Rich in nectar, they attract butterflies. Stoney Ground Herbs specialises in growing medicinal, fragrant and culinary herb plants. Cheers Gail. Here are our current list of thymes we grow, most of which are available in the nursery too: Common Thyme CREEPING THYME 50mm Pot NEW! About GardenGrow | Thyme scented golden edged leaves and light pink flowers in summer. Thymus pulegioides Thymus praecox subsp. britannicus syn. USES Thyme lawns, thyme seats, cracks in paths and steps A recent discussion that ran on a Facebook page, and an article I wrote on growing footpath herbs, prompted me to do a post on the different Thymes we have at MeadowSweet. Grows into beautiful golden mounds about 10-20cm(h) x 20cm(w). This planting guide is a general reference intended for home gardeners. Climate zones | Please provide your email address if you are hoping for a reply, All comments are reviewed before displaying on the site, so your posting will not appear immediately, Your donation (via PayPal) will help support and improve Gardenate, Put GardenGrow in your pocket. Grow in seed trays and plant out 6-8 weeks. Shop now! Forming very low carpets of green aromatic foliage, it bears from May to August a magic deep pile carpet of very conspicuous, carmine-pink flowers. There are 65 creeping thyme seeds for sale on Etsy, and they cost NZ$6.57 on average. Some varieties are Organic Farm NZ Certified. The leaves are much more golden when they are planted in full sun. I'll share some soulful gardening ideas as well as recipes for food and health. In general thyme can be added dried or fresh to soups and stews, roast meats, and vegetables such as potatoes and zucchini. A very good taste too. Caraway Thyme Creeping Thyme ~ Thymus serpyllum $6 per plant in 9cm pot Creeping thyme for those inbetween spots or up the garden path. Get our app for iPhone, 0274865407. Seeds need to be started in a warm frost- free place. Thymus Ruby carpet is an evergreen low growing mat forming thyme. This is a most delightful thyme just because of the great scent and flavour. Magic Carpet blooms a week earlier than our Creeping Thyme seed and the flowers are just a little longer. All plants are grown organically. Compatible with (can grow beside): Dry-environment herbs (oregano,sage), Eggplant, Cabbage. The most populargreen You can harvest your thyme straight away but it's best to give it some time to get established. Stunningly pretty with its silver margined leaves! Has a creeping habit rather than a bushy one, and grows around 25cm(h) x 25cm(w) Whatever you are looking for, King Seeds have it for you. I often use this in conjuction with common thyme. Blooming profusely from early to mid summer, it features clusters of tiny, bright magenta-pink flowers. Hello! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. ? Required fields are marked *. Emerald Carpet Thyme Woolly Thyme They are supposed to have a slight lemon scent, but compared to Lemon Thyme, in my opinion it is much more plain thyme scented than lemon scented. Thymus pseudolanuginosus, previously known as Thymus lanuginosus. In a pinch, many of these can be substituted for common thyme (Thymus vulgaris) in recipes, and even as a medicine, although personally I always prefer using the species thyme in cooking and for healing. Purple Carpet Creeping Thyme will grow to be only 2 inches tall at maturity extending to 3 inches tall with the flowers, with a spread of 14 inches.