Or. How will i know if I am a sociopath if you dont give me an assessment? It goes without saying that just like any other functional skill, the only way to improve your CASPer performance over time is by deliberately engaging in the task over and over again. First, remember this is an assessment of your professionalism. Sample CASPer Question #3. Sample CASPer Question and CASPer Sample Answers: #2 What will you do in this situation? Here's a summary of our recommended strategies for approaching each station in the CASPer test: Section IV: Sample CASPer Test Questions & Expert Responses itsjamie17xo. If you are the captain of an oil tanker, and the tanker is leaking, the most pressing issue is the well-being of your crew and the immediate and long-term impact of an oil leak on the environment as a whole. And here is an example of a difficult follow-up question: Want a quick video recap? Unlike popular belief, CASPer is not a test of your typing speed. Alternatively, the colleague could have made an honest oversight while accepting the assignment and now that I have brought it to their attention they are willing to rectify the situation by speaking to the supervisor directly. As a professional, you never want to have a sensitive conversion and potentially embarrass another person in front of others, unless it is absolutely urgent. All rights reserved. If you are a teacher, it’s the well-being of your students. The college, the college basketball community at large, the coach’s family, etc. Identify the most pressing issue. CASPER (actually spelled "CASPer" but I do not respect it enough to call it by its real name) is a "personality" test that "evaluates" your personality and characteristics, meaning it evaluates how you can solve problems, resolve conflict, be ethical … Remember, CASPer is meant to test your professionalism – so all you need to do is show that you can make common sense decisions and come up with rational decisions that cause as little harm to others as possible. What if they are indeed drunk, but are simply going to grab something from their car? Remain non-judgmental at all times. Read all questions and answer the easiest question first. Doctor in emergency room, two patients require kidney trans…, a. How to Answer CASPer Questions Using the Punnett Square Approach (aka "if then, then that" approach) We have discussed CASPer a lot in these blog posts: (Top Five Tips For Acing Your CASPer Test & Former CASPer Test Evaluator Reveals Her Top CASPer Prep Tips).We have talked about which kinds of questions you should prepare for and how to think about this weird exam. CLICK HERE to learn more about our CASPer preparation programs & CASPer SIM™ practice tests. Only doctors have within scope to prescribe medication... Phys…, Due process rights and procedural guarantees provided by 4th,…, - deny gov authority to make general searches... "general search"…, -provides protection against "unreasonable" search and seizure…, warrant less searches only with reasonable suspicion, obligation to respect patients as individuals (truth telling,…, physiicans have a special ethical (fiuciary) duty to act in th…, "Do no harm." While the name is unusual (and gets confused with Casper mattress or Casper the friendly ghost), just like any other test, there are specific ways to prepare for it.