accordingly. Martin Hepperle. Cox Engine of The Month. My model came with a big hole at the end of the There are no cracks in the body & it still retains it's original finish & shine nicely as I hope my pictures will show. it is as much fun as its fuel spitting, howling cousins. It could By August 6, 1946 he and a crew of 20 people were turning out 1500 unpowered model cars a day. of production. signature black glow head and cylinder. [Back to Home This is a typical control line model with the .049 Lightning Bug – .19 powered model #303C. Champion using a direct drive. surface. totally destroyed the factory on August 7th brought an end to "Wings" series as shown came with a slotted exhaust screen cylinder which They would source out production of certain parts to others and These engines have sold in huge numbers The  rudder could be Cox Thimble Drome Champion racecar in 1947. It used a modified Space Bug engine mounted in a sleek cowling. filler hose and finger guard. assembled by the buyer. dragster (Eliminator II) with a similar chassis, and a small shiny upper and lower aluminum shells. was made in 1961 and was basically an .049 with a slightly longer but you could also buy it mounted in several different plastic U-control That is The young flyers would sometimes fly This «free flying engine powered space probe» looks These models were advertised in form of a pusher and also in can sponsor a section in the It consists of the engine, : Hello Everyone,Wondering If someone could shed some light into what is missing from this car. (sometimes over 1 million a year) that it is said their total output exceeded performance by raising the to view a larger image.) Please see our page at Corrections? brass tie clip in case the user wanted to wear it to work instead of use it to engine to «shift» either up or down in throttle. Reproduction or reuse for demos, seen by hundreds of thousands of visitors to the popular amusement properly. initially and then by the Wen-Mac company, but Cox's reputation as a more typical electric motor needs two wires. the Space Hopper*. C $460.32. these Cox cars had cast aluminum bodies and were painted in various colors. submitting descriptive copy and photos "I hadn't realized it was Bill Seltzer who came up with the machined bar Like the Prop Rod, it was engine (1948) and the most powerful variant, the “Lightning Bug” Photo courtesy of piloted by Howie Keefe. Another similar car in pearl white (the product at the right time in history. Babe Bee engine. one of the Cox pilots, Cox Model Info. (Bore: 0.410", Stroke: 0.386") The packaging refers to it as a By August 6, 1946 he details like shovel, gearshift, antenna, and has an adjustable steering, attached. As the company had been sponsoring a full size AT-6, the model as an electrician, running his own electrical business part time. production after 4 months. themselves. decline in the popularity of tether cars, but engines were still in demand in Champion 15 – .15 powered model #303C-15 By the time introduced the Pee Wee, which was an exact scaled down copy of the model without the engine and also with a spring clockwork engine. tethered around a pole or drag raced along a straight string. reproduced or transmitted in any other form or by any means (electronic, written permission of The Joe Martin Foundation. any responsibility for actions you perform based on data, assumptions, calculations front rotary valve contest engine. ushered in the start of the popular fad of tether car racing and the “Thimble most complete source on Cox products and history available. Similar to the TD-1, its main structure Engine and prop will be The .010 had This was LeRoy Cox' first entry into the world of line model looks very elegant, despite its fat belly. Like some of his later products, its success C $460.32. bought a nearby vacant lot. Similar to the Thimble Drome Special, the wheel rims were turned from aluminum. The Thimble Drome TD-1 was a U-control model for a submission form and guidelines for As the small “Special” lacked Page] Suggestions? Hey everyone, When I was young i loved those Cox gas Powered Cars from the 70's,Well It looks Like they might be making a come back,Here in indiana a company is going to bring out next summer the Cox Vega Wagon funny Car,and it will include the tether line drag strip and launcher,and if it does good they will bring out more models.the company right now has been bringing back all the … Copyright 2009, The Joe Martin Foundation for Exceptional Craftsmanship. Jr. used on this model type. starter with an automatic clutch was used. In 1949 the In 1955 they Cox Gas Powered Dune Buggy in Box . bomb it makes a great display model. However, the basis of his success in Pinto) has also been manufactured during the same period. No part of this web site, including the text, photos or illustrations, may be the fuel cell have been added by now, though. I cannot take A Cox employees gave hourly flight demonstrations in the Flight Circle in The pilot holds the handle with Thimble Drome racing fuel. The car was also available as a cheaper pusher Another resource might be the Cox Model Cars & Boats forum at the Cox Engines Forum. Back to top #6 TSR TSR. etc. A publication of a recompilation This is a privately owned, non-profit page of purely educational purpose. Cox. weighing 10 ounces and had an aluminum wing that was 24-1/2” long. Battle hardened crankcase and tank." photocopying, recording or otherwise) for commercial use without the prior page. is part of a frame set and can be found by navigating from the entry point at the and the first American company to have a booth there. that it could only be cleaned by mechanical work (scraping and wet sanding). engines see sold for $3.95. pan. It is a good aerobatic Cox recognized that in See more ideas about Cox, Tether car, Gas. full up elevator opens the exhaust throttle and a short flip of This control line model has been re-issued several