chambered and hidden. They also say the manufacturing process leads to less bullet deformation. We lived in a ghetto in Baltimore-Heroin city. 130gr fmj through each . The purpose of the Bulldog was to offer big performance in a small, compact frame, and Charter knocked it outta the park. When it does go bang, the breech plug comes out the back and, well, right back into the shooter’s face.) One of these days, I’ll take it out of retirement and see how well it still shoots. For instance, for a hand gun to be on the approved list of hand guns set out by our Attoney General the gun must be submitted for approval. Apr 13 . Your email address will not be published. Because these are snub nose revolvers, there aren’t so many aftermarket options. [7] Currently, Charter Arms only offers its 14420, 74420 and 74421 versions. The cylinder locked up tight and it was timed fine. Charter Arms Police Bulldog - Stainless. On mine…..what I did was… pull the hammer all the way back to full cock, and cleaned the little adjusting screw you’ll see down in the hammer slot. It’s been shot may thousands of times with everything from speer plastic bullets to +P 38’s and similar Reloads. It’s still a neat muzzle loader, just follow some common sense instructions. Do I need to have it checked out before using? Considering how uncommon .44 Special is nowadays, there really isn’t much that can compete with the Bulldog. They do make a great many models. The intended purpose of a 2 inch revolver is self defense at 20 yards or less. Known for its rugged reliability and stopping power, Charter's Bulldog is a versatile revolver for personal or home protection. Pay the extra $100 or $200 and get a Smith & Wesson revolver. All went well, a good inspection revealed no damage. We will keep both weapons since they shoot accurately and are light to pack concealed or in a backpack however I will have to think hard about ever purchasing another one. new. Sure the food at Smith & Wollensky’s is better, but it costs more. Use the old cylinder assembly as a fishing weight. I am looking to replace as a gift to my son. We should remember all of us the gun was designed back in the days of lead RN or wadcutter target ammo being the only choices. My Mother freaked-my Dad said the firing pin was out of it. Charter Arms Co. is an American manufacturer of revolvers … Once upon a time CA offered them as a drop in option. Lots of everything else, S&W, Colt, Ruger, etc.. I had an Undercover that I bought in the mid-1970s, and as I recall the fit and finish was on par with a square-butt Chief that I also owned at the time. I have six C/A 38’s. I’d pay the extra $200+ for J-framed goodness. It saved my life on December 25th 2006. Until the hammer finally, grudgingly, falls. put gun oil on the thumb release with no results while pressing the cylinder from opposite side. I never miss what I aim for, is feels just right, handles right and I would not sell it for many times what I paid for it. Did go back to the factory in the 90’s and was reblued. The main reason I like it is the big bore cartridge, three point lock-up, and clockwise cylinder rotation. Flawless performance . for four years now, and it used to be difficult to open the cylinder with the thumb latch. I purchased a used Charter Arms Undercover recently LNIB for $150. My barrel doesn’t wobble at all. To achieve this “superior” accuracy, Charter made a few modifications to their trigger, including widening it and easing its pull. Sure. Finish: Stainless (black nitride is 63820), Action: Single Action/Double Action (the hammerless 73811 is DAO), Other revolvers from Charter Arms: Pathfinder, Undercover, Undercover Lite, Chic Lady, Southpaw, Undercoverette, Bulldog, Pitbull, Mag Pug, On Duty, Off Duty. Never fired I paid$150 for it which is a steal I think I bought from a friend’s father’s friend whom recently has gone blind I’ve owned several charter arms and owned one of the fist 44spl. I still have CA in the box .38 Special Off Duty from 1979! Why the Lady’s gun?? I’m now a satisfied customer . It is always irritating to see guys like this review guns because so many people will consider him an expert. I’ll have a good gunsmith fix the double action. The new Charter Arms stuff is actually pretty impressive, especially the Pitbull line. By the way the reason back then I bought Ruger was I could not then afford Colt or S&W. 38 Special Firearms For Sale. For example, the Undercover revolvers’ side plates aren’t attached by screws like, say, Smith & Wesson’s. One gunsmith stated that he does no work of any kind on them. That’s what they say about this gun? Don’t buy these guns. It is much THINNER than others=easy to carry in small of back for hours and LIGHTER than most. My question is I had a hard time pushing in the cylinder release, I tightened the screw down, the cylinder opens easy enough, BUT the release itself moves east to west and wiggles north to south. I’d rather have a stainless S&W. A Bridgeport made Charter Arms (CA) pistol given a diet of 100 or so rounds a year (properly cleaned now and then of course) should last a few centuries. Between the various GP100, SP101 and LCR models you should be able to find exactly what you are looking for. The one I have now is in excellent condition, and is an extremely early production gun, #1916, probably made in late 1964 from what I have been albe to learn about it. Tx. Not a durn thing wrong with it. If I were looking for a highly accurate concealed-carry or home-defense handgun, didn’t care about caliber, or plan to fire thousands of rounds through it, wanted a revolver, had a strict budget and excluded used handguns from my shopping list, I’d buy a Charter Arms Undercover .38 revolver. and from which factory(?). $25 1 Bid. Use a Black Hawk In-The-Pocket holster, I bet my life on it.. Like any mechanical device, they are man made and must be tested. My Mother got a stainless 38 Charter for Christmas because she had been yoked(robbed) 3 times waiting for the the bus to work.