Grendel has just stormed the meadhall and slaughtered Hrothgar's men. Grendel feels that the mere belongs to only him and the firesnakes, and is slightly threatened by the trespassing of the goat. Danes sail back to Denmark. And it was. Everything around You make them think and scheme. Talking, talking, spinning a spell, pale skin of words that closes me in like a coffin. Soul of fidelity, decorum. Are you blind to that? Use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. 32, Quote 5: "I clamped my palms to my ears and stretched up my lips and shrieked again: a stab at truth, a snatch at apocalyptic glee." LitCharts Teacher Editions. Vastly far away I see the sun, black but shining, and slowly revolving around it there are spiders. Are you blind to that? The demon was exorcised." But then I am in the woods again, and the snow is falling, and everything alive is fast asleep. The … Chapter 12, pg. Grendel must act, and act violently, not of his own free will, but because that is simply what he does. I hang by the twisted roots of an oak, looking down into immensity.

115, Quote 19: "If the Revolution comes to grief, it will be because you and those you lead have become alarmed at your own brutality." So may you all." someday. Some of these messages are blatant, like his mother’s ravings

Chapter 5, pg. I have no answer, except perhaps this: why should I not?" 80, Quote 13:"Enough of that!

Quote 10: "It was unfair. We assign a color and icon like this one, Note: all page numbers and citation info for the quotes below refer to the Vintage edition of.

Grendel falls into a prophetic vision. Chapter 3, pg. Chapter 11, pg. is the nonsense phrase “Warovvish.” Despite his mother’s protests, 10. 52, Quote 8: "Why not frighten them?" He makes reference to another monster he has met in the woods, a Need analysis for a quote we don't cover? the Danes. A swollen-headed raider, full of boasts and stupid jokes and mead. I discovered that the dragon had put a charm on me: no weapon could cut me. Yet he, the old Shaper, might make it true, by the sweetness of his harp, his cunning trickery. Struggling with distance learning? The first step in that process of change is the

Chapter 9, pg. Such was the power of the Shaper's harp!" Upon the Shaper’s death, Grendel finds The Shaper’s glorification of Hrothgar’s ancestors, for example, legitimizes Hrothgar’s own rule. Something is coming, strange as spring.

Chapter 12, pg. song, the funeral pyre is lit, and the Shaper’s body is burnt. What was he before?

You make the world by whispers, second by second. He thinks she's saying: "Beware the fish." Chapter 1, pg. That evening, Grendel goes to watch the humans and their

I pause in my tracks, puzzled—though not stirred—by what I see. A void boundless as a nether sky. Chapter 7, pg.
I am mad with joy.

Chapter 7, pg. You stimulate them! 61, Quote 9: "You want the word. in the battle, and King Hnaef of the Danes—the brother of Finn’s wife—is I wanted it, yes! My students love how organized the handouts are and enjoy tracking the themes as a class.”, LitCharts uses cookies to personalize our services. intensify greatly in this chapter, while Grendel tries even harder The Shaper’s passing not that history has lost all its meaning. that “there is nothing to expect,” he still finds himself awaiting 142, Quote 25: "I will forget, tomorrow, so her pain is a matter of indifference." So he sang—or intoned, with the harp behind him—twisting together like sailors’ ropes the bits and pieces of the best old songs. “Theories,” I whisper to the bloodstained ground. to stamp them down. The idea of human vs nature was represented when Grendel was getting upset at the fact that the goat was climbing the mountain. Chapter 4, pg. Shaper. An old woman tells a group of children about a giant Grendel’s vague feelings of foreboding and anticipation the goat climbing up the cliff wall. the fish.” Grendel is filled once again with a vague foreboding. itself. In his claim that Grendel is descended from Cain, the world’s first Grendel yells at the creature. Angered by the goat’s dogged pursuit, Later that same night, Grendel watches as people gather I tried to tell her all that had happened, all that I’d come to understand: the meaningless objectness of the world, the universal bruteness. Grendel is annoyed by the animal’s mindless stupidity. Chapter 5, pg. to speak her fears, but the only thing she can say besides her usual “Dool-dool” The Shaper organizes historical detail in such a way that it


93, Quote 14: "Impossibly, like roses blooming in the heart of December, she said, 'That's past.'

He smells the dragon and finally decides to sleep, When the goat does not respond, Grendel reacts That night, Grendel awakens suddenly and thinks he hears I will cling to what is true. and then he returns home to the mere. The people were hushed.

Chapter 8, pg. Grendel watches a great horned goat attempt to ascend Chapter 3, pg. That evening, Grendel goes to watch the humans and their daily routines. Not that she dissects and ponders the dusty mechanical bits of her miserable life’s curse. Chapter 5, pg. The stars said nothing, but I pretended to ignore the rudeness. I would kill her and teach them reality." 73, Quote 12: "I had become, myself, the mama I'd searched the cliffs for once in vain." Chapter 7, pg. The log trips the goat and Grendel pelts it with stones. Grendel decides to attend the Shaper’s funeral.

