After the full release version of the game on, The Musician is playing the nursery rhyme ", After Chapter 2, the Musician's appearance becomes significantly less child-like, and he remarks to the Protagonist that he has "grown a lot" recently, implying that. I just wanted to h-hide. He takes a step back and lowers his head even more than usual.. "... t-this is not m-mine, m-m-mister...", "H-have you heard about the sow?The villagers keep this s-sow in the nearby p-pigshed. The Wolf turns towards me, adjusting his coat. And he can prove himself to be useful as a Vendor. Downing him and killing him should allow you to proceed to the backroom of the Sawmill. I'm sorry.". W-would you take s-some for me? The boy quickly glances at the rat's blood-soaked corpse and freezes. But the Chicken Lady! I played dead, the best way I can play dead and...It, this mouse, I mean, she jumped on my hand and s-started nibbling on my f-finger! Something I'm after...Bring me the key to that door, and I will tell you where to find the thing you lost. ", "HAHAHAhahaha! They think they're superior, because they have human gobs. I promise... to be good.

Despite calling the Protagonist "Meat" and claiming to dislike contaminated flesh, he leaves alone all the healthy villagers and focus his cannibalistic desire on the sole Pretty Lady, an innocent woman made twisted and swollen by the Plague's influence, who he calls "my sweet girl." The kid stares at the violin with bated breath. The stench of his saliva makes me dizzy. On his corpse will be the Violin. Before Alpha 6.0, Wolfman would simply indicate where the Protagonist could find him on the Dry Meadow, without mention towards an assignment. Now take off, get to work.

His movements can be compared to a Red Chomper, he charges at the player on all fours and when near, the two of his arms are dragged out forward which have their claws open for hostility, they deal double damage. All rights reserved. Additionally, sometimes he jumps to the side of you, which is not meant to be an attack, rather a dodge. You want a reward? You won't know what to do with it.". You can do that much, can you?". Guess now you want to know what's inside, eh?Somewhere in the (...) part of Old Woods lies a place where you'll find a key to this box.Well, Meat, I would be careful, if I were you. This can be heard when nearby him. Suddenly, he notices me. If I were you, I would prepare myself well before setting out.When you get there, you will find me in this spot. I caught it this night! ", "And don't you ever try to mock me again! I just wanted to take a peek before you deliver it to Poofter! There exists a bug or glitch, that if you somehow manage to escape from Wolfman, he'll disappear from the game. Or just run in circles while he burns to death. As soon as the Protagonist approaches him, he hides under the tractor close by the house. "And what am I supposed to do with it? The C-chicken Lady has it! Welcome to our Darkwood guide and walkthrough. I don't want to be big anymore.

"What have you done? Muttering under his breath, he attempts to open the box. The Wolf grins, listening to the distant sound with great relish.

I'm sure you will find some clues on how to reach his current hideout while there.You two will have a little chat, you will get back what you've lost and then nothing wil keep you from getting the fuck out of my part of the woods! Don't let her deceive you with that kind face of hers. Just let me s-stay.". Do you get me, Meat? I would ask her to b-borrow it to me, but she's too angry with me...Could you p-please c-convince her to b-borrow it to me? If you beat him, he'll be laying down on the ground still alive. Give Key to Musician or Wolfman? My dearest Meat!Finally I will be able to wolf down as much poultry as I wish! © Valve Corporation. If the key is given to the Musician, he requests the Protagonist to fetch him a Violin from his parents' house before revealing the Doctor's location, and hands over a Drawing for his mother, after that the Musician can be found in the Church Ruins. It's still ringing in my ears. Please, mister, bring me this violin! Off he flew, didn't he? Wolfman is a major character and a vendor in Darkwood. I hope the trip was worth it.

