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As a Certified Chaplain or Student in training you will need business cards. 3 Vol 1 (1885), MISS/1/8/2/3 Railway Chariot September (1885), MISS/1/8/2/4 Railway Chariot No 4 Vol 1 (1885), MISS/1/8/2/5 Railway Chariot No 4 Vol 2 (1885), MISS/1/8/6/1 Newsletter (January-March 1963), MISS/1/8/6/2 Newsletter (April-June 1963), MISS/1/8/8/3 Christmas News and Prayer Letter, MISS/1/9 Books, Leaflets and Other Publications, MISS/1/9/12 The : Introducing the Work of the Railway Mission Leaflets, MISS/1/9/13 Express Train Driver's Testimony, MISS/1/9/16 'Everyday Life on the Railroad' Appendix (Copy), MISS/1/9/18 Christian Fellowship Programmes, MISS/1/9/2 Christian Association Hand Books, MISS/1/9/6 Illustrated Gospel of St. John, MISS/1/9/7 The Life Story of the Railwaymen's Friend, MISS/2/2/1/1 Letter Regarding Purchasing Premises for a Mission Hall, MISS/2/2/1/2 Letter Regarding the return of Electrical Cable, MISS/2/2/1/3 Letter Regarding Electricity Charges, MISS/2/2/1/4 Letter Regarding the Laying of Electricity Cables at the Brighton Mission Hall, MISS/2/2/1/5 Letter Regarding Damage from a Projectile to the Roof of the Brighton Mission Hall, MISS/2/2/2/1 Invoices from Young and Marten Ltd, MISS/2/2/3/1 Electrical Installation Time Sheet, MISS/2/2/3/2 Thanksgiving Service Programme for Pastor Les W. Hill, MISS/2/3/1/1 Constitution of Emmanuel Evangelical Church, MISS/2/3/2/10 General Committee and Members Meetings Minutes, MISS/2/3/2/5 General Committee and Members Meetings Minutes, MISS/2/3/2/6 General Committee and Members Meetings Minutes, MISS/2/3/2/7 General Committee and Members Meetings Minutes, MISS/2/3/2/8 General Committee and Members Meetings Minutes, MISS/2/3/2/9 General Committee and Members Meetings Minutes, MISS/2/3/4/1 Letter Concerning Baptism and Healing, MISS/2/3/4/2 Letter Concerning Fundraising, MISS/2/3/5/1 Annual Report and Accounts Leaflet, MISS/2/3/5/2 Annual Report and Accounts Leaflet, MISS/2/3/6 Books, Leaflets and Other publications, MISS/2/3/6/1 Opening of a New School Room, MISS/2/3/6/10 Invitation to a Jubilee Rally, MISS/2/3/6/11 Invitation to Jubilee Day Services, MISS/2/3/6/12 Still Running- Jubilee Memoir, MISS/2/3/6/13 Instructions for the Guidance of Superintendents of Branches, MISS/2/3/6/2 Everybody's Week Programme of Events, MISS/2/3/6/3 Suggested Guide for Superintendents and Secretaries, MISS/2/3/6/4 Jubilee Celebrations Programme, MISS/2/3/6/5 Harvest Thanksgiving Services Leaflet, MISS/2/3/6/6 Special May Meetings in their Diamond Jubilee Year, MISS/2/3/6/7 Diamond Jubilee Souvenir Programme, MISS/2/3/6/9 Welcome Meeting of a Convention and Evangelistic Campaign, MISS/2/6/6/8 Announcement of the 7th Anniversary of the Superintendent Leaflet, MISS/2/3/7/1 Photograph of the Colchester Mission Hall, MISS/2/3/7/2 Postcard of Colchester Mission Hall, MISS/2/3/9/1 Extract from the Essex Telegraph August 22nd 1896, MISS/2/3/9/2 Extract from the Essex County Standard August 22nd 1896, MISS/2/3/9/4 Urgent Appeal Meeting Envelope, MISS/2/3/9/6 Railway Mission Hall Colchester Dedication Book, MISS/2/4/1 Liverpool Railway Mission Minutes, MISS/2/4/1/1 Liverpool Railway Mission Minute Book, MISS/2/4/2 Liverpool Railway Mission Annual Reports, MISS/2/4/2/1 Railway Mission Liverpool Annual Report, MISS/2/4/2/2 Liverpool Railway Mission Annual Report and Accounts, MISS/2/4/2/3 Liverpool Railway Mission Annual Report and Accounts, MISS/2/4/2/4 Liverpool Railway Mission Annual Report and Accounts, MISS/2/4/2/5 Liverpool City Mission Annual Report, Donations and Accounts, MISS/2/4/3 Liverpool Railway