For this type of bike, that’s fine. Truth is, it wasn’t that bad. On the moto tracks, our faster riders felt it’s on the softer side and could get in some trouble without being careful. A lot can go wrong with a first-timer behind the bars of a full-blown, 58-horsepower 450 race bike.

The people spoke. It is impossible to over-tighten. This bike is a great way to do that on our off weekends. There is the difference in gas tank size, the 18-inch rear wheel and a side stand added to the RX, common mods for a off-road conversion that Honda includes for much less than the price if modifying a motocross bike yourself. When you are having fun on a dirt bike, time gets away from you.

(7) Durability. They both start out as relatively the same bike, but some minor changes in production lead to a big change in the grand scheme of things and even lead to suiting different skilled riders on the same terrain. . What we can’t live without is a bar pad. Do you really want your first-time teenage kid or spouse on a 250 motocross bike or a 300-pound dual-sport?

The engine will stand the test of time. You have to accept a lower range of performance if you want the lower price tag—although this bike does have its charms.

The CRF250F is its replacement. The CRF250F is a great universal trail bike, but you have to be aware that it has limitations. The race version of the Honda CRF250 costs $7999. It didn’t even feel that heavy, as most of its weight is low to the ground. We love that Honda drop-kicked the drum brakes on most of its trail bike line for disc brakes that actually work.

Suspension is one of the parts of the bike that is responsible for a smooth and efficient racing. When the fuel gets low, the light pops on. We have all seen the whiskey-throttle crash videos that populate YouTube. When  hitting faces and landing off of bigger jumps or getting aggressive through the larger braking bumps, it blows through the stroke and gets a little awkward trying to recover. We had a blast on backyard, pit-bike tracks on this bike. The worst part about riding it on a motocross track was the forks and lack of a bar pad. With the weaker wheels and forks on the CRF250F, we could imagine what might happen if we cased a big double. But at 265 pounds, we could make money selling them to a metal recycling yard. The 41mm conventional forks offer zero adjustment.

Also, this bike has its limitations—mostly the inability to make the suspension softer or stiffer. The pitfalls there are poor resale value, poor parts availability and vague manufacturer support. (4) Durability. The same goes for the Showa shock. A step up to its bigger brother, the CRF250 motocross bike, will cost you almost double the price, which unfortunately is over most household budgets for recreational toys. Q: WHAT ARE THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THE 2019 CRF250F? It’s not particularly light by the standards of race bikes.

HAND SHIELDS OR WRAP-AROUND HANDGUARDS? It holds up well in the stroke, but not what most fast motocross riders prefer. For 2019, there’s a brand-new CRF250F off-road bike. A: The Honda CRF250F is not a race bike. Of course, you can always put it back in the stock Map 1 or the aggressive Map 3 to enhance that top end pull, but knowing that there is some torque in the motor opens up the bike to a larger audience–it even surprised us as a capable trail riding bike. The CRF250F doesn’t have a headlight, and it isn’t street-legal, so if you’re looking for that, the CRF250L dual-sport is more in your lane. It’s much slower to build up RPMs and doesn’t produce as much power in the top end, but that’s what makes this more appealing to the less experienced crowd who rarely see the money-making part of the powerband. Additionally, the suspension is on the stiffer side, to the point that we actually softened it up slightly for our lighter, yet quick test riders. And you can always comment below, check out our Dirt Bike Test YouTube videos, follow us @dirtbiketest on all the channels and tell a friend. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Q: WHY ARE WE TESTING A LOW-LEVEL TRAIL BIKE? There’s a weird little gap in our world.

We have tested numerous CRF230Fs in the past, as our old MXA compatriot John Basher insisted that they were the greatest bikes on earth.

Well, you do have to make sure that the key is flicked to “on.” You also have to pull in the clutch to start the bike in gear for safety reasons. Sometimes, it is considered a vital part of the bike. It is not as soft as single-track woods riders would like but then those bikes will never see the track either.In conclusion, what Honda 250F suits who? For those who stick to the vet tracks or who don’t charge hard into the deep ruts and big braking bumps, the RX components work very well with minor clicker adjustments and proper sag. Overall, the RX is easier to ride with compliant suspension that absorb all of the little chop and chatter while the motor package is easier to keep in the meat of the power most of the time. If you want to know more about these bikes check out: or This power and RPM zone of the CRF250 motor’s character is rarely used on a track or when racing but the bike has a luggable appeal that is not talked about much from the racing impressions. , the bike takes us back to the days of 125cc two-strokes where sitting at the rev limiter will get you from point A to point B the quickest (though the bike is still much quicker and more capable than a 125cc two-stroke). The CRF250F looks, to the untrained eye, like a CRF230F with fuel injection.

However, the 250RX is ready to leave the trails in the dust and hit the MX tracks with novice level riders aboard. (See 250F Off-Road Comparison) Overall it is pretty impressive what just ECU settings change on an engine., amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart"; A: The MSRP for the 2019 Honda CRF250F is $4599. (3) Fuel injection. Don’t place wagers on who will get to the top first, and don’t expect to skim Supercross whoops.

amzn_assoc_search_bar_position = "bottom"; This Or That: CRF250R vs. CRF250RX. We even would feel comfortable racing the bike in stock trim at most western GP’s, whereas we wouldn’t say that about most other off-road bikes coming off of the showroom floor. It is half the price of the race bikes. August 30, 2019. Honda’s four-valve, single-overhead-cam engine is not meant to be fast—and that is okay. There is no doubt that if the CRF250F had a few upgrades and Honda were able to keep the cost down, we could see this bike selling in droves. There’s a possibility that a dealer will have both, but frankly, we can’t imagine why someone would still be interested in the 230. (1) E-start. As stated in our full test of the CRF250R, the bike takes us back to the days of 125cc two-strokes where sitting at the rev limiter will get you from point A to point B the quickest (though the bike is still much quicker and more capable than a 125cc two-stroke).

However, slower riders will appreciate the suppleness and compliance that the RX suspenders boast. It’s the perfect bike to put your wife, aunt Louise or grandpa on for a little spin in the woods. This makes it impossible to over-tighten it. The RX on the other hand is tamed down a bit to get a little bit of the comfort needed for off-road riding. It’s a similar size (about three-quarters of full-size) with a low seat of 883mm and conventional suspension. This engine is based on the design of the ultra-long-lasting Honda XR250 engine. The 250 is lighter, runs better, has better brakes and looks like a bike from this era. Next to the key, in front of the handlebars, there is a low-fuel idiot light.

Anyone over 5 feet tall should be able to handle the 250F, and even experienced riders can have fun on it.

The real competition for this bike is the vast flood of Asian imports that are available through web sales for much less. We don’t like the cheap bars, but we can live with them. It also has a valving set up for racing on tracks which has big jumps and little humps. (1) Engine. Off-Road this setup allows the movement needed to get traction and have some versatility. The CRF250F’s gas cap is something we have been longing for on other bikes. It’s enough of a real motorcycle that it can keep up on the average trail ride. amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; By Trevor Hunter.

amzn_assoc_search_bar = "true"; It may take some time for you to master the CRF250R but it certainly is a huge stepping stone rather than … The low-fuel light reminds you when you need to refuel the tank.