SterlingW792. 4th floor Online registration by Cvent. For instance, attendees would not see sponsorship opportunities that are available only to exhibitors. The reception area of the hub is a block-based main menu and top menu. Review. We will contact you within 12 hours. During this global crisis, we are … Create an appealing, responsive design in keeping with your branding. This can be branded and gives the attendee a way to navigate around. The only way to network and meet other attendees was through a specific networking session on the agenda. And the lack of engagement and networking features will be a problem for some events. It functions with the ease of other site builders, like Squarespace or Wix, but with deeper capabilities and event-specific applications. For event planners looking for a basic solution or who are on a budget, this feature set is likely not the best fit. And having just launched the product, Cvent clearly has big plans for the platform. This may be customizable, but not putting the home feed front and center really limits the engagement of the audience. Here is our 2020 Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub review. The next steps to further your preparation for the certification exam and register if you haven't already. Design responsive emails easily with templates or a drag-and-drop design feature. This three-day course is designed to provide critical care and progressive care nurses a review of AACN’s core curriculum. The idea behind this tool is to help event planners increase attendance with fresh event website and marketing tools, manage all their events’ details in one location, and measure their success with integrated reporting and analytics. It seems that they are using Brightcove as the power behind the live streaming. You can easily build an agenda, search and choose from the available sessions. The design features allow event planners to easily create event landing pages, websites, emails, and other branded digital communications using easy-to-use text editors to: All changes can be saved as drafts and then published so that the event planner can preview the changes on different devices prior to pushing them live. Deduce significant assessments, diagnostic findings, clinical presentations and management strategies of critical care and progressive care patients. Users can also copy the theme from the website to ensure their emails have a cohesive design. Multi-device previews show what designs will look like on devices of all sizes, Header and footer application across all website pages as the user prefers, Control page order in the registration process, Soft and hard publishing warnings for greater quality control, Jump links to warning issues for easier fixes, Version history including viewing and publishing details, SEO configuration including event descriptions and titles, Event title, location, date and time, description, Cvent Registration and Event Management Software, Cvent’s new event management and registration system. 21 terms. Nor is there any real mention of networking or interaction on the Cvent product web page. It provides strong customizable options to create a personalized event ticketing experience for any attendee type. Bulgaria, Chicago Office Event professionals can get certified in a number of areas to highlight their product expertise. Cvent's Event Management Certification is designed for event professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise, skills, and proficiency in the solution. The real advantage of Cvent has always been able to buy from one place. They include: This new system was designed through extensive user testing and research. One of the good things from a sponsor perspective here, is that your sponsors can be front and center. CCRN®/PCCN® Exam Review. 140 Broadway Suite 2110 The platform includes personalized registration paths,  branded templates, customizable agendas, real-time content changes, and will soon have custom themes that can be applied to multiple events. Whether you're planning for the next event or the next step in your career, Cvent Certification can accelerate your career. Suite 650 So if 3D is important, you will need to head to other platforms. Plus, with the system’s quality assurance safeguards, the perfect design is easier than ever. Although you can currently create custom designs to use for communications across your event, eventually, users will be able to create custom designs that can be applied across all events for consistent branding without re-inventing the designs each time. This two-day CCRN/PCCN Review is designed for the critical care or progressive care nurse preparing to take either exam from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN). All rights reserved. - All design are 100% responsive and can be previewed on a variety of device sizes to ensure full functionality. It operates with the same easy familiarity as WordPress or other text editors. The Cvent Virtual Attendee Hub allows for live, simulive, or pre-recorded sessions. 1911 Charlotte Drive, Charlotte, NC 28203. a. The features of this new website and registration builder are easy to use and straightforward. SEO Options. By getting certified, you will prove your value and discover additional features available to you. Copyright © 2020 SpotMe. When creating an event, the planner has the options of adding SEO-friendly content, like the event page description and the event title to the page. Website Builder. With a dedicated support team, lots of resources, and hard and soft warnings to guide you, creating custom registration flows from branded landing pages to dynamic emails is easy. The Cvent Event Management Platform automates many manual processes while helping users to build an easy event website, agenda, and online event registration., Do Not Sell My Personal Information (CCPA Required), A thorough review of the exam content and competencies expected, Materials with recommended resources to review on your own time before you take the test. Venue Sourcing certification: This certification is suited to those who have proficient experience with the Cvent Supplier Network. While Event Manager Blog receives a fee to extensively look at the tool and review it in detail, the content of the review is independent and by no means influenced by the company. 1005 Lausanne Event professionals can get certified in a number of areas to highlight their product expertise. The new system takes into account the many complexities in building an event site and smooth registration and makes each very intuitive. Cvent’s Venue Sourcing Certification is designed for event professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise, skills, and proficiency in the solution. 13 terms. CVENT Terminology. Cvent Event Management is an online registration software platform that has recently gone through an overhaul of its offerings with the event planner in mind. So if you are considering Cvent for your virtual events, this is a must-read.