Mission Correspondence, MISS/2/4/3/1 Letter Concerning Work in the Liverpool Area, MISS/2/4/3/2 Letter Concerning Addressing the Railway Mission Annual Meeting, MISS/2/4/3/3 Letter Recording the Decision to Adopt New Methods for Evangelistic Work, MISS/2/4/3/4 Letter Concerning Gas Bills for the Byles Street Mission Hall, MISS/2/4/4 Liverpool Railway Mission Books, Leaflets and Other Publications, MISS/2/4/4/1 Liverpool Railway Mission Annual Meeting Invitation, MISS/2/4/4/2 Liverpool Railway Mission Annual Meeting Invitation, MISS/2/4/5 Liverpool Railway Mission Miscellaneous, MISS/2/4/5/1 Liverpool Railway Mission Letter Paper, MISS/2/4/5/3 Newspaper Cutting Regarding Evangelic Work, MISS/2/4/5/4 Photocopy of Front Page of Minute Book, MISS/2/5 Melton Constable Railway Mission, MISS/2/5/1 Books, Leaflets and Other publications, MISS/2/5/1/1 Melton Constable Railway Mission Monthly Messenger, MISS/2/5/1/2 Railway Mission Messenger Melton Constable Branch, MISS/2/5/1/3 Melton Constable Railway Mission Centenary Booklet, MISS/2/6/1 Watford Railway Mission Journals and Newsletters, MISS/2/6/1/1 Watford Railway Mission Newsletter, MISS/2/6/2 Watford Railway Mission Plans and Specifications, MISS/2/6/2/1 Watford Railway Mission Hall Plan and Specifications, MISS/2/6/2/2 Watford Railway Mission Hall Plan, MISS/2/6/2/3 Watford Railway Mission Hall Specifications, MISS/2/7/1 Dundee Railway Mission Accounts, MISS/2/8 Branch Histories, Centenary Booklets and Souvenirs, MISS/2/8/1 Springburn Railway Mission Semi-Jubilee Souvenir Booklet, MISS/2/8/2 Springburn Railway Mission Jubilee Souvenir Booklet, MISS/2/8/3 Luton Railway Mission Jubilee Souvenir Booklet, MISS/2/8/4 Swindon Railway Mission Jubilee Souvenir Booklet, MISS/2/8/5 Starbeck Railway Mission Centenary Souvenir Booklet, MISS/2/8/6 Gorgie Railway Mission Jubilee Souvenir Booklet, MISS/2/8/7 Maryhill Railway Mission Centenary Souvenir Booklet, MISS/2/8/8 Jamestown Railway Mission History, MISS/2/9 Railway Mission Branches Miscellaneous, MISS/2/9/10 Springburn Railway Mission Memoir, MISS/2/9/11 Preston Centenary Thanksgiving Service Programme, MISS/2/9/13 Print of the Bury St. Edmond Railway Mission and Station, MISS/2/9/14 Recording of a Talk on the History of Bury St. Edmunds Railway Mission, MISS/2/9/2 Marked Testament of Mabel Reeve of Ipswich Railway Mission, MISS/2/9/3 Hymn Book Presented to Miss E.M. Giles by Ryde Railway Mission, MISS/2/9/4 Membership List of Railway Men's Christian Association, MISS/2/9/5 Hastings Place of Meeting for Religious Worship Certificate, MISS/2/9/6 Newspaper Cutting Regarding the Death of Railway Mission Foundress Miss M.R. ORDINATION SERVICE next CONFIRMED date: NOVEMBER 6TH, 2020 @7:00PM NEXT TENTATIVE DATES: NOVEMBER 29TH,2020 DECEMBER 6TH, 2020 DECEMBER 12TH, … A simple solution to create stunning wall groupings. Size 1 2 3-4 5-9 10+ Business Cards $ 22.00 $ 20.00 $ 18.00 $ 15.00 $ 11.00: Shipping. Copyright © 2020. These chaplains are successful. Get customizable Chaplain business cards or make your own from scratch! MISS/1/11/12 Photograph of Erich Ginsberg. We also carry both chaplain stoles in the most popular styles and colors. No. First Come, First Serve! The meeting could be conducted at a supper or a training. We are proud to feature the finest collection of interfaith jewelry available. 