This modern download centers on a dark grey and light-spotted globe against a blue background. If you’re working on a news broadcast, finding the right news intro template can take your project from so-so to pro.

Start making awesome news videos today by downloading one of these epic templates! Otherwise you may continue to browse and customize until you find something you like.

With its futuristic look, this news opener runs through a collection of fillable video boxes to display news stories briefly before ending on a screen to showcase your newscasters. Flood Breaking News Hurricane Flooded Road Natural Disaster Victims Apocalypse Storms Climate Changing Global Warming 4K.

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This version of the Breaking News intro video allows you to upload a … Featuring futuristic cylinder shapes, this news opener slides through a few 3D scenes before ending on the final logo and title screen with a slowly rotating globe. To help you find the best news intro template for your project, we’ve compiled our favorites for After Effects and Premiere Pro and tracked down a number of cool motion graphics too. A 3D red circle lies below the text “headline” in this motion graphic. You do you, but now with a professional intro video.

Elevate your videos with a professional intro video.

Running a daily news program and creating professional broadcast features takes a lot of work. Breaking News Intro To Holiday Content or Not to Holiday Content, How to Choose the Right Intro Video for Your Logo, How to Add an Intro to Your Video on Android, How to Add an Intro to Your Video on iPhone. SOMETHING IS HAPPENING. This motion graphic features a bold “news” title outlined in gold rotating slowly on the screen.

It has a more inspirational vibe to it and also includes lower thirds for introducing guests and stories, a split-screen view, and a half-screen video or still image features. Browse intro videos with text only. After Effects Scripts & Presets. Breaking News Intro Lyrics: Lyrics for this song have yet to be released. BREAKING NEWS. These logo animations require nothing but a logo.

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Short and sweet. A contemporary broadcast package, this download features a collection of colored displays for different news segments, a schedule display, ways to indicate feature stories, and split-screen features. This broadcast pack is more appropriate for a broadcast channel as opposed to a news feature. Leave empty for no text.

(Unreleased), Droppin Tears

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It would make a great news feature opener!
It’s short, sweet, to the point, and ends with a bold title display.