Do you feel deceived? There are terrible emotional and financial consequences when informed consent is lacking as these idealistic humanitarians forge ahead off shore toward their medical degrees. The study environment is best because all teachers are cooperative and professional. I prefer to go to the beach, go hiking, or to a resort after an exam, than going to a bar in NYC during the wintertime. This is your dream, take it seriously. I’m sorry, at the graduate level those days are over. Since it is a smaller program, they care more about being able to work with someone for 4 years. The school also offers workshops on different areas as test taking skills, how to deal with anxiety and depression, and how to study for a specific subject. Almost makes me want to go back to med school. also try to get you to round in multiple hospitals, making it impossible for My advice, like the author of the article, is to do something else for a bit. graduates who offered testimonials, but she remembered being moved by Luther Castillo’s story in particular. Our school placed a random selection of students in a motel 5 miles from campus. I was considering a Caribbean med school for my daughter. I am still dying. Caribbean schools provide many students with a chance to realize their dream of becoming a doctor and this can be a good deal for both parties. Their profiles are openly available on, just check them out. It’s ongoing, so may be things happen, even if it wasn’t your fault or if it was, you can’t begin to explain to people why they even happened, but all you know is you will do better than they expect from you. I should have worked as a scribe, shadowed, and did more science work. It isn’t nearly so doom and gloom. PLEASE ANYONE READING THIS POST SHARE IT. Certainly not worth getting into a quarter million in debt that will take for ever to pay back. Currently in the U.S. there lots of DO schools springing up left and right, and most of them are for profit. VIDEO FROM THE NEW YORKER sticker every few months, and got a new one. How is that university can you please let me know? Are you aware of any colleges that offer medicine programs right after high school or the 12th grade as it is in India. Also as an athlete, you knew when not to run or when running, when to stop, like if you pull a muscle. We would cool our heels for Hi Bunmi please can we hook up? The child-mortality rate in Cuba is lower than it is in the U.S., and life expectancy in both countries is about the same, even though per-capita health-care spending in the United States is the highest in the world. These Caribbean programs are fast-paced so if you miss a class, you miss a lot and it’s hard to catch up. However, against all these warnings, if you do decided to apply, Keep in mind, AUA will take EVERYBODY. I live in the US and have been out of school for about 4 years. If you’re someone who has excellent grades and excellent test-taking skills, you will almost guaranteed match after four years. While all the Campuses (Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad) offer high quality Medical degrees, I highly recommend the beautiful Cave Hill Campus in Barbados. There are times when I went to classes in pain and took an exam and passed it. Yet, school position is, they have more than the minimum seat requirement for institution to qualify as one. It only shows you are a lazy reader. Our curriculum has been designed to prepare students to be knowledgeable, skillful, compassionate and dutiful physicians in the twenty-first century. So many fractured lives and lost dreams. I need to be honest and say that I’ve had a really hard time at SJSM. But US Steps/hospitals will make IMG’s jump through a lot of hoops additional requirements for not being a medical school in the US even though its the same exact books, anatomage, cadavers,etc. I thought I’d offer a different perspective from a current M2 SGU student, in response to the points made in this post. We need you. The lady in Gobernacion used to give Not Guadalajara, but a less well-known one on the Gulf Coast of Mexico…back in the early Eighties. For example, until last semester, we had 2 exams(CAS) with 100 -150 questions each. my name is jehan and i need your advice when their experience i got worry special i am with my kids i mean what do you about the area is safety to raise kids Our match rate was pretty good too last year at 91%, so unless you are failing classes left and right you will most likely match. I am a student of All Saints University of Medicine, St. Vincent. Could you guys give the honest opinions? It’s like a wild wild west out here with AUA pointing their barrel to whatever they want. I really don’t see a problem with giving someone a chance to do what they really want in life. Those who have spoken up have been dismissed even when they have proof, because there are no courts on the island and lawyers on other islands don’t like to get involved with Saba. But if this were my last option to becoming a physician I would still probably do it out of determination. There were only a few cadavers in the anatomy labs…dug up from I’m currently having that same issue. Say whatever you like, but we were in all the way: Mind, body, soul, money. That I do not regret one second. Anonymous Does the school take two semesters worth of students totaling close to 2000/year? I heard there’s no way to retain all of that info, so what study skills did you have? I was a hardworking student with an upwards trajectory grades-wise. This is obviously SGU lol for anybody who is not familiar with the Caribbean route. This is actually beneficial for those living off campus. I am not trying to be rude, I am just shocked, and deeply saddened that so many students (who are no different than myself, a medical student in the U.S.) are getting taken advantage of. I wish I had known what I was in for before starting med school. My friend and I both got 73% on our exams, they let her take Ck and didn’t let me. In my heart though, I knew that if I was given the chance to prove myself, I would excel. The loans are private and the rates are through the roof. I went through a horrible divorce and lost my family. As far as Caribbean medical schools. I’m a physiologist who’s been teaching at US medical schools for 30 plus years. And we don’t see any changes being made with that extra money anyway. Hi, This little fact is kept well hidden from the starting class until you’re actually there! I have been a licensed practicing physician for almost 20 years and I have no regrets!! But I am working hard and chasing a dream, certainly. Read the latest news from our school. My son has dyslexia so could not succeed in his first choice…medicine. By the way the same company that is majority share holder of SGU bought prometric in 2018. I miss her. I give warm heartfelt congratulations to those who have made it through the game of the system… they deserve it. • Less expensive than the bigger Caribbean schools Fuck the rest, excuses included. Are current students honest with them during the interview process? Good luck! We were both premed/biochem majors from a top undergraduate university whose pass rate for prerequisites were 50%, so were used to being under a lot of what seems to be “unfair” stress.