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MISS/1/1/1 Constitution, Byelaws and Basis of Fellowship, MISS/1/1/2 Memorandum on post war reconstruction, MISS/1/1/3 Memorandum of Agreement: Scotland, MISS/1/10 Forms, Membership Cards and other Printed Material, MISS/1/10/10 Total Abstinence Association Member's Card, MISS/1/10/8 British Rail Track Safety Certificate, MISS/1/11/1 Photographs of the International Railway Camp, MISS/1/11/10 Photograph of John and Joan Bassett, MISS/1/11/12 Photograph of Erich Ginsberg, MISS/1/11/13 Photograph of Reverend Alan Thorpe, MISS/1/11/15 Photograph of Michael and Rena Coleman, MISS/1/11/16 Photograph of Inter-City 125, MISS/1/11/17 Photograph of Eddie and Barbara Jones at the Filey Holiday Crusade, MISS/1/11/18 Photograph of the 1984 Annual Conference, MISS/1/11/19 Photograph of Staff at the Swindon, MISS/1/11/2 Photographs of a Group Trip to the Netherlands, MISS/1/11/20 Photograph of the Centenary of the Forth Bridge Ceremony, MISS/1/11/21 Photograph of Attendees of the 1984 Annual Meeting of the Conference, MISS/1/11/22 Photograph of Sunday School Outing, MISS/1/11/23 Photograph of the Open Air Mission in Derby, MISS/1/11/24 Photographs of the North East Conference, MISS/1/11/25 1959 Annual Conference Photograph, MISS/1/11/3 Photographs of a Camp in Derby, MISS/1/11/30 Miscellaneous Projector Slides, MISS/1/11/5 Photographs of Chaplain Richard Tagg, MISS/1/11/6 Photograph of Pastor John Stott of the Liverpool City Mission, MISS/1/11/7 Photograph of Howard and Dawn Jones of the South Wales, MISS/1/11/8 Photograph of Ken and Betty Close, MISS/1/11/9 Photograph of Richard and Alison Tagg, MISS/1/13/1 Tenancy Agreement for Spring Road Halt Mission Hall, Birmingham, MISS/1/13/10 Correspondence and fire policy regarding a Mission Hall on Bertram Street, Hamilton, MISS/1/13/10/1 Correspondence Concerning the Tenancy Agreement for Land on Bertram Street, Hamilton, MISS/1/13/10/2 Correspondence Confirming the Tenancy of Land on Bertram Street, Hamilton, MISS/1/13/10/3 Correspondence Regarding the Tenancy Agreement of the Burnbank Branch, MISS/1/13/10/4 Correspondence Regarding the Removal of the Mission Hall on Bertram Street, Hamilton, MISS/1/13/10/5 Tenancy Agreement for the Burnbank Branch, MISS/1/13/10/6 Fire Policy for the Burnbank Branch of the, MISS/1/13/11 Letter from the Oxford Mission Regarding the Payment of Accounts, MISS/1/13/2 Plan for a Mission Hall at Spring Road Halt, Birmingham, MISS/1/13/3 Plan for a Mission Room in Cambridge, MISS/1/13/4 Plan of SA Barracks, Cambridge, MISS/1/13/6 Design, Specification and Estimate for a Hall in Derby, MISS/1/13/7 Letter Regarding Land at Bateman Street, Derby, MISS/1/13/8 Tenancy Agreement for a Mission Hall in Luton, MISS/1/13/9 Correspondence Regarding a Mission Hall at 2 Tenant Street, Glasgow, MISS/1/14/1 Railway Boys' Mission Leaflet, MISS/1/14/11 Advertisement for the Book 'What's the Point? Choose one of our shipping options for delivery. The products featured here were suggested by chaplains and others serving an interfaith community. VOLUNTEER with us. We are proud to feature the finest collection of interfaith jewelry available. Processing Time: 1-2 business days in lab + shipping: Pricing. Current Chaplaincy Australia Network members can order business cards directly from CA. Upload your own custom Business Card design. CLICK THIS LINK & ORDER THEM HERE!!! MISS/1/10/8 British Rail Track Safety Certificate. chaplain, and a formal meeting with department members. Most orders ship in 1-3 days, If you're not happy with your order, we will make it right, We only use professional grade papers & materials, Every order is handmade in our labs in the Midwest. If you need help or have a question for Customer Service, please visit our Help Centre. All rights reserved. We produce character building materials for an interfaith world. 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