During the winter season, reduce watering and you can allow the topsoil to become slightly dry between each watering. Protect from winds and maintain soil moisture as leaves will fold in when under stress and may suffer leaf burn. Its leaf petioles are hairy. Growth rate: 5-6 new leaves per year : Lifespan: Perennial. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Choosing a fun coloured pot is always lovely when paired with a green plant as this can add that splash of colour or texture to a room. At Four Seasons Nursery we carry one of the largest ranges of pots in Sydney. Tomatoes deliveries are to Melbourne metro area only. We’ve got all your gardening needs covered and set out so it’s nice and easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. A broad range of propagation and grafting tools, soils, rooting hormones and much more. Largely native to Australia, Eucalyptus are yet another example of plant species that is both beautiful in the residental landscape, and practical in the commercial one. Or maybe birds? Given they are living plants, condition may vary slightly between time photos were taken and delivery. Ctenanthe burle-marxii Pests And Disease Considerations For The Ctenanthe Plant. Phone: (02) 9651 0900, 615 Ellis Road If you do select this service expect 5-15 business days delivery, this can be too long for some plants and cause damage or death to the plants. Prune to remove old leaves and stems and apply a slow release fertiliser in Spring. Find the Ctenanthe Grey Star (Setosa) on PlantsDirect. Unlike other nurseries we have over 90 on display and running. Almost all indoor plant requires well-draining soil, especially during colder weather but also like to be growing in a soil which helps to keep their roots moist during summer. See map here. Plant deliveries are to Melbourne metro area only. It is extremely hard wearing and is also used to make boats. Ctenanthe burle-marxii "Amagris" there also looks close - and there's that "amagris" again, just like the Maranta above. GARDEN ESSENTIALSWe’ve got all your gardening needs covered and set out so it’s nice and easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. From the native lover to the indoor enthusiast, we’re confident we can find the perfect plant for you. We offer FREE STANDARD POST FOR ALL AUSTRALIAN KEYRING ORDERS. Never pot a plant into a container which is too small. 100mm pot size Ctenanthe Grey Star is an elegant, evergreen, clumping tropical plant with narrow foliage with unique colouring. We recommend oiling all timber furniture to maintain longeivity, especially if it is kept out in the full sun. All of our plants are shipped to you potted up in our beautiful custom boxes, this helps them travel to you safely and reduces sress on the plant. The air blowing out from these units can be scorching and dry, which can leave a healthy plant burnt, damaged and stressed. Australia Post prioritise Express Post parcels over all others, so choosing this option will give your order the best chance to arrive to you quickly. Some items unavailable in Western Australia and Tasmania. Screening plants ranging from 2 metres or more. drought tolerant once established. This is a great option for pots and accessories. If there is too much light, the colors in the leaves fade. Perennial shrubs perfect for growing in a shaded position in the garden. BOTANICAL NAME: Ctenanthe ‘grey star’ COMMON NAME: Grey Star. Can tolerate morning sun but avoid direct, late summer sun. A large range to suit any budget, style, application and position. Feeding:  Use of feeding process before season helps this plant to keep away from any problems during growth. Most often the Parcel Lockers are outdoors in full sun so please check your local forecast and if there is excessive heat or cold, this might not be the best option. Best grown in free-draining soil. Watch for Mealy Bugs, Spider mites, and Aphids. Free draining potting mix and bright indirect light will keep it happy. Your new plant will be sent in its pot in our custom packaging, ready for you to unpack and enjoy. All the latest gardening tools for young green thumbs! It’s not necessary to fertilize in the winter and fall. *Please note that some of our accessories ship for free and may not be tracked. Delicious in drinks and with cooking, attractive in the garden as ornamentals, and practical in many other ways around the house, citrus trees and fruits are a world-wide favourite! Delivered fast and safely Australia wide. Ecoya products are herbicide and pesticide free. MEDIA RELEASE 23 September 2020 Award winning Alpine Nurseries Alstonville is to double in size. From large planters to small table top pots, we have pots in a huge range of colours, styles and sizes to suit your every situation. Range in colours, shapes, sizes and are some of the best-tasting tomatoes around. We carefully use plastic wrap, tape and tissue paper to ensure the dirt stays where it should (in the pot), and tissue paper around the leaves to gently protect them from the sides of the box. We offer calculated shipping rates on all of our orders, our system will calculate the size & weight of your order and based on your shipping address it will provide you with an accurate shipping charge. Planting Tips: Tropical or sub tropical and warm indoor area are considered as the right selection for this planting and helps in proper growth as well. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. They are a cross between two genetically different tomato species. Ensure you delicately and carefully cut through any tape on the top and bottom of each box. Whilst typical packaging for online shopping relies heavily on bubble wrap or paper to keep items padded, when you’re sending plants the trick is actually to keep the plants in place so that they a) can’t get bumped around and b) their leaves stay as in tact as possible.