up beyond level 900 is a slow and arduous task. Fight pass the Hive, steal their relic, and fight your way back out. We're hoping this means they're less of a grind. To pass beyond the Pyramid’s warding and discover what lies within, you’ll need to wear a full set of Dreambane armor. To cleanse the Essence of Pride, you must defeat Nightmares found in Lost Sectors in the EDZ and on Titan, Nessus, and Io. Not only is most of Destiny 2's existing content going free-to-play, but it's also the first major update since Bungie's split from publisher Activision - with a new expansion, a swath of changes to how Armour and monetization works (yes, there will be a Battle Pass) and a change of platforms on PC, with the game moving from to Steam (which you can do as part of the newish cross save feature). Obtaining Thorn and redeeming the Reward Code. Shadowkeep's campaign then plays out as follows: The Shadowkeep campaign is then complete. The new cap now goes up to 950, with 960 touted as the 'pinnacle' cap. Return to Eris Morn with the Cleansed Essense. You will need to deal damage to her, knocking her health down through three segments. Learn what order you should play all of Destiny 2's many campaign levels, from the Red War all the way to Shadowkeep and beyond. Pinnacle weapons - which were rewards following lengthy and often challenging / frustrating Vanguard, Crucible and Gambit questlines - are replaced with Ritual Weapons, sourced from the same activities but are said to be "not as in depth" to earn. Complete this step before moving on to the step, Beyond. Obtaining the full Gambit Prime Sentry set and redeeming the Reward Code. If you're unsure of how to approach Destiny 2 if you're a new player, we have a guide that advises which version to go for depending on what you want to get out of Bungie's loot shooter. Our guide will focus on helping you acquire powerful rewards throughout all the new content in Destiny 2 Shadowkeep to increase your power level and take on new challenges such as the Garden of Salvation raid. July 2020 | Bungie RewardsCompleting the First Solstice of Heroes Quest and redeeming the Reward Code. Shadowkeep is Destiny's largest update since Forsaken, implementing numerous buffs and debuffs to existing abilities, and adding new areas to explore and story missions to tackle. The equipment gained from such activities are well above your current level, and are therefore the most surefire way of reaching the much sought after power level: Level 960 (Note: you first have to reach level 950, after which you have to collect very rare rewards in order to reach the ultimate level of 960). Beacons of Empowerment – Sun Warrior lasts twice as long. The latest major content drop for Bungie’s looter shooter is here, so we’re rounding up all the Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Exotics we’ve stumbled across in our travels around the moon so far. 6v6 Control and Survival Solo Queue are also their own playlists, and there's weekly rotating 6v6 and 4v4 playlists, too. There's a lot happening, then, and this Destiny 2 Shadowkeep guide will explain what's changing for returning players, and what all the New Light content is if you simply want to play for free. April 2020 | Bungie RewardsCompleting all Almighty Triumphs and redeeming the Reward Code. You will not be able to progress the campaign until you have cleansed this item. Ghosts of our Past (770 Power recommended), Complete an Essence of Anguish quest by completing three Eris Bounties, Visit the Lectern of Enchantment (just to the left of Eris on the Moon) to continue the Essence of Anguish and Shadowkeep quest steps, An Important Message (visit the portal next to Eris to meet Ikora), The Nightmare Cometh (defeat the three remaining Nightmare bosses in the Moon Patrol space and craft the complete Dreambane armour set), Nightmare Hunt: Pride (Skolas, 800 Power recommended), Nightmare Hunt: Isolation (Taniks, 810 Power recommended), Nightmare Hunt: Fear (Phogoth, 830 Power recommended). Obtaining the full Gambit Prime Reaper set and redeeming the Reward Code. This brings the Shadowkeep campaign to an end. There are other season-by-season changes too. Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. March 2020 | Bungie RewardsCompleting a Flawless Trials of Osiris run and redeeming the Reward Code. Some are part of the base expansion while others are locked behind the Season of the Undying Season Pass. April 2020 | Bungie RewardsCompleting all Conqueror Triumphs and redeeming the Reward Code. For Forsaken owners, the Shattered Throne dungeon is now accessible at all times instead of when the Dreaming City curse is at its highest - and can be launched straight from the Director screen. The new Shadowkeep expansion for Destiny 2 is finally live, as well as all the new goodies that come with it. For example, four Crucible maps (Dead Cliffs, Legion's Gulch, Retribution and Solitude) won't be available in this first Year 3 season, with Bungie hoping to give them a few nips and ticks when they do eventually return. First you must break a spell by collecting two void energy balls and bringing them to the center. December 2019 | Bungie RewardsCompleting the "O'er the Hills We Go" Triumph and redeeming the Reward Code. Be careful when fighting the Nightmare Ogres in this section, as they are extremely strong. What does this mean? These Armor Mods can also give you perks - such as faster reloading and reduced damage from certain sources - and can be equipped across multiple armour pieces, allowing you to experiment with different builds. Sep 2018 - Aug 2019 | Bungie RewardsObtaining the Rivensbane Triumph Seal and redeeming the Reward Code. Speak with Eris Morn, it’s at this point you can get the Shadowkeep pre-order bonus. I've been working on leveling up my second hunter without doing any campaign in order to see if I get better power ratings on the campaign rewards. At the top waits none other than Hashladun, Daughter of Crota. Be sure to check out the Shacknews Destiny 2 guide for even more Shadowkeep guides. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. a guide that advises which version to go for, implementing numerous buffs and debuffs to existing abilities. All Rights Reserved. Sep 2018 - Aug 2019 | Bungie RewardsObtaining the Dredgen Triumph Seal and redeeming the Reward Code. This includes the campaign, Shattered Throne dungeon, Raids and most Year 2 Exotics, plus the newly added subclasses (though if you buy just Shadowkeep, you do get these subclasses). Return to Eris Morn to receive the next step. It won’t be easy – activities such as exotic quests aren’t something you’ll be able to do every week – but if you continue to move through all these activities, you’re sure to reach your objective in a relatively short period of time. Hailing from the land down under, Sam Chandler is relatively new to the industry, getting his start a few years ago as a writer-for-hire. With the Cryptoglyph and Eris’ magic, you should be able to craft further Dreambane armor. The key thing to note is both the Seasonal Artefact boost and the rewards you receive reset each season - meaning Bungie can experiment with the meta through temporary mods without breaking the game long term, and resetting that additional Power level progression to give everyone a fresh goal to aim every few months. Sorrow’s Harbor, The Moon – What secrets lie within the Pyramid? NOTE: Hey folks! June 2019 | Bungie RewardsCompleting the Crown of Sorrow Raid and redeeming the Reward Code. This content is hosted on an external platform, which will only display it if you accept targeting cookies. The Crucible area of the Director is getting a revamp. How to get mushrooms - Animal Crossing: New Horizons, How to use mushrooms - Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Destiny 2: Shadowkeep campaign walkthrough, Drain the Hive sigils by standing below them, Fight the Nightmare of Crota, Son of Oryx. Players that are curious about how many story missions there are in Shadowkeep, Destiny 2's new expansion, can find the answer in this guide. Players will be sent back to the Moon to fight against the Hive, and a deeper, darker enemy that is awakening. As you play, you unlock mods specific to that season you can equip to your armour. Your email address will not be published. To reach her, you must pass through various challenging rooms that require teamwork and coordination. Luke Smith explains it as such: "Over the course of the season, parts of the game will change before the situation culminates in an event that will ultimate resolve it, and its content will be exhausted. He can't seem to quit games as a service or looter shooters — unfortunate news for his backlog, really. This quest tasks you with hunting down the Nightmare of Skolas in the Traitor’s Ketch. Though Shadowkeep is releasing as the latest expansion for Destiny 2, it's also launching as a standalone game. This site © 2020 Gamer Network Limited. A step-by-step guide for every mission and boss fight in the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep campaign. With the Essence of Anguish cleansed and the Scarlet Keep strike completed, return to Eris Morn to figure out the next step. This Hive curios will be used to craft a new piece of armor, the Dreambane armor. Note: When playing as a Fireteam, some members may find that this step does not complete, despite finishing the Scarlet Keep. July 2019 | Bungie RewardsObtaining the Badjuju Pulse Rifle and redeeming the Reward Code. Your character now has six stat types, with each equipped piece of armour contributing to that through both base stats and mods.