Mystical Rainforest Tour: Forest Bathing... Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites. In terms of sleeping, a lightweight 3-season tent should do the trick. Review of Comfort Camping and Crab Shack at Nitinat, As there are plenty of reviews which accurately reflect the intensity of the trail - both it’s challenges and it’s beauty - I’m focusing on the facilities near the Nitinaht trailhead. We skipped the last ladders and followed the smooth beach section on a low tide.

The site is off the main trail by several hundred metres. Monique talked with us for an hour, while her little grandson pointed out all the whales and eagles.

Both towns have several options for hotel accommodations before and after your trip.

Phone: 250-745-3999 or 1-888-745-3844. The sun shone hot and yellow, and I was mildly dehydrated. Some of us walked over the gravel bar to the edge of the ocean. The beach sections contain: logs, deep sand, wet sand, pea gravel, pebbles, tidal shelves, sloped surfaces, seaweed, algae, boulders, creeks, rocky headlands, sandstone, tide problems, and tidal creeks.

Recommended experiences in and around Vancouver Island. The high temperature was 28ºC and low temperature was 13ºC. If you have come from Tsusiat Falls and your gear is wet, this is a great spot to stop for a while and dry it in the sun. Greystone Books.

Roots, rocks, boulders, and tidal shelves were slippery and tackled with care. Like me, maybe a decade will pass before you visit. As of January 1, 2018, admission to Parks Canada places for youth 17 and under is free. Still, it’s nice to not be in the “bewildered” group.

Stone P. Coastal Hikes: A Guide to West Coast Hiking in British Columbia and Washington State. We continued on to Walbran Creek and enjoyed another early arrival to camp. We generally had great weather…only a couple of showery days at the start. From months of daily drizzle to heavy downpour in the mountains, we’re acutely aware of the benefits of a quality waterproof and breathable jacket. No one favoured the idea of tackling the big ladders near the end when cumulative fatigue would have set in. It was a great spot to recover and reflect on conquering the boulder field. Yet, there is a fair amount of space at the north end of the beach. The staff are very friendly and helpful. Today was a big beach day and the sun beat down hot on the sand. A friend of, our signed up at 7:10 and only got his third choice! Be prepared for all kinds of weather! One particular wreck became the catalyst for the birth of the West Coast Trail—the demise of a ship known as the Valencia. The final descent down to Thrasher Cove involves steep hiking and several ladder systems.

After a four-hour trip watching the West Coast Trail and other landmarks fly by, we disembarked into crazy Fisherman’s Wharf. The advantage of hiking north to south or southbound (SOBO) is the ability to condition your body on easier sections before the most challenging sections. Lastly, given the 75-kilometer length of the trail, you'll want a comfortable backpack with a built-in rain cover, or you can buy one separately. To top off these marine mega fauna sightings, we observed a black bear on our last night at Michigan Creek Camp. All WCT hikers must have a valid National Park Entry Pass while they are using the WCT and the National Park Reserve. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Inexplicably, I felt better when ladders were surrounded by soft green ferns, even if just as steep. You would probably have the site all to yourself. Our guests chose a fine spot next to a small stone pit and built us a toasty campfire. We had a nice rest at the only Parks Canada Red Chairs along the entire trail. The West Coast Trail travels through numerous native reservations. Our team took eight days to enjoy this world-famous coastal hike.

Each day is not a race to camp, but rather a portion of the coastline to appreciate and explore.

Our team arrived at a perfect campsite right beside Tsusiat Falls just in time for dinner! Tsusiat Falls Camp is one of the most popular campsites on the trail. In the morning, the gulls returned to Walbran Creek to rest. ( Log Out /  You can follow his work at The air was fresh and fragrant. Camp further south on the pebbles for more privacy. With the hardest sections of trail behind us, we had a relaxed departure from Walbran Creek. What I loved most was how diverse the trail is.

Backpacking the West Coast Trail with so many international hikers felt like a special camaraderie. There is no cable car option across Michigan Creek; the crossing could be difficult or impossible with heavy rain. When Mike and I arrived at the junction to Thrasher Cove (70 km), we decided to camp at Thrasher for the night and save energy. You must go.”. After a short jaunt inland we rejoined the beach almost all the way. This direction made for increasingly wilder and scenic days, as the familiar shadow of Washington’s Olympic Peninsula fell behind us.

Constant obstacles until we meet the campsite. nature of the forest treks. Being in a guided tour took away some of the stress of prepping for the trek. The forest boardwalks of Cloose were almost all new and our feet enjoyed the freedom. The best advice he gave was to “take it slow.” He reminded us that we would be forced to walk with great care on the trail, and that sometimes we would come almost to a standstill. This decaying flesh was not something to spend much time around, especially downwind. Even if you don’t camp, this beach is worth stopping at for a nice break. We delayed breakfast and instead grabbed our food bags from the overflowing locker on the way out. The weeklong family vacation ahead of us is an annual tradition carried down since childhood, back to a time when our parents stuffed us brothers into the back of a 1980s Ford van with shag carpeted walls and set off to the national parks of the American West.

There was another canteen here, with more food and cold drinks for purchase while you hung out on the dock. Arriving at Walbran Creek was a treat because the afternoon was cool and restful. Large marine mammals were spotted with excitement. In and out of beach and forest sections led us to the final obstacle…the famous Hole-in-the-Wall!

Too many people and seagulls take a bath there. The food locker was stuffed that night, and most people ended up “hanging” food bags with limited success. Our final northbound section of the West Coast Trail was cruisey, sunny, and warm.

After returning to the forest trail and turning left, we made our way back to the beach for the short hike to Cribs Creek. If it strikes Peru, I suggest you hike over the high steppes and breathtaking 16,000 foot passes of the Cordillera Huayhuash. After almost a full year of planning, preparation, and training, we finally met face-to-face for our shared coastal adventure.
Our packs were noticeably lighter as we floated up the Tsusiat Falls ladder system to regain the forest. The fog rain later cooled us from our hot day.

There are also man-made wooden structures such as bridges, boardwalks, and ladder-systems in various states of decay. It was constant excitement while enjoying the feeling of disconnection from chaos in the other world. Sometines, We West Coast Trail-ed in August and it was incredible; we had the most incredible trip. This low tide route avoids a final ladder system, and our group was happy to do so! Weather was perfect for hiking with cool mornings and warm afternoons almost every day.
It joins the Pacific Ocean via Nitinat Narrows, a narrow tidal passage 3 km long and 2.5 m deep at low tide. We use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. Wildlife sightings were abundant on our southbound trip. The advantage of hiking south to north or northbound (NOBO) is that more difficult terrain is completed in the first few days. We noticed a massive construction project while passing through.