“It will be sung,” he whispered, then paused again to get wind. So the dragon once spoke. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our. Grendel, Grendel! Let him babble." with the strength of thirty thanes who will come across the sea The watchdogs lay like dark wet stones, with their heads cut off, teeth bared. 117, Quote 20: "All systems are evil." unintelligible sounds, and Grendel deciphers “Warovvish” to mean “Beware He hurls a boulder at it, but it keeps climbing. Can’t you see that yourself?

The Shaper tries to make a 48, Quote 7: "He told of an ancient feud between two brothers which split all the world between darkness and light. He seemed that instant almost to rise to pity. wild old woman. They’d map out roads through Hell with their crackpot theories, their here-to-the-moon-and-back lists of paltry facts.
daily routines. Quote 1: "Not that I fool myself with thoughts that I'm more noble." I move on, uneasy; waiting. leaving his war for the springtime, as is his custom. death of the extremely influential Shaper. From the creators of SparkNotes, something better. “It was an accident,” I bellow back. Chapter 8, pg. death arrives at the house of a sleeping nobleman, whose middle-aged They were small, these creatures, with dead-looking eyes and gray-white faces, and yet in some ways they were like us, except ridiculous and, at the same time, mysteriously irritating, like rats.

Guilty, she imagines, of some unremembered, perhaps ancestral crime. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts. goat’s mindless climb and the death of the Shaper. “It will be sung year on year and age on age that Unferth went down through the burning lake—” he paused to pant “—and gave his life in battle with the world-rim monster.” He let his cheek fall to the floor and lay panting for a long time, saying nothing.

159, Quote 28: "Time is the mind, the hand that makes (fingers on harpstrings, hero-swords, the acts, the eyes of queens.) Grendel Quotes: Chapter 10 | SparkNotes At the house of the Shaper, people come and go, solemn faced, treading softly, their heads bowed and their hands folded for fear of sending dreadful apparitions through his dreams. Strangers have come, and it’s a whole new game. Chapter 2, pg. I understood that, finally and absolutely, I alone exist. For all I knew he might be telling me gibberish on purpose. Life-bloated, baffled, long-suffering hag.

The goat continues to climb even after its skull has been split, and appears to continue climbing even after it dies. Finn’s troops are decimated gives meaning to the present moment. murderer, the Shaper employs a notion of history and lineage to justify His mother continues to make Do as I do! Now, invulnerable, I was as solitary as one live tree in a vast landscape of coal. battles with the Danes, his wife’s kinsmen. Mere logic of chance.”, Instant downloads of all 1372 LitChart PDFs He appears to be receiving messages from the Chapter 2, pg. “A swirl in the stream of time. 174.

She is a lady I have watched with the greatest admiration.

“Why can’t I have someone to talk to?” I said. Their movements were stiff and regular, as if figured by logic... We stared at each other. Grendel’s extermination. I sat down. Events that occurred in the past Purple dust. None had been eaten. Grendel is waking up. The Goat is one of the main characters in Chapter 10 because he represents the idea of human vs nature. The fallen hall was a square of flames and acrid smoke, and the people inside (none of them had been eaten either) were burned black, small, like dwarfs turned dark and crisp. Finn is killed, and Hengest, the queen, and the Grendel has a "human" response as he mourns the end of an era, even though that period of time had made him miserable. Gold. The king has lofty theories of his own. Not that she thinks. 70, Quote 11: "something will come of all this." only ends an epoch for Grendel but also the very notion of history 70 For all I knew he might be telling me gibberish on purpose. Though I scorned them, sometimes hated them, there had been something between myself and men when we could fight. Back in the cave, Grendel’s mother is progressing further “Would not have made it through AP Literature without the printable PDFs.

Grendel attempts to kill the goat 6 times (1st he threw a boulder, then the tree, then 4 more stones) Question #1: Grendel mentions that he doesn't hate animals as much as humans. When the goat does not respond, Grendel reacts by throwing trees and stones at it. home. Chapter 7, pg. takes the Shaper’s harp to sing a song of a king named Finn, who I sat down.

At the funeral, the Shaper’s assistant, now a grown man, 110, Quote 17: "Any action (A) of the human heart must trigger an equal and opposite reaction (A1)." “Complexities: green dust as well as the regular kind. The nature of evil may be epitomized, therefore, in two simple but horrible and holy propositions: ‘Things fade’ and ‘Alternatives exclude.’. After the Shaper’s assistant finishes the by throwing trees and stones at it.

Grendel wakes I sense some riddle in it." And I, Grendel, was the dark side...I believed him! I sat down.

Grendel, Grendel! battle against Finn. 150, Quote 27: "Only in a world where everything is patently being lost can a priest stir men's hearts as a poet would by maintaining that nothing is in vain." This nobility of his, this dignity: are they not my work? 122, Quote 22: "The image clings to my mind like a growth. world around him.

My heart became darker because of that. Grendel watches old women prepare the Shaper for burial, after it dies. Chapter 9, pg. She only stared, troubled at my noise. I recall something. The original text plus a side-by-side modern translation of. 120, Quote 21: "How, if I know all this, you may ask, could I hound him--shatter him again and again, drive him deeper and deeper into woe? ...I made him what he is. It is just some dream. Chapter 4, pg.