", How will he be remembered? "She accepts it," Hewson says of his daughter. But she found it impossible to successfully juggle work and family. [3], She is a Director of BHP[4] YWCA,[5] the NeuroSurgical Research Foundation, and the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. "I got a bit enamoured with bigger houses and things like that," he says. I ran into Mike Willesee at a school function and he said,'You must hate me.' She said that until the age of five her daughter flew to Adelaide once a month so her mother could attend board meetings. [20], In January 2019, Hewson was announced as one of the members of the board of Infrastructure SA, an organisation tasked by the Government of South Australia under Steven Marshall to develop a 20-year infrastructure strategy and five-year plans. "People who have seen it have called it one of the best non-waterfront homes in Australia," he says. In 2017 she was on the panel of judges for the Workplace Giving Excellence Awards. 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"I was with her when the doctor was doing the ultrasound. If you don't attend conferences or read the opinion page of The Australian Financial Review, then Hewson is completely off the radar, fixed in the public imagination as the suit who lost the "unlosable" election, the uber-yuppie who never connected with the Australian people - or, some say, his colleagues. Hewson is fascinated by the man who destroyed him. "Canberra is full of people who are shooting rockets and end up falling to the ground as dead sticks. The other side of Hewson hasn't had much of an airing. I was disappointed, but I understand. Just as another formerly hardline Liberal, Malcolm Fraser, now comes over almost as a social progressive, he appears to identify more with Keating now than with his former colleagues. In 2002 he took on the role of dean of the Macquarie University Graduate School of Management, which by all accounts has been a controversial tenure. I said: 'I'm fine, I didn't actually expect to do as well as we did ...' He said: 'I want to say to you that I said some pretty nasty things about you in the last few years and I just want you to know that I really didn't mean them. But he will say that, while there was no nervous breakdown and no alcohol problem, he was exhausted. He picked up on my theme in Asia, that sort of thing . After politics we were both working very hard to establish new careers.". I have read so much stuff that's wrong, so I had to steel myself yet again, hold my head up and go out there again. And it is true that he and his second wife Carolyn have split. And it is true that he and his second wife Carolyn have split. In 1993 Carolyn had a much-publicised miscarriage at 20 weeks. The devastating election loss in 1993 might be the last time a lot of people gave John Hewson so much as a passing thought. A recent cultural shift has seen professionals winding back huge workloads to spend more time with their families in an effort to avoid the mistakes their parents made with them. ". " He went into that election advocating a goods and services tax that the public was frightened of and which he sold badly, epitomised by a famous interview with Mike Willesee when he couldn't explain the application of the tax on a birthday cake. ". Carolyn Judith Hewson (née Somerville; born July 1955)[1] is an Australian business woman. A third said they slept less so they could work more. He points out the pool, the tennis court, the billiards room, the gym (with rubber floor), the "brag wall" with photos of Hewson with powerful people, the 14-car garage, his collection of model ships, his young daughter's bedroom, sitting room and balcony. I had this habit of an academic of answering the question. After quitting politics in 1993 six months after losing what many called the "unloseable" election, John Hewson threw himself into his career as a consultant in investment banking, into property developments and into a busy schedule on the public speaking circuit. "It was traumatic," Hewson says. But Hewson's life has not been as easy as he might have made it look when he became rich and successful. ", "It's the ethic we both have," says Carolyn Hewson. "He lost the unlosable election. I finally succumbed to the fact that even I had to pull back. He has been painted by Paul Keating mainly as having lived a life of privilege, a top-end-of-towner oblivious to the real experiences of the people he sought to represent. "At the time we were living in Double Bay and Keating was living in Elizabeth Bay. "In retrospect, I think internally it probably took a greater toll than anyone imagined. Their power careers with the big double income hurt the marriage. He picked on issues where he was prepared to try and make a stand and make a lead. Hewson has had several periods of extended leave from the position and reportedly a clash with the university's vice-chancellor over his style. [6], She has previously held top executive positions with Schroders Australia Limited; BT Investment Management Limited,[7] Westpac Banking Corporation,[8] AMP Limited,[9] CSR Limited,[10] AGL Energy Limited,[11] the Australian Gas Light Company,[12] SA Water,[13] and the Economic Development Board of South Australia. I'm very disappointed and sad about what's happened. . "That term 'superwoman' should