When they went to visit, they agreed, ‘This is it.’ I owe it all to that conversation.”. Yeah, it’s kind of sad that, even in 2019, women are still being asked to prove themselves, even though so many of us have shown that we can hang with the big boys. https://t.co/KGOcoQORMg, — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) June 6, 2020. 10 years in with an awesome partner like PAULIE MAC and it's the most fun job a guy could ask for. Who listens now? “Murph and Mac” have been entertaining sports fans in the Bay area since 2006. It’s crazy and it’s going to be fun to watch. It’s go big or go home. “A colleague told my dad he had visited a little town called Mill Valley over the weekend, and that it looked like a wonderful place to raise a family. Now, he’s coming to a new city and a new team and needs some company … I found two cats that we’ve already paired him up with, He was so excited. “Then there are the ethereal reasons that I share with everyone who has fallen in love with southern Marin. And I listen to music, all kinds.”, This article originally appeared in Marin Magazine’s print edition under the headline: “Sporting Life.”. GET BREAKING NEWS IN YOUR BROWSER. What you’re take on that? CALLING BRIAN MURPHY affable is like calling Fred Astaire graceful. Unlistenable. But I’ll tell you something: Even if the Clippers win the whole thing — and they really do look like they have a shot — it will still be a Lakers town. Tell us about how you helped out (Warriors rookie) Jordan Poole. I don’t like to be complacent. Murphy is asking the OIG to recommend he be put back into his senior role at DHS and his demotion expunged from his record. Tell us about “The Weekly Pass.”. There have been times when I honestly wished I wasn’t as attractive, or that I weighed a little more. Onward!". It’s not just the overwhelming natural beauty, but how that beauty is incorporated into your life. Murphy personally briefed Nielsen before her next testimony before the House Committee on Homeland Security. Wolf — then chief of staff at DHS — and others advised Nielsen to steer away from the actual numbers in her testimony and emphasize that “any KST crossing was one too many.” Murphy claims he was then removed from the meeting by Wolf, and he then filed a complaint. The show celebrates 10 years entertaining BAY AREA sports fans this year, and shifts from its current. The demotion came immediately after Murphy disclosed that he was being told to change intelligence to help Trump politically. It all contributed to making me who I am. Mill Valley used to be able to sustain both [types of] families. Total white bread. You can ask him about a Super Bowl played years ago and he can break it down, almost like a coach. Gary’s a legend, and so is Pop. Country Monday Morning Intel Teams With All Access For New, Cutting Edge Metrics, Billie Eilish, Doja Cat, Dua Lipa, Harry Styles, Lewis Capaldi, Sam Smith, Shawn Mendes And More Will Ring In The Holiday Season With The 2020 iHeartRadio Jingle Ball, Independent Broadcasters Association (IBA) Issues Statement On New Nielsen Policy; Nielsen Responds, NAB Votes To Approve One-Time Assesment Of Its Members. On multiple occasions, according to his complaint, Murphy was told by DHS officials to modify intelligence reports to make sure they lined up with Trump’s comments painting Antifa as a menace. I'd rather listen to Arnold The Pig, from Green Acres, than subject myself to the Murph and Mac Show. It’s kind of a childhood dream — a perfect scenario. Murphy is the worst tonsil on KNBR. Paulie Mac brings the passion of a lifelong San Francisco sports fan, combined with an energetic sense of humor that keeps the pace moving every morning. Her occupational medley even includes an impressive breakthrough: Laflin was the first female scout in the NBA, a position she held as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers organization. Murphy Alleges Former DHS Secretary According to Murphy’s complaint, when Nielsen testified before Congress about the need for Trump’s long-desired Mexican border wall, she deliberately misinformed the relevant committee about the number of “known or suspected terrorists” thought to be crossing the border. It completely disappears from view when some people are carrying it, especially with black uniforms on. Murphy served as Principal Deputy Under Secretary in DHS’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis, where he oversaw intelligence activities and was the chief advisor to Wolf and Acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grennell, according to the complaint. Aaron Blake, in a Washington Post op-ed in January, pointed out that Nielsen was pushing bad information on suspected terrorists crossing the border as well. Good looks, of course, can be a benefit — especially in a visual medium like television. 1. The show celebrates 10 years entertaining BAY AREA sports fans this year, and shifts from its current 5-9a slot to 6-10a. And he’s got an amazing photographic memory. How did the move to KNBR work come about? Was that by design? He created a family, a neighborhood, he brings his life to the air. There’s nothing better than working to cover the teams you grew up with. Riot gear or military control is not necessary because ANTIFA & other Wacko groups of Anarchists aren’t present to cause trouble. Marin to them was a hidden place, a place for people with summer houses. Though a lot of progress has been made, women are often held to a tougher standard (in sports talk and sportscasting in general). Their show, which blends sports talk and the perfect balance of pop culture and musical references, is the 'go-to' destination every morning for sports fans in THE BAY AREA. Sports wasn’t the only thing on Murphy’s mind while he was growing up. He may also drop intense musical knowledge on the show, particularly as it relates to the Grateful Dead. And on the way home: “KNBR, to see if Gary and Larry have something we didn’t cover, then Howard Stern on Sirius — he is the master, the greatest revolutionary in radio. But it’s part of who I am. “I was news editor of the Tam News my senior year, in 1985, under Dick Fregulia, renowned local jazz pianist — my first journalism gig.” From there, he wrote sports for the Mill Valley Record in the spring of 1985, his first sports bylines, typed up on his dad’s old 1949 typewriter and slid under the door of the Record office on Miller Avenue. Complaint: Kirstjen Nielsen provided in congressional testimony inaccurate and highly inflated claims of known or suspected terrorists entering the U.S. through the border, which the complaint states constituted a "knowing and deliberate submission of false material information." “We’ve received a whistleblower complaint alleging DHS suppressed intel reports on Russian election interference, altered intel to match false Trump claims and made false statements to Congress,” he said. … I modeled in my early years to make ends meet. It was like I was working for the Evil Empire. “It is Mr. Murphy’s good faith belief that the testimony Secretary Nielsen delivered on March 6, 2019, regarding KSTs, again constituted a knowing and deliberate submission of false material information,” the complaint read. CUMULUS MEDIA Sports KNBR-A/SAN FRANCISCO has re-signed morning duo BRIAN MURPHY and PAUL MCCAFFREY, co-hosts of "THE MURPH AND MAC SHOW." TV, Radio, Internet...dishing dirt since 2001. Born in San Francisco and raised in Concord and Clayton, Laflin returned to the Bay Area last year to join Brian Murphy and Paul McCaffrey on KNBR’s morning show (“Murph & Mac”). When did the truth become so offensive. Are the Mill Valley schools different now? In fact Eddie DeBartolo was the first team owner to give rings to the cheerleaders. Dan Ashley/KGO-TV: $515,000 4. Democrat Adam Schiff, chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said on Twitter Wednesday afternoon that he was disturbed by the complaint and his committee would launch a probe.