Because surely there must be an adventure to be had. He is tame and handlable but plucked on his chest. The Cockatoos, have a life cycle. We do not give tours of any kind, even for pre-placement. I often hear “my bird is so demanding that, I can’t even leave the room without him/her screaming”. If your Cockatoo has a big personality, you know there is no peace in your house. If the bird is donated to a place that has hundreds of birds, in hundreds of individual cages, how will your bird get any attention? Maybe, living with humans should be the last resort. Then I hear the pain in their voice…as they tell me all of the things they have tried. We take in hookbill parrots of all kinds from the smallest love bird, parrotlet, or cockatiel to the biggest macaws and cockatoos. Head swirling, bouncing up and down or, maybe your bird is quiet, too quiet. At school age where we have a bigger life to include more friends and adventures. We are not a zoo. This is a closed facility. The blue one is Frosty. Additionally, to shield the birds from chaos and a parade of strangers, we do not utilize volunteers from the public. Humans can never fill the void of 24/7 same species companionship. Click a species or topic from the list to view colony photos, observation notes, personality profiles, introduction details and the fun stories of interactions between birds. He thought, if they picked out their own mate they would produce more eggs. We always offer emergency help when we are asked, and we also provide lots of free services. The Cockatoo Rescue and Sanctuary provides a permanent home where pet and wild caught Cockatoos, Macaws and Greys, can live out their lives, retire with dignity, in a peaceful park like setting. It reminds me of the old saying, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Our mission is achieved through educating the public by providing family-friendly programming and school-based programs, managing a 90 acre preserve, and actively aiding sick and injured birds back to health. Something needs to change before they burn out. Why do so many people think that rehabilitation and adoption should be the first choice and sanctuaries should be a last resort? Or, should they build a back yard aviary? The colonies are nestled among the ferns, evergreens and bamboo giving the birds a feeling of privacy. Would they prefer to wait in a cage, in our living room, for scraps of attention we might give them,  at the end of our day? Cockatoos are sensitive to change. It sounds logical. This age range is the reason hormones are blamed for the cause of “discontent” and they may be a contributing factor. If you live alone in the country, this personality is fun and entertaining enjoy, I do. They go to bed when we decide, we are their world. Cockatoos are affectionate, gregarious, clever, comical, enthusiastic, and mischievous birds. Sorry, that sounds a little harsh. They lose interest in things that they previously, loved, like toys.