Anyway, there's nothing to be s-scared of!You will find my parents' house in the (...) part of the Old Woods.If you come back with m-my mom's violin, I will try to get you an appointment w-with the doctor, because you look pretty s-sickly.I will be waiting for you near the old church, in the (...) part of Old Woods. Thank you. He carefully hides it under his legs, so that it doesn't roll away. She said p-people used to travel it. He looks at the contents in silence, then lifts his gaze at me. "...with things like that, you need to be careful, Meat. Thought so...Follow the path located in the (...) edge of the Silent Forest. They don't allow me near her! The machine is working, you just need to increase the voltage to silence this unbearable whining. ", "I've heard someone took pity on the poor villagers and fixed the cables in the pig shed. She envies her! After a moment, he hands it back to me. You still want to know what's inside, right?Somewhere in the (...) part of the Old Woods lies a place where you will find the key to this box.But I doubt you will be able to sort it out. I could swear I've heard his tail moving under his coat. If you continue beating his body, he will comment: "You hit like a woman...", no matter which melee weapon is used. Later on, you find him playing with a Ping Pong ball, which the protagonist can keep or return to him. Howbeit, when trying to run away from him, you should be aware that he possesses an enhanced sense of smell, it can be compared to the one of a Dog or Huge Dog, but with increased range. The Chicken Lady knows what it means! If the player chooses to feed the Musician a Hallucinogen such as odd meat or a mushroom, rather than bread or meat, they will find that the next morning the door to the room with the musician is gone and a large creature, presumably the Musician after growing more, can be found there, protruding from the door partially. ", "What's this? !We had a deal, Meat! Wolfman tends to hold grudges, so beware. Some of his dodges are immediately interrupted by his strikes. If you do provoke him in the Time Freeze, however, he'll proceed with the strategies of his above described. Maybe I should give it to the boy? But for some unknown reason, the player cannot feed him Potato, Chicken Egg, Red Egg, Embryo, Jar with Meat, Insect, ? ", "But Meat! "Well look at this, ladies and gentlemen!". He flinches and looks at the screen. The boy turns the game in his hand for a while, but he can't find a way to reach the buttons with his overgrown fingers. The Wolf produces a gun from his pocket, throws it under my feet and then turns the game on. That makes fleeing quite problematic, as the Protagonist is slower than the Wolfman in his aggressive attitude. W-we have an appointment with the d-doctor!

Maybe I'll even give you something for this junk...". Much more b-beautiful than the villagers' camp. I didn't know you were l-living here.". Something I'm after... Bring me the key to that door, and I will tell you where to find the thing you lost.Is it fair, comrade? ", "This is our doctor, yes? I don't know this p-part of the woods. Please don't be... angry with me anymore!".

", "It's s-so pretty... Could... could I h-hold it for a w-wee m-moment?".

The boy leans over his left side and reaches for something with his right hand. Some object hits the floor. A string of saliva lands on his hole-riddled jacket.

"Meat! "Stupid, stupid, stupid! If the player kills the Pretty Lady but spares the Chicken Lady. There, he should have a chat with "the hag who reeks of chickens", the Chicken Lady, who has something interesting to tell the Protagonist. Suddenly, the Wolf slaps me on the cheek. ", "I have a d-delicious wee mouse for you! Killing Wolfman is the only way to obtain the Assault Rifle in chapter 1. And search for his body near the location where you have lost him seems to be futile. If the protagonist retrieves the Violin, and leaves the drawing by his mother, they will not attack the protagonist (as red chompers). Hahaha! "It's... it's a kind of rope. Is it possible to visit doctor house if I`ll give the key to musician? You can still make up for it. I'm sure you will find some clues on how to reach his current hideout while there.You two will have a little chat, you will get back what you've lost and then nothing wil keep you from getting the fuck out of my part of the woods! We had a deal, comrade! Are you mocking me? This is a 100% completion guide, meant to help you survive, complete the story, and to collect all Trophies/Achievements. "Here. You can beat down Wolfman with 8-10 hits with a basic Board With Nails with no upgrades accompanied. The Wolf smiles, revealing a row of sharp teeth.

Keep in mind you'll miss an event and some plot if you kill him before chapter 2, though. I didn't want to make a mess, I s-swear!Please, don't t-throw me a-away! He will inform the player that the Villagers have "many secrets", and that he should "find the pigshed, and get rid of that whimpering", in exchange for a reward. ", "Well, well.

", "Gee! Now I will never find this key! H-h-he's inside the train wreck, in the (...) edge of the Old Woods.". "I didn't want to d-disturb you, mister. The Wolf checks his pocket, his paw trembling with excitement. The Wolf takes out a few crumpled pieces of paper from the box and throws them in my face. This rotten pile of meat must be delusional.". In the (...) p-part of the Silent Forest.W-will you bring me the k-key if you f-find it? The Wolf looks me straight in the eyes, takes a deep breath and spits in my face. Deliver this to that insane old bitch as a way of thank you for her beautiful sister. He seems to rarely use it in-game, but if the Protagonist manages to kill him, they can obtain that rifle. And there's nothing on the other side!". What's his name.. Poofter? It would mean certain death for you, Meat.Better hide in that hideout of yours before dark... and pray for the morning light. "But m-maybe...? Darkwood Part 6 Getting a key for the Musician & Piotrek's House - Walkthrough (No Commentary ... Darkwood - Full Wolfman Quest line & How to find Doctor - … "The likes of you always crawl back to me. The next day, upon arrival, the Musician will stand outside the house, weeping, aware of the Protagonist's doing, and unwilling to talk to him again. There is a wedding ring to be found on a skeleton inside the Hunter House and in the Pretty Lady's room (hinting that the two were engaged before the Plague outbreak) and strangely the Wolfman also has a similar ring, but this is not the worst detail of this picture: on the one hand, the Hunter House sports stuffed animals and trophies aside from one particular rack which shows that a beast's head has been removed, and on the other we see the Wolfman's passion for stuffing human corpses or hanging trophy human heads.