be banned because it gives the impression women can perform superhuman feats, and in the long run they can't. [John] Howard used to get furious with me when I used to say in interviews, 'Let's call this on its merits, let's not play politics.' While their life might have looked perfect, the couple spent eight years trying to conceive a child. But she has also inherited her mother's beauty, as this stunning new photograph reveals. "Keating had it right," he said. Carolyn Hewson has had a long and successful career in investment banking, also sitting on several boards. "We had virtually no time to ourselves. [15], Hewson was made an Officer of the Order of Australia (AO) in the 2009 Queen's Birthday Honours "for service to the community through support for charitable organisations, particularly YWCA, and to business,"[16] has been recognized as "one of Australia’s most influential company directors,"[17] and ranked as "Australia’s most influential female board directors"[18] by The Australian Financial Review. "We had the additional public pressure of being well known," she said. 'I hope in the future you will encourage your journalists to check their stories more carefully.' He sat on several boards and travelled widely. ", He was stoic publicly about the loss, but there was always going to be an emotional price to pay. ", Hewson pays price: hard work means hard lessons. "They [the media] were camping outside my house for a while," he says, looking every one of his 57 years. We are still friends, we still talk a lot." It was accumulated stress ... We had virtually no time to ourselves. As we drive along, Hewson appears to offer his own political obituary. Probably I realised during last year that the pace couldn't continue. Whatever the case, the feelings of the Liberals towards him have gone from poisonous a few years ago to indifference now. He claims to have regularly worked 100-hour weeks. The couple have a nine-year-old daughter. I could almost throw a stone from my house to his. It's an exhaustive tour through an unfinished site, stepladders, sawdust and electrical wiring everywhere. Combining two super-careers with bringing up a young child proved too much to handle: "There was this belief that we could both do it, but in the long term you can't. I quite respect you and admire you.' "On the exterior, he coped very well," says Carolyn. She was "the wife from central casting". Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. "He'll be remembered as a failed experiment," said the senior Liberal. . "I found that quite incredible, actually," Hewson says. The Hewsons are among the most visible victims of what has often been called society's failure to get the work-family balance right. A study released last month by the Melbourne Business School's Mount Eliza Centre for Executive Education showed finding a good work-life balance was the greatest challenge faced by executives. It was the first day back in Parliament after the 1993 election. Carolyn Somerville married John Hewson in 1988. I said: 'Thanks for that, it does mean a lot to me'. She rang the editors of some newspapers that had run the articles mentioning the rumours. . "Without the public pressure we might have made it. After separating from his first wife, Margaret, in 1985, he married Carolyn Somerville in 1988, a formidable figure in investment banking whom Hewson's biographer Christine Wallace describes as an "upper middle-class blonde" who "looked like John, spoke John's language and, best of all, could work a room almost better than him". Come over here, I want to talk to you," Paul Keating said to John Hewson. . "I was not a politician. She said that until the age of five her daughter flew to Adelaide once a month so her mother could attend board meetings. The Hewsons lived in Sydney, but Carolyn flew to Adelaide once a month for board meetings, and took her pre-school daughter with her. It wasn't just the hard work, it was the hard work in the fish bowl. Silence is best, he says. Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. The Hewsons became used to attacks from the Liberals and the media, Carolyn says. ", And, of course, there was Paul Keating. Ninety-eight per cent of the 680 managers surveyed said they made personal sacrifices for work, such as spending less time with their families. In 2014 she was named as one of four possible candidates to become South Australia's next Governor,[19] but the position was eventually given to Hieu Van Le. A senior Liberal who declined to be named said: "Obviously his hatred of Tony [Abbott] and John [Howard] deeply colours his views, which are completely out of synch with reality. It could be a tour by a real-estate agent or a proud mate rather than a man whose family may never live here. How are you? The couple have a daughter born around 1995 but their marriage ended in 2004. "I told them, 'What you said was wrong,' " Carolyn says. " While her sister Eve has made a splash in the world of acting, US-based Jordan has taken another career route, making a name for herself as a social entrepreneur with her tech company, Speakable. The nurse said, 'This baby is no longer alive.' "There are no ill feelings at all," Hewson says of his relationship with Carolyn. "It was accumulated stress," Mr Hewson, former Liberal Opposition leader, told The Sunday Age.