There is no such thing as fresh air being blown into the home. Beautifully quiet aircon, moves a lot of air through the house so is really good for freshening up the house as well as cooling. I have all mine heading down the hallway to the hottest part of the house, bathroom and bedrooms and have those windows open so it flows through the rooms taking advantage of the front room ducts, and it really responds to having large openings. Evaporative coolers are very effective at refreshing dry, stale air through their circulation process, which draws in dry air, passes it over moistened padding inside the unit, and then blows out slightly humidified, fresher air. nto our products is valued. Questions & Answers. Toddies and mulled wine have a long history, with mulled wine dating to Roman antiquity and the toddy to the mid-18th century. The power consumption is so high that it is many times more than a dollar a day to run. Those are the mistakes of a well-meaning DIY homeowner, or a subcontractor who skips the step of getting a city permit. Other design highlights include: Give us a call at 303-980-3788 and get an economical, reliable, and efficient cooling solution that requires less frequent maintenance than your typical swamp cooler! • AutoWinterseal automatic sealing system that reduces draughts and arrests heat loss in winter. Obviously, if you have a choice no one would choose to have something so unattractive on their home. The air circulated by the Breezair evaporated units is gentler on eyes, nose and skin which are a perfect cool air for you, your family and your pets. That’s a big problem. As air permeates through the pad, the air is cooled by evaporation and circulated via systems fan and motors sized and designed for optimum airflow delivery. It's just with the Evap you are blowing more in as it draws air from outside in. It's been doing little more than our pedestal fan in the way of cooling. To make it all easy for you, we’ve compiled evaporative cooler reviews … Solenoid, pump, control box, pads and all of this adds up. So I disagree with the claim of fresh air entering but it works better for us as a family as the children are always in and out over the summer. This is South Australian hospitality at its finest best and it is why Rite Price, a proud South Australian company has an outstanding reputation in the air conditioning industry. Breezair Chillcell pads last up to 7 years according to the company, but I can confidently say that most people can get up to 10 years out of them. I purchased a Seeley Breezair Evaporative cooler was installed 14/12/09 paid nearly $5000. Here at Seeley International we make innovation our top priority and we are glad that the product is doing the job for you. SO we felt the money was well spent. Guess what, after 2 days it stops working again. More. Only one brand manufactures coolers that are so advanced, and so well-designed that they are universally recognized as the best in the industry. Breezair’s Permatuf cooler cabinets are made with a UV-stabilized structural polymer, which is the same material used to make corrosion-proof battery cases and even a number space satellite components. Best wishes for the festive period and stay cool ~ Craig. We use only the best products, such as a Breezair or Aerocool, and can help you determine the exact model for your home in Colorado. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The further worst part is that they did not even have technicians available to come same day or even next day, to look at the brand new system, which further makes me believe that i have been conned into buying a low quality crap product with no support. I have had another coolers (cheaper, Bonaire, not a patch on this) But mostly..ahhh...the silence! The ArcticBreeze cooler cools, humidifies, and purifies for better air. Yes chilled. but we recognise the unit had a problem but glad to know we replaced it quickly. Evaporative coolers vs. air conditioners. warranty also great, as they sit on the roof, you should really go for the quietest unfort builders go for the cheapest noisy options and on a hot day its loud when everyone turns theirs on. has affiliate partnerships. How do homeowners avoid getting fleeced? An oversized unit means it is an energy guzzler. “We see a lot of problems that start with someone hiring a handyman who tells a homeowner, ‘I can put that in for you,'” Valdez says. 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See the Best Ducted Air Conditioners in 2020 as rated by Australians on Manufacturing in A... ustralia does have its benefits - we know the weather that our local customers are facing. You’ll never see a rusty Breezair evaporative cooler on anyone’s home, ever. I will be informing any of my friends if they are looking to purchase one of these models that they will be very disappointed in the long run. By continuing to use the site, you accept our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Here at Seeley International our goal is to delight our customers and its always good to hear that the innovation and pride that we put i... Read more, I bought and had fitted an EXS 180 to replace my 13 year old Breezair 170 model, the 170 had performed very well, but had broken down on a regular basis, and had cost thousands to keep running AFTER the initial 7 year warranty expired.The 180 surprised me by it's whisper quiet running,the controller is easy to use, and the thicker pads certainly seem to make the house feel cooler, it's only been in 9 months so time will tell with reliability,I am approaching retirement age, and have now decided it's cheaper to replace my roof unit every 7 ...Read more, Hello Noel,Thanks for taking the time to review the Breezair Supercool. The reality of climate change is making it harder to cope in the unrelenting oven-like conditions.The Breezaire unit keeps our 3 bedroom home cooled to a liveable 23 degrees during daytime hours.Sleeping through hot nights is now easy.Thank you Breezair for making summer liveable. • WaterManager system which monitors water quality, keeps the system clean and effects water savings and increased efficiency by ensuring that the system uses the minimum amount of water to achieve optimum cooling. It maybe cheap to run but these other costs must be taken into account. Manufacturing in Australia for the local market ensures that all our produ... Read more. This blog post explores two premium evaporative air conditioning brands (Breezair Evaporative Air Conditioning Systems, Braemar Evaporative Cooling Systems) and compares them in terms of reliability, functionality, efficiency and effectiveness. Very happy! See all Breezair Icon reviews. ~ Craig. I have no interests or relationship with either of the 2 companies (Thermelec or Seeley) whatsoever. This is not really noticeable until they are removed but it's the same dust that will enter your house anyway by opening your windows. However, most people are surprised to learn that Breezair coolers use up to 40% less electricity than conventional swamp coolers. Isn’t that a red flag that there’s a serious quality problem with the pump being used in your cooler? Both coolers work really well in Canberra due to the dry heat we get in summer. Thanks for taking the time to give us the 5 star feedback Joybelle. nks also for being a long time customer, we really appreciate your ongoing support. • Automatic drain valve which automatically empties the water reserve when unit is not in use, leaving it clean and dry and this ensuring that the system is operating at peak efficient while also using minimum amount of water. It means a lot to us that customers choose us time and time again. Hello John and AndosYou can find spare parts including cooler pads at our online store located at,~ Craig. Braemar Evaporative air conditioning units work based on the principles of evaporation. Purchased our unit in 2011 cost $4650. Thanks for your review Matthew - very much appreciated. Kindly please assist. How would I confirm the model of breeze air evaporator installed. The unit we had installed ran 24/7 for weeks on end over summer and kept our home nice chilled. Whether you love or loath being in the kitchen, our community of reviewers have determined that out of almost 5,000 appliances on, these are the best available! Breezair swamp coolers are based on a natural technology to cool the air without negatively impacting the planet. The same thing happens when someone installs a cooler next to a gas vent, like a boiler flue.”. • Trademark Tornado Pump water pumps which provide excellent reliability even in the most adverse weather conditions.