At the morgue, Castiel uses his supernatural senses to tell everything about the man's health, which annoys Dean and is surprised when Sam reveals the man was having an affair which Castiel was unable to tell with his abilities. When Dean wakes up in the woods, no longer in Hell, he goes to find Sam and Bobby. At the Styne estate, Castiel finds a gory scene of more than fifteen people brutally murdered. Castiel, having been permitted by Naomi to let Meg explain, tells Sam and Dean that this revelation is a shock as well to cover up his story before. With the sad news of Charlie's death to deliver, Sam returns to the distillery where Castiel and Rowena are. He then celebrates his full return with his friends. After the memorial, Castiel begins searching for Jack, traveling to Heaven to seek Naomi's assistance. Castiel, lying in a dark, barren space, wakes up to the sound of Jack calling out for him. He agrees to go with Dean, and see if he can help Sam. Castiel and Dean determine that Holloway must be another angel, but Castiel can't figure out why he'd cut people. Meg tells him he is an angel and that he and Dean used to be friends. This occurred when he said ", Like Sam, John and Bobby, Castiel has shown the ability to overpower a being possessing him. After reaching an empty field, Dean and Castiel arm themselves with angel blades per Donatello's instructions that Gog and Magog can only be killed by a weapon touched by God and Castiel summons the two warriors with a spell. He is the only angel that is shown to have been resurrected after having been killed, and he has been resurrected more than once. Castiel has a stand-off with them with his angel blade until Metatron defuses the situation by telling him to let him go. Sam tells Dean that after he came back from Lucifer's Cage, he prayed to Castiel in hopes that he could explain what happened. Castiel thinks there is little Dean, as a human, can do. Metatron then finally takes Castiel to the library where he hid the remnants of Castiel's grace, the location concealed in assorted quotes in the various books throughout the library. After smiting many people he considered to be doing evil in God's name, he blacks out and loses control of his vessel, and his powers, to Leviathans possessing him. Castiel offers to remove Fred's power, but warns that it will be painful and dangerous and if he does it, he's not sure how much of Fred will be left. April tortures him with his own angel blade for information on Metatron and his spell, but Castiel tells her he didn't know the truth until too late and that his grace was the final ingredient. They discuss the case during their time in the diner and plan their attack. Sam demands that he help them track down Crowley. Walking out of Wendy's house, an angry Castiel sarcastically tells Crowley all he wants to do is save his mother, but Crowley corrects him by telling him that Rowena is a powerful witch and the only one capable of sending Lucifer back to the Cage. Castiel calls Dean again while Dean, Sam, and a supposed victim of the monster are driving away from where Sam was also attacked. He accuses her of working for Heaven against the Winchesters. The hunters prepare to take on Lucifer in Carthage, Missouri, and Bobby insists on taking a photo of them all so he has something to remember them by. She wants Dean to meet her, but instead of Dean, Castiel arrives. Sam and Dean insist that he bring them along, but Castiel protests that time travel is extremely difficult, even with Heaven's support. Taking her seriously, Castiel heals the affliction and even her bullet wound. Castiel appears behind them, holding a paper bag of hamburgers, and explains that the brothers released a soul. Unlike many other angels, Cassiel is known for simply watching the events of the cosmos unfold with little interference. As the rift starts to close Cas crosses over and stabs Lucifer in the chest while Sam and Dean return to their world. Meg explains to them that Crowley and his demons are actually looking for the angel tablet, much to the shock of Sam and Dean, since they thought they Crowley was searching for a parchment. When they find the room they need, they are unable to do more than collapse on the floor in front of Pestilence. Castiel, who has muted his ability to hear what other angels are saying in his head asks Sam and Dean to become a hunter like them and brings them a case he has found in a newspaper: a man's heart literally burst out of his chest. Before leaving he heals Dean and tells him that he must protect the tablet from Naomi, Crowley and even Dean himself for some reason. Crowley tells them that they can't save Cas, but Dean tells him to either help them or leave, so he leaves. As she chokes Castiel, Sam and Dean arrive and divert her attention. Sam and Dean reluctantly agree to train him, but insist on him riding in the Impala with them rather than teleporting. On the road to Indianapolis, Sam, Dean, and Castiel are stopped by the Secret Service. Afterwards, Castiel helps Megs with her wounds and Meg starts to flirt with him, reminiscing about their kiss in the past. Walking past the hotel bar, he is stopped by Crowley. Dean and Sam return to their motel room to find Castiel and Uriel waiting. Crowley is able manipulate this budding sense of pride to get Castiel to start the angelic civil war. Arriving at the sandbox later that evening, Cas and Kelly are greeted by Joshua, who upon exiting the gate is immediately killed by Dagon. Crowley is angry that she was killed, as there is little she can do to open Purgatory for them as a corpse. She escapes and contacts Bobby and the Winchesters, telling her story before dying in an alley. Ishim begins questioning how Castiel could let humans speak to him the way the Winchesters do. Later, Castiel confronts Sam at the hospital where Dean is being treated. As noted by Uriel, Naomi, Metatron and Ishim, Castiel is very attached to his ward, Dean Winchester, though he has come to include Sam and Mary as people in his care, and despite accusations that these three humans make him weak, Castiel defends that they are the source of his strength. Meg is there, and calls the brothers the next morning to let them know what has happened, saying that Castiel is "different." After absorbing millions of souls from Purgatory, he became so powerful that he was able to overpower an Archangel easily, his powers included: Castiel using Holy White Light on Raphael. Castiel is able to gather all of the needed ingredients, but also gets Sam despite Dean's insistence against it as they need all the help they can get. Realizing that Dean has blocked out the truth, Castiel uses his powers to show him what really happened when Dean escaped, explaining that he wanted to stay in Purgatory as his penance and it was never Dean's fault, stunning Dean as Sam joins them. He also expresses some fondness for Meg despite the previous animosity that existed between them. Dean and Castiel visit Kevin in Garth's houseboat and ask for the ingredients. With not enough money to do both, Castiel abandons his clothes, including his trench coat, steals new ones and buys water (which he drinks thirstily) and food from a vending machine. And as Sam tries to console Dean, insisting that they will find a way to stop Lucifer. Castiel sends Dean back 1973 to meet his parents when they were young. Dean orders him to relax, to no effect. Castiel tries to cast her out of her host, but finds that without Heaven's support he is unable to do so. He intends to be an involved god, a better and loving god who will not abandon the world. It seems that Cas tried to comfort the girl by telling her it wasn't her fault that her father ran away; it was because he hated his job at the post office. Crowley, to everyone's shock, offers to help Castiel and give him more time against Lucifer. In this post-apocalyptic world, most humans have been reduced to murderous zombies. Very soon, Gabriel joined the team and after they capture Lucifer they are travel to Apocalypse World and find Jack and Mary. The trio arrive at a leviathan graveyard riddled with blossoms and skeletons. She pulls out her blade to kill him, but is stabbed from behind by Meg. You're such petty little things. Sam researches the whereabouts of Cas' '78 Continental in an attempt to locate Metatron and offhandedly refers to the car as crappy, which Cas seems hurt by, and Dean attempts to reassure him. Raphael vanishes. Castiel states that he was once the captain of his garrison. While Ion is distracted, Castiel digs the bullet out of his stomach, knocks Ion down and shoves the bullet through his eye, killing him. After the call ends, Castiel dons his trench coat and attempts to leave the bunker, but pauses at the exit, flashing back to beating Dean in the warehouse, being tortured by angels, attempting to kill Crowley, and Dean beating him while he under the influence of the Mark of Cain. Notably, he wore a coat very similar to the trench coat he wore in his first appearance. I would never look beyond the plan. When the Winchesters arrive at the nursing home where Donatello has been in a persistent vegetative state, they are surprised to find Castiel there, disguised as Dr. Novak. Aware of Lucifer's weakened state, Asmodeus refuses to bow to him and subdues and captures both Lucifer and Castiel. You're worse than demons and yet you claim to be … Crowley conducts the ritual, and though Bobby and Dean try to interrupt, completes it. There, Castiel explains his guilty feelings, that he feels his resurrections are a punishment, and he believes he's bad luck. He has since reclaimed the last of his own grace and restored to full power and being a Seraph once again. Castiel tells April it would be foolish to kill him as if his Grace was the key to making the spell work, he may be the key to reversing it. Suddenly Castiel yells at Michael to get his attention, then hurls a Molotov cocktail full of holy oil at the archangel. He yells at Castiel for putting his "pets" first, and thinks they should just be killed to simplify matters. It is presumed to be very tremendous and terrifying, as the mere image of it was enough to cause Crowley to flee in fear of being smited.