All in all Buzz! There's an over-muscled superhero (with a "superior intellect") a commendably mute mime and a masked Mexican wrestler, along with lots of other fun characters to take the grilling from Buzz so you don't have to. Due to staff availability, customers may experience delays or disruptions in their ability to contact PlayStation Support. Enjoy multiplayer Buzz! The game that helped bring fast paced TV quizzing to your living room has long been wowing families with its wide variation of questions, glossy presentation and of course, the charismatic host with the most, Buzz - he of silky blonde hair, dashing suits and showbiz smile. The ratings just keep rising, so Buzz is back with a new general knowledge show to keep all quiz fiends satisfied. There are some other great new additions this time around too. : Master Quiz and have been balanced specifically for quizzing on the move. : Master Quiz also offers a single player game with 15 different challenges designed to test all aspects of your general knowledge. On top of your traditional quiz format, Pass Around let's you pick on the weaknesses of your competitors. appealing Slick TV-style presentation that feels more like a real gameshow than ever before means you'll see more of the studio, more of the contestants and more of Buzz! In this mode you face 15 different quiz challenges designed to test and push all aspects of your knowledge and quiz playing skills. The ratings just keep rising, so Buzz is back with a new general knowledge show to keep all quiz fiends satisfied. Buzz! Number of players: Can be played as a pair but larger groups work well too. The classic buzz game is fairly simple and best suited for younger children who are learning how to multiply. Another new feature is the Mystery Round. Enjoy hundreds of free online trivia quiz games about literally any topic you can think of. • 5,000 brand new general knowledge questions, covering TV, movies, music, sports, science, nature and more• Choose from 16 contestants, including favourites like Ash and Pelvis and brand new characters, such as mighty superhero Quiz Man!• Includes a range of movie, sports and nature clips, as well as TV footage.

As well as returning favourites like the fat Elvis-alike, the afroed-disco dancer and the chirpy Euro disco diva, there are some great new additions to the team. The studio and presentation have been spruced up and Buzz is just as stylish as always! BUZZ!™ Quiz World is the ultimate quiz show experience that puts you and up to 8 of your friends in the contestant trivia hot-seat. New rounds have been added alongside some old favourites, with the finale revamped for an even more exciting conclusion. Equipment needed: None. If you don't know, now's the time to start studying, because things are noticeably more difficult this time around. This is a great addition to the series, and means that even if you haven't been performing so well throughout the game you can still come back and win. Is it true that dogs can sometimes communicate with humans? All rights reserved. Who invented the steam engine? A wrong answer will cause you to lose a chunk of time, and the last contestant left standing at the end of the round is officially declared the winner.

: Master Quiz offers a single player experience that will challenge casual quizzers as well as stretch quiz buffs and aficionados. Another nice touch is the awards given at the end of the show. These special rounds give Buzz the opportunity to show off his multi-talented nature as a card shark, horse trainer and all-round raconteur.

Enjoy hundreds of free online trivia quiz games about literally any topic you can think of: Geography, History, Math, … First off, there are tons of new questions, spanning enough categories to make Chris Tarrant blush. : Master Quiz Buzz! Everything feels more polished and large-scale, perfectly replicating the feeling of being on a TV quiz show.

... Keep your life a-buzz with quizzes! on PSP boasts three exciting multiplayer modes, plus new round types that will test and push your quiz skills to